If you could change one thing

If you could change one thing about Conan Exiles what would you change and why?


For me there are so many small, annoying bugs and glitches to choose from. I love the game like I’m sure everyone else here on this forum does too and because of this it is so hard to choose just one thing I would change or fix.

I think I would simply just like for more people to be heard by the makers and developers of the game! Creating more open, back and forth communication more often is critical to the survival and growth of this game.

Many times there are hidden nerfs, unannounced patches and updates, and breaks, bugs and glitches in the game that could be more quickly ferreted out if this level of communication was raised! No disrespect to anyone here or on the dev team because plainly speaking they do a LOT right such as consistent new content, cool Easter Eggs and other cool features!

Ohhhh and I would stop reskinning the same legendaries, giving them new names and stats and calling it new content!


I would make Conan taller and more tanned. And maybe get him out of that bar every now and then. Have him wander the Exiled Lands doing Conan stuff.

Or if he’s going to be trapped in the bar, for Crom’s sake at least give the man a tankard of beer to drink, a leg of mutton to chew on, and a pretty girl to sit on his lap. Because after all that crushing one’s enemies, seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentation of their women, these things are the best in life.


The devs desire to manufacture difficulty by continually nerfing perks and unique items.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the increased difficulty of the new and revamped areas/dungeons.
But all of the unique items acquired as a reward for completing these more difficult challenges soon get nerfed to nothingness and rob players of their rewards for achivement.


I’d give way more freedom in fine-tuning the game to server owners and local solo players. Example: meteor showers. There are mods that give opportunity to trigger them in Admin mode. Bosses’ HP - mods give you opportunity to lower it if you are more interested in other parts of the game. Max Level, max Attr & Feat points etc. All this can be tweaked by mods, but only for PC. Allow all this tweaking for SP, there will be no harm at all. Maybe there will be vulnerabilities for Off servers if Funcom allows fine-tuning private ones, IDK. But SP is SP, I play alone and have all the possibilities to cheat myself, it will be just more convenient.


Have an option in PvE and PvE-C to allow players access to each other’s chests, crafting stations and the like.

Hell, make it a specific ‘keyword’ that can be added to specific crafting stations and/or pieces of furniture that would make them public tools rather than single player/Clan only use, that would be amazing.


I’m curious what you mean? Are you advocating for having access to another clan’s belongings, resources and workbenches in PVE? Why?

Let us trigger purge attacks manually.
I like the whole defense play and hate having to wait for them to happen.


More like being able to specifically create chests, wardrobes, beds and crafting stations that are not ‘locked’ like most PvE or PvE-C ones are for people looking to create taverns/trading posts/markets in the Conan Exiles world.


A way to get purge thralls (T5) outside a purge or a way to upgrade T4 to it.

Maybe 2* T4 with some gold coins gives you one. Or taming can result in one with 1-2% chance. So there would be a reason to capture the same thrall over and over again.


Are you on an Official Server?

ah I see so like world-accessed items that are not clan specific so you can open up a role playing market system?


wouldn’t this kind of zap the value of having extremely rare purge thralls? After all the more common something is the less valuable it becomes!

If you play at official server, you have so rare purges…
We only had 1 human purge. Since then only creatures…
I am in a “middle” zone. Kinda like the Jungle.

Or as someone else said, let me start purges manually.


Hi there. I am new to this forum but not to the game. I wouldn’t change anything because I’m used to everything for many years of playing :grinning:

Nah, have my own server and also playing on other unofficial ones.

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I also have my own server and once a week we have unlimited purges all day long! Very easy to change the settings to do this.

Oh, I’ve tried changing the settings for it but didn’t seem to work. Though this was about a year ago that I fiddled with it last. Just given up since then :stuck_out_tongue:
Which settings do you change?

I use g-portal for my rented server, I simply go into the server settings on their webpage and i change the purge meter from 42,000.00 to 1,000.00, this basically fills the purge meter fully before the end of the current purge!

When the day is over I change the settings back to normal. Unfortunately I’m not able to change the settings successfully in the game settings itself, it only seems to work in the actual server settings. Which honestly sucks because in order to access those settings on their website my server has to be offline momentarily!

The end result is 12 hours of non-stop purges once a week which is extremely FUN!!!


Absolutely brilliant! :rofl: :metal: :metal: :metal: