A Look Back and the Way Forward

Dear exiles,

We’ve been working hard on technical fixes and crash fixes since we launched and we’ve been steadily patching out improvements to the technical side of the game.

But there is more to our roadmap than just stability and technical improvements and so we wanted to take a moment today to talk to you about what is coming down the pipeline. You’ll be seeing three types of updates going forward: Major Updates, Minor Updates and DLCs. A lot of this is based on learning from Early Access about what we are capable of delivering and how often.

Minor game updates are changes like bug fixes and upgrades and tweaks to features. The larger free updates will contain new features that adds to the current Conan Exiles experience. Finally, the DLCs are paid cosmetic content for the game, which we will also try to release regularly. DLC will help us pay for the official servers and continued development of the game.

We are also currently working on stabilizing a patch that consists of over 500 changes/adjustments/fixes. These range from relatively small (worldbuilding fixes, improved animations and hitboxes, Audio fixes) to bigger (balancing work, adjustments to Purges, new attacks for some bosses), to only name a few. However, due to the sheer size and number of items in this patch, we want to make sure we have as much time as possible to stabilize this build before being able to ship it to you.

This is an overview of our current plans. Keep in mind that this plan isn’t complete and there may be even more features added to it.

Major Updates

Taming and Pets

You’ve been patiently waiting for this one for a while, and we are proud to announce that we are also working on getting our pet and taming systems into your hands as soon as possible.

We’re currently working on the tech and optimization that goes hand in hand with adding this to the game, and we’ll talk about this feature in detail very soon.

New Dungeon(s)

In addition to the Pets update, we’ll also be adding new dungeons to the game. Currently we have several in production, one of which is tied explicitly to the Pet system. More information on those soon as well.

Jhebbal Sag Religion

Who better to join the pantheon of the Exiled Lands than the Lord of Beasts himself! Jhebbal Sag will become available as a religion to those strong and brave enough to find him – and with his religion comes new altars, pet-focused religious items and, of course, the avatar of the god himself.

Side note: We’re also doing further balancing updates to the god avatars.

Minor Updates


Power Shot for Bow – This will add hold functionality to the bow, rather than the delayed shot we have right now. This is an oft-requested feature from the community and one that we hope will improve the bow combat experience.

Special Arrows – Poison arrows, explosive arrows, healing arrows and light arrows will increase the arsenal of bow users in the game, and give them more options in combat. We will also ensure that these arrows work together with orbs to combine effects and give players more tactical ways to approach battles.

Combat & Animation

Off-hand Combos – In a future patch, we’re adding support for players to perform different combos based on the weapon that they have equipped in their off-hand. No better feeling that shield bashing your enemies into the earth or tearing into them with dual axes (throwing axe in the off-hand).

This adds more tactical options for players in combat.

Item Usage Animation – Slightly more controversial, but certainly needed, we are adding animations to usage of certain items in the game. Bandages and potions, for example, will force an animation to be played before providing their effect. This is to solve several potion spamming problems in combat – and is also a much requested feature from our RP community.


Automatic Downloading of Mods – This is a quality of life fix that we have wanted to add for a while – the ability to automatically download mods when selecting a modded server. Much requested by modders, this allows people a smoother gateway into the experiences created by our amazing community.

Please remember that these minor updates will also include bugfixes, balance changes, optimizations and anything we see urgently requested by the community.

DLC – The Imperial East Pack

This is a cosmetic only DLC that we will release in June. This culture pack, inspired by the country of Khitai in Hyboria, is made by our amazing character and 3D artists. They don't work on code or gameplay updates, and the making of these DLC packs will have no impact on the further development of Conan Exiles.

It includes the following items:

  • 3 new armor sets – Khitan Mercenary Armor (Light), Khitan Officer Armor (Medium) and Khitan Imperial Armor (Heavy). These armor sets are available from level 10, with an epic version at level 60 (requires epic tier materials to craft)
  • 11 new weapons with Khitai themed visuals. These will be available as iron tier and starmetal tier visuals and will have appropriate stats for those levels (and require level appropriate materials to craft)
  • 25 new placeables in Khitan style. These include new carpets, tables, braziers, lanterns, chairs, screens, drums etc.
  • 5 new decorative warpaints in Khitan style.
  • A new set of Tier 3 building pieces in the Khitan style.

All of the above recipes will become accessible through the Khitan Artisan station, which is available after purchasing the DLC. As already mentioned this is a purely cosmetic DLC pack that won’t affect gameplay balance. You’re not buying power, just looks.

Thank you for your support, let us raise a bowl to the future!



:sob: There is no star metal in my solo/co-op game.

Will the pet options include domestic livestock types? I have a pen behind my house of the ostrich but it keeps sneaking off each time I allow the homestead to move out of my FoV.

Please, don’t balance the solo players out of the game. I have seen this happen so many times that I am very concerned that favoring PvP will cause Solo to fall flat.


Looking forward to the updates and DLCs. Keep it up, guys.


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To address the Solo gaming. I believe they’re working on a way to enhance difficulty via number of players. Solo gameplay will result in weaker enemies and every consecutive person joining will increase it.


Good news Jens, make sure Food has its own animation too as they stack with healing potions. And the arrow healing I hope its a very small healing as it would be kinda op someone healing another player from distance.

And please, pets must be killable (pvp servers) no fluffy stuff here, we are barbarians ^^


Lovely. I’m happy with everything said =D. Specially more content released . Just daring to ask you guys that already have alot planned job to do. Would be nice to have the ability to change gear appearance . So i can use that bought DLC gear in real combat instead of changing it for silent legion when is needed at least in same gear category(litght, medium , heavy) and same for weapon .

I clicked in this thread wanting to rant about the slow bug fix and not gonna buy dlc without them fixed…but

500bug fix patch??
Khitan DLC??(especialy since I’m chinese and my character a Khitan)

Alright this just might change my view on Funcom


I play solo. If I am damaged it is either from a fall or a fight. This idea of making it more difficult to heal in the field is not a good one. (@Jens_Erik These are the kind of balance things that worry me.)

Playing last night, I needed iron ore to progress. I failed to fine iron ore about the Oasis area so I traveled north where I found a field of ore. The ore was guarded by rocknose. I fought the beasts as they came, collecting ore between attacks. After a few rounds, my HP was taking a serious hit (using stone weapons.) It came to the point where I was sitting on a large rock consuming berries and gruel…almost the entire night to regain my health so I could collect enough ore to make iron weapons.

During early access this was not an issue as my character would heal over time. Now, it is a time-suck. Slowing down healing might be a plus for PvP players but for PvE and Solo/co-op, it is not a good thing. A game should not see players sitting on the sidelines consuming heals over actually playing the game.


I’m glad to hear there is a long road map for support, because this IS the game for me and I will stick with it and do what I can to help.

I cannot currently afford a gaming pc, and like many others I have to play on console. Right now performance on PS4 is very bad. I feel like fixing bugs matters little if the overall performance constantly undermines the experience. I would love to hear that a steady 30fps - without all the pop-in - is achievable, and on the way.

Looks like a solid roadmap. Is it just the dlc coming in June, or is the major 500 bug fix update expected in June as well?

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Excellent ! you are awesome thank youuuu !

Just please, about the taming, please don’t put rhino, croco, elephant or other big creatures available to taming, it will ruin the game so far, i hope ! :smiley: but i’m sure you will handle it very well :wink:

Keep the good work !

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Are these pets for combat, or cosmetic critters who just follow us around?

I play solo too, and I find it very realistic the fact that when you loose health, you gotta get food for regain. I can see you described a low lvl situation, in higher levels its pretty easy to regain health overtime after a fight or fall with high tier foods/meat. Also, I always carry a good amount of insects so I can fill the holes in my health bar when I dont want to waste my good food.

Aside for aloe healing potions and wraps, there is always the vitality perk that heals you over time, or even getting a dancer with you to help with that too since their healing is quite good.

This game is easy enough already, don’t ask for no balance regarding solo play, because this is survival in Hyborea, so its supposed to be hard. Resuming, “sitting on the sidelines consuming heals” is actually playing the game, its part of it.


Sounds realy great, but at the moment it is only an announcement, sorry.
The last patch for Live (PC) is from 25th of may!
The last patch on testlive (2. June) is still not released for Live.

How long do we have to wait until the next patch/ fix?

Any chance to get an Information, when we can expect the next fix/ patch for the pc Version?

– Michael –

BTW: As great as the game is, as horrible is the communication to the community.

The game is easy for those who are sitting at the higher levels. It is a severe trial for anyone starting out and the reduction in XP gained from PoI just made it so the lower levels take longer. Sitting on the sidelines is not actively playing so one is not actually playing; they are waiting to play. It is easy to claim that the game is too soft when sitting at the top. Different story when one is starting a fresh game after the updates.

My opinion => a game should not start out hard and get easy as one levels. It should start out easier and get harder as one levels. This way the real challenges are at end game, not when a player might be still deciding whether they like the game.


Funcom i dont care about new content for while, i just wanna play the game without so many bugs on Ps4. Please fix the game, i realy wanna play Conan Exiles on Ps4.

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I don’t know what games you played before, but its very common to early levels be harder than higher levels because of progression, you got better gear, so you handle better the situations.

Although, I agree that higher levels shouldn’t be easy so the end game stays challenging. But your points just doesn’t make sense for this genre, its survival, you start naked having to create crude weapons, its not supposed to be easy. Leveing with poi ? I’m very happy that they nerfed the xp from that, you want to level up and be a challenge for those who got their levels building and fighting? No easy way running anymore, you gotta play the same as everyone does, period.

Again, sitting on the sidelines eating food in a campfire after a fight is playing the game YES! This game is like this!

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Then you would agree that all the servers should be wiped so everyone can enjoy the slower XP pacing?

I have played many games, too many to recount; I have not yet encountered a game where the entrance is more difficult than the exit.

I am not referencing sitting at a campfire after a day of fighting. I am referencing standing on a rock to avoid further encounters, waiting to regain health so I can get back to gather the ore that is needed to progress pass the oasis in the game.

500 mb bugfix one before last fixed 2 issues on ps4. Equipping thralls and stopping players killing them on pve? Hotfix after 420mb stopped stam glitch

I will believe it when I see it.