Developers forgot this is Conan after recent test patches

Absolutely horrible adjustment to thralls. No one asked for this and the information in the update notes being accurate regarding thralls is extremely suspect. The devs have just succeeded in basically turning this game into a grinding korean MMO. Conan Exiles does not have the most indepth combat system lets be honest dev team. You swing and swing and the enemy swings and swings back. Do you think as a development team I want to be doing that for 40 minutes? Hell no. Thralls are characters in the game just as much as your player character is. There are powerful thralls and not so powerful thralls. There is no reason for your character to be somehow singled out as “the hero”. This is the world of Conan and somehow I think the Developers have forgotten that. There should be many powerful characters within it whether you play PVP or strictly PVE.


Literally everybody on a PvP server wants this. They are stupid broken.

There is also no reason for me to be the weakling and never leave encumberance spec and just let my thrall kill everything.


Then make own settings in PvP. PvE players are fed up with balancing around PvP.

Getting more resources or higher XP is already a thing in PvP.
Yet thrall dmg output cannot be done, because of what?
Funcom wants to lose PvE players on mass? Thats the decision behind it?


I agree with Ragnaguard, the thralls have been way too op for a long time, it kinda takes away from the excitement of defeating a boss or getting through a difficult purge :slight_smile:

I applaud the day they, if it ever comes to that where we are the true heroes and thralls are our support… I remember the very first time I and 4 others beat the undead dragon way back in early access, it took us a lot of time where we had to switch weapons because they broke, but the feeling it gave us when we finally defeated it was amazing, it was an epic fight that I still remember to this day and look back on as an achievement :star_struck:
Today I shoot an arrow at the undead dragon to aggro my thrall with epic armor and weapons, hitting 3 times as hard as me while having +20-30 times the hp as I have… I’m not even bothering shooting healing arrows at the thrall during the fight, I am just watching him slaughter a once proud and difficult boss in a few mins, only interfering if he lose aggro or something else goes wrong… I’m reduced to being a spectator.
The game has gone from going on an epic adventure where you might defeat a boss to how many runs and boss kills can I do in fx Unnamed City within an hour or 2! :smirk:

The best and most challenging time in Conan Exiles is when you start a new character, everything can kill you and no thrall is taking care of your mistakes when aggroing more than you can handle.
I’m not saying that thralls and pets shouldn’t be in the game, but they shouldn’t be so godlike.
It would be great to see some change in the balance between us and the thralls, and like Ragnaguard says, there have been a lot of good suggestions on the forums.
Heck I would even go as far as suggesting that all instant healing being removed from the game and make it more based on time where healing items can reduce the time it takes, off course this would require us to be more durable, thralls more intelligent, but in the long run I think it would benefit pvp fighting and just the overall experience when not being able to rush through just about anything :slightly_smiling_face:


The argument I keep seeing is “then they need to adjust boss hp, they will take too long to kill”. A players thrall takes just as long to kill, and they can shove 100 of them in a base forcing us to fight 100 bosses as strong as the arena champion, where we can be 1 shot at any time. That isn’t fun and it is discouraging to even raid a base full of thralls


People who play in offline mode do not have the option to go around with anyone other than a thrall. Currently I do 90% + damage to enemies and take agro at a rate of 75% + of the time, every world boss so far has been a challenge, even at level 60 (I have not been to the Volcano yet). The thralls stand around doing absolutely nothing for the most part. The point is, balancing of thralls for the sake of pvp play has made the pve experience too challenging for a tremendous amount of casual players.


While that maybe the case, people who play offline have the ability to change their damage taken and damage dealt with server settings ingame

They also have the ability to add mods which can do just about anything, including having more than one follower. Adjusting an online game with both PvE and PvP around and offline setting isnt really a fair suggestion.


Oh yes, how could I forget. This isn’t about Conan the Barbarian, it’s about Conan the muscular-atrophied bystander and his sidekick Dalinsia Kills-Everything. Silly me and silly devs, why should the protagonist hog all the glory?


BS! I am a PVE player and I welcome thralls nerf


Yeah cos we all know PvP players stick around… 2700 Hours here and it’s all been PvE Content with other players “working together” Not destroying each other.

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And PVP players have been fed up around the PVE balancing for a long time. Dude, PVP is not PVP anymore cuz of the thralls for example.

PVP should be PVP and u and all other players on PVE server have to understand PVP player do all aspects of the game, we do PVE stuff all the time to get weapons, recipes and such. It seems like players from PVE servers only thinks we fighting all the time.

Wrong. Not “literally” everybody. I’m on an official PvP server and I don’t want this.

And I’ve got over 3,000.

You do not speak for all PvPers. You have an opinion, and you are welcome to express your opinion – but only your opinion. Just like there are others on these forums from other perspectives who have a right to share their opinion as well. Please stop scolding other players and let them have their say, too.


I am not kidding I am a solo PVE player if you fools make thralls virtually useless in PVE because of this. I will get a refund for the game. I am not a player who stands idle and lets my thralls do all the work. The last purge I got I hardly survived two neighbors helped me my thrall already almost died because of the derpy A.I (bearer with 18K of health with high level gear) she wouldn’t attack nerf her by 40% and shes dead that purge. I am not going to tolerate this being a slave maker simulator where every few days I have to waste time breaking a slew of new thralls because of your complaints. The fact is the game wasn’t originally designed with the player being the hero in mind and it shows with the thrall stats. We can’t even reach 25% of the stats a thrall can. I want them to buff our vitality stats etc if they nerf our thralls. I should not be punished for enjoying the game online solo in PVE because you find PVP thralls OP We work hard to get the thralls we do have just to have you whine and strip their stats from them.



Ever considering testing it on testlive before touting?!

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Please give me examples of the beneficial balancing PVE has gotten over PVP.


Is this a joke?

I don’t even know where to begin, but why not the most obvious example; when they buffed thralls to be this good in the first place.

No, it is not a joke. Please outline for me the ways the game has been balanced for PVE over PVP.

This was not done for PVE purposes. This was introduced for everyone to compensate for the thrall number change.


I really hope they only apply this to PvP servers, or they balance it out better than “we’re just gonna make thralls weaker lol”. The player won’t be the “hero” if you simply make their follower weaker. There are so many good points brought up on the testlive sticky thread, I’m not going to repeat them.

Also, not sure why we’re focusing on thrall health and damage. Shouldn’t we be focusing on the actual follower update itself barely being playtested to begin with, maybe fixing archery being broken… what about actually fixing purges? Y’know?

Ah damn, this solo player’s Dalinisa is killing PvE content too fast. Sorry, but really?

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Reading and understanding aint the strongest point of PvP players or?

Make thrall dmg VS HUMAN players an own setting and reduce it massively.

There. Thralls dont kill you so much. PvE have still their thralls. It could be so simple…

But such settings only work, when PvP gets more benefits from it.

More resources for PvP. Yes. Own setting
More XP for PvP. Yes. Own setting

But thrall DMG vs human players cannot be an own setting, because today is Monday… And therefore nerf for all.


There was NONE single patch, which ever put PvE in a better spotlight.

Claws from the Hyena were OP. PvP cried. Funcom made ubernerf -> claws itself got nerfed massive. And the droprate for ALL ITEMS suddenly got changed?!?!

So if you want the best butcherknife, you have to farm that this Hyena. But because of the claw nerf, the droprate is low for EVERY item. Not only for claws… Because thats Funcom.

And the next thing: Why dont we have a Blackblood butcher knife? Because Funcom simple forgot it and dont want to add it…