If you could fix or add one thing, what would it be?

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Greetings Folks-

In an effort to provide constructive feedback to the Development Team, please provide a brief description of one thing that you would like to see fixed, modified, or added to the game.

Try to keep your comments on point, civil, and drama free, as this will increase the chances of these suggestions being taken seriously.

Thanks for reading.

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Remove BP, Cash shop, revert to producing high quality dlc, and fix the massive bug infestation that makes the game unplayable.

Most importantly remove the insulting BP and Cash Shop. This literally made me quit playing. Both are garbage and not having these two things was a prime reason why I stuck with conan for YEARS…since you didn’t go the way that these other garbage fly-by-night game companies did with quick buck shops that use FOTM to hook players and prey on human weakness to sell products. Having these added was like seeing your favorite movie get sold to Walt Dizney. Which is bad. Disney is the worst company that has every stolen our public history in an effort to lock down as much of our evolving fictional public memory behind copyright so they can milk us for all of eternity. In case you missed it I’m relating funcom to this now.

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The game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (just kidding)


Add: more Crom goodies. For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:

Fix: please stop trying to reinvent the wheel and changing the core game mechanics.


Add: VR headset

Fix: exploits (that one, and that one, and especially that one…) :face_with_monocle:


I would like them to ensure the hardware that Official Servers are hosted on have the specifications required for optimal client/server performance.


A reasonable dash attack for the Katana.
Spaming light attacks is so boooooring… :roll_eyes:


Publish the 2.9x version of the game across all platforms with cross-platform support.


Ok so if it’s for the PvP servers I would very much like damage reduction on the thralls increased significantly so that they can resume guard duty effectively.

If it’s for PvE servers, dear FC, please give these people at least 1 day per month where full building damage is turned on so they can clean up some of building excesses.


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Hello. there are so many errors that a few repaired will not be enough and even if they try, new ones will appear again. the most outstanding and that are inexcusable: invisible animals and invisible world objects cheat errors (illegal cheats in the game) mistakes in bazaar purchases. that says a lot about the game purchased for the first time. If you have any important changes such as (stamina) communicate what it will be used for and what important objective it has in the game and by popular vote, add or discard, for example: things that will affect the gameplay of those that are already permanent in the game. Until the day they try to resolve the game damage, the oldest players are preserved. but if you change that for entertainment as a reward example: wars manufactured as Event something entertaining purchases of new weapons, clan statistics in battles (it will create competition on the servers). remove what is not used to optimize the game. If you’re interested in finding out more, my post log has more information on what I’m trying to express. already hire me funcom I am already very pro for this. :laughing:

Can’t really argue against that one…

And for those who say they weren’t making enough income on DLC, yeah, that’s what happens when you go from releasing four DLC packs per year to one in two years; you stop making money.

However, since that is not likely to happen, I can accept a compromise. Make old Battle Passes redoable (and regularly rerun Twitch drops as well - just stop with all forms of time-limited exclusive content), cut Bazaar prices by at least 75%, and make the rotation just be for sales while every Bazaar option is perpetually available.


I’d buff the AI (smarter, more aggressive), made the NPCs travel the land (like it is in ARK), made the spawns more random so player can get ambushed by surprise.

Right now it looks just sad with always the same NPCs standing in always in the same spots…

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I would like to have the position of a boss to avenge me of those who ignored me when I need them more. When I just wanted a like and a greet, they denied it to me. I cried, I knelt and nothing. I will make them work without days off, with the same salary and buy a slave whip for when they make mistakes in the game 100 punishments for each error, and if the error is more serious, a crucification will be made. They will regret the day I have angry haha haha. I love it. Support for Will1 as the new director, Hell on Earth. I wanted to share my laughs with you and my thoughts hahaha is my excuse.

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hell on earth sounds like a video game, you can’t copy it. it’s my idea. :angry: hahaha

One thing? Seriously?

Okay. This one thing: Since they moved the moon:
How about removing the “old” reflection of the old moon.

If you don’t believe me … look for yourselves.

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Add: Terraforming for more build options, the ability to dye horse saddles, a permanent abyssal armour and weapons set I can display in my base, white dragon trophy, more witch fire options besides the two torches, black ice that looks like I …err borrowed from the Temple of Frost and is identical on both sides. Fix: Invisible creatures, give those PS5 players the visual update that the Series X/S got

Sell the Conan IP to Larian Studios and let them develop the game we all deserve.


Fix just one thing :thinking: fall through or push off ledges…
Hard to pick 1.

Add something is easy, sea serpents to destroy water bases.

No. top of my list is better/more admins for the public servers. If I could choose just one, that would be it. I think that would solve more game issues then any update.


One thing? Enable that Island Barber feat that has been around for months, but we can’t do anything with.

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