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Oh, how i miss the times where you had to actually play the game to achieve things. With these 4x rates it’s just nonsense. For example to get steel you had to gather brimstone (the yellow rocks lying around) and combine them with tar to get steelfire. If you wanted a bigger haul you had to go to Shattered Springs. But to be able to farm there you first had to craft a gas mask so it took a while. In the meantime you had to come by with the amounts you could find elsewhere, like the caves in the south. Not much, but you got something. Then you got steelfire so you could make some steel that’s needed for a lot of things. But first you had to gather ironstone, smelt it to bars and then combine them with steelfire at 5:1 ratio if i remember correctly. Then you got steel. Now you just kill a couple of rocknoses and buy tons of bars in a couple of hours.

Then the thralls. You had to actually fight to be able to knock out a proper fighter. And it didn’t stop there, you had to concider where and when to start breaking the thrall since a T4 took 26 hours to break. In the beginning the best bet was to try to hide the wheel of pain and optimally start it so it would be raidable only once during the breaking. There was a good chance that you didn’t get the fighter out and you had to start again. But it made the game interesting to play. Now you just knock out say a berserker with 9 blows, stuff him in a wheel right next to the spawn and wait for a hour. Or 24 minutes if you have a T4 taskmaster which is basically pointless now. Repeat a few times and have an army in an instant since no one can raid the wheel. Then equip the thrall with low level gear and go kill the world bosses, level 4 is enough. Then you have pockets full of weapons.

And the weapons. It’s nice that the loot chest gear has been upgraded to have a bit of a gap between crafted ones but since they are ridiculously easy to get, what’s the point. Especially when you can just pick one up when you are buying the steel. And you can buy a T4 fighter while you are at it so you don’t have to even build a wheel or go through the trouble of knocking one out first.

But if you for some reason want a certain thrall that can’t be bought, let’s get back to the knocking out. There are blunted arrows that are great for knocking out a strong fighter from a distance. That’s what they are for. But wait… The fighter returns to it’s spot and the bars are full instantly! So basically the arrows are useless these days since you probably can’t do enough concussive damage before the fighter returns. But when you can just buy a fighter (unless on Siptah) and you get Dalinsia fairly easy, no need to worry about that.

And the climate. There was a time where you had to have different armors for different weather. You couldn’t wear certain sets in the desert because they were too hot and you got a heatstroke. Which makes sense since they were designed for a cold climate like up in the snowy parts of the map. Now it doesn’t matter.

There are countless of little things like these that have destroyed the whole experience of survival and having to put in some work to achieve something. The game is completely uninteresting these days, you play a couple of days and have it all since there’s ablosutely ZERO challenge. Then you can just forget about the server since you can’t even build in the fear of a ban for land claim spam. Of course there are private servers but i will not pay more to be able to play the game as it should be played and playing on a server owned by someone else you are at their mercy. There should be official servers for those who want to actually play the game instead of this nonsense. The original Conan Exiles settings from the day when the game was worth playing. But obviously Funcom isn’t going to do that, they really don’t listen to their customers at all.


The thralls don’t run away using arrows if you are on the ground. If you are trying to cheese it from a spot they cant reach you, yes they run away. So you are complaining how easy its to knock out a thrall but also complaining you cant cheese a thrall with arrows. yikes

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Now after this wonderful AOW update, enemies run back even if you are like 10 meters away on ground. You shoot them, they charge at you, make up their mind after literally a couple of meters, and go back to their spot…


True, and false at the same time. If you shoot at an NPC from too far away from its spawn point, it leashes back to the spawn point even if it has an unobstructed route to you. That’s the worst thing about the new aggro logic.

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Yeah I agree, before Conan was almost perfect, average difficulty but not grindy.

I freaking hate grindy games where you spend hours harvesting resources, this is why I don’t play Valheim or No Man’s Sky. These games are about braindead clicking on rocks and plants and there is no game beside that.

Conan on the other hand had perfect ratio of survival - combat - grind. You could pick whether today Conan is going to be entertaining or relaxing. But it had never been frustrating and boring.
For the past 2 years Funcom was changing this game and killing the fun by making everything easy and simple.

You know something is not right when girls abandon their Sims and Barbie game and come to play Conan :wink: :joy:

AoW was the thing that had crossed the red line, and if they do not fix it and insist everything is fine then Chapter 2 might be the last nail to the coffin.

What do you expect? If that doesnt happen, people will just exploit it like before. You wanted a challenge, now you have it. Dont run so far away from its spawn, kite it and shoot it with blunted arrows.

You don’t need to be very far away to trigger the leash-back-home effect these days. It’s something like 20 in-game meters. Might just as well do away with bows if you can use them only at melee range.

To clarify, I’m not running or kiting or anything. I shoot at an NPC from 20 meters away, stand my ground, aim and fire again at the NPC who is now running towards me, and by the time I fire my third arrow, the NPC gets bored and goes back home.


I shoot at an NPC from 20 meters away, stand my ground, aim and fire again at the NPC who is now running towards me, and by the time I fire my third arrow, the NPC gets bored and goes back home.

Ah this is just the part of “long awaited and welcomed changes to the game” :joy:

Please elaborate


4x rates are just enough to rebuild critical base infrastructure before the next wave. I don’t mean purge. Anything slower is insane and a waste of time.

Both sinners refuge and gallmans tomb{?} have plenty of brimstone.

What 4X? This is the settings for public servers; PVE.

At what level with what bonuses and what truncheon?

Which one? Not all world bosses are created equal.

They also can’t be repaired.

And how long have you been playing? You think that may be why you are bored with it?

Come to PVE no one has any fear of the TOS.

A few people have pushed for servers with the different difficulty settings
Civilized: Easy
Decadent: Normal
Barbaric: Hard

You’d like barbaric.

I’ve walked trough skulkers with a bow, killed everyone, never drew aggro enough to get hit. That is all wrong. Exiles may not defend each other, villagers would.

Grind is how games give you a sense of accomplishment when making items. Some times it’s hard to get the grind vs satisfaction balance right.

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@DeaconElie 4x is the harvest rate on Official PvP servers (not PvE). :wink:


It’s because the devs made people loose entire bases and couldn’t explain/fix the bug, they made those multipliers.

So in their twisted mind, they should break the game for the rest of the people to make it some how stable with the players base but… we still have the bazaar right guys? RIGHT?! :smiley:

There was no increase for PVP when they “apologized”.

PVP has been x4 for over a year now.


Then they simply forgot/don’t care about it anymore.
Well, why should they? The players eat their $#it and pay in the bazaar anyways.

They don’t care about bugs, glitches, exploits or crashes. No answers, only battlepass updates.


I remember when players would allow folks to immerse into the survival aspects of the game on Official PVP. Those days are dead and so the changes to the server settings and game represent the current methods of play which is quick build up and/or recovery so you can get back into the action of PVP faster.

You want to mourn the death of the survival aspects, look no further than how the PVP game has evolved and recognize that the player culture has drastically changed.


Where do you remember those? :stuck_out_tongue:
Because I have steam forum discussions dating back to 2017 early access about people spawn-camping new characters on the river. That’s when I gave up on that mode :joy:
Maybe on console it was different?

Sort of…We had toxic servers that would do that or wall off the entire desert but you could find a server that was open and really allowed exploration and live and let live mentalities. That changed as the inter-server clans started dominating more around the middle of 2020.

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You claim the game is too easy, yet you are using arrows to knock out thralls? Go in and use a truncheon, it’ll be more difficult. Fight world bosses that are more difficult. Rotbranch hits like a truck, and is a challenge compared to other bosses, it will take off 1500-2000 health from a thrall nowadays. If the game is too easy while you sit at a distance and shoot a bow at things, get in there with a weapon and try it out!

I do agree with the climate change, although that has been changed for quite some time now! It was a nice survival aspect needing to have appropriate armour – or at least certain pieces – that would help you out in hot or cold extremes.

What is it about AoW? The stamina changes, thrall health changes, or NPC health changes? Just wanted to clarify, as there are things I find annoying, but in no way game-breaking. I also play PVE, so our concerns are definitely different.

Personally, I find the combat to be almost the exact same. Thralls still aggro on me from quite a distance, and many of them hit harder than ever. Animals have been nerfed badly, and do little damage (I would like this changed back) but I just aggro multiple and run through them quickly.

@Noqturn many of the most knowledgeable players on here are women, they’ve been playing the game for years, pretty sexist and dumb comment. As Kikigirl said, “Please elaborate”.

Those who grieve over the lost complexity can make the game more difficult for themselves. Take the challenge. Complete the game without thralls… or without a base… or without armor… etc. Make up your own rules and story.
I saw a cycle of streams from one blogger ‘survival of the homeless’.
I himself once played a monk who, at a certain stage, vowed not to kill anyone. Only my thralls killed.
Just examples that everything is in your hands. :wink:

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