Do not nerf the slaves in the PVE!

I am shocked! I play on PVE and PVE, we improve our slaves as something important, we put on the best damage armor, food … to get the strongest slave possible, not to kill anyone, but for the pleasure of making a super strong slave and that it’s the magic and personal satisfaction that we have, just like we do with our dragons in ARK, we raise the best dragons with the best attributes …

I am very shocked by this NERF story of a slave who spent 70 hours to 100 hours leveling up!


WTF Dalinsia health is cut in half? Thats why PvE players leveled thralls to 20? Needing 4* time?

@Ignasi is that a joke or whats wrong with you? You sold the leveling system as “significant stronger thralls” and now they are worse at max lvl, then before without any level?

Why should ANYONE buy anything from Funcom anymore, when you so such things???


Yes Funcom keep listing to this Youtube guy and you soon wont have a player base!!

All he has been putting out lately is how OPed thralls are.
Says he can finish the game at lvl 20 and can solo every boss in the game with nothing but a loin cloth and a butter knife…so I wonder why he is sooo concerned about thralls?

If this game was made just for him then I apologize.

I think we’re knee-jerking a bit here.

Admittedly, Funcom has a tendency to go overboard with their “balancing” decisions, but let’s not exaggerate. A level 20 thrall after these nerfs will still be stronger than an old, pre-leveling system, thrall.

Frankly, I don’t entirely understand Firespark’s Youtube crusade against Funcom. He declares future updates as failures while admitting he doesn’t understand the whole picture and that he hasn’t properly tested them. If he has already decided beforehand that the new update is bad, it makes it pretty damn hard to make an objective review - and biased reviews are something I’d recommend avoiding, because they may bias the viewer’s judgement of the update too.

If you test the update yourself, you’ll have a chance to decide for yourself whether it’s good or bad. But if you test the update with the preconceived notion of “Firespark said that this sucks, so it probably sucks” you’re more likely to subconsciously focus on the negatives while ignoring the positives.

If your thralls aren’t for killing anyone, why do you mind the nerf?.. You can still raise the best possible thrall with the best possible attributes.

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I want to join the anti-nerf league.
I play solo on PVE, no willing to join a clan since I always had bad experiences with it (people leaving, clan disbanded, restart again on new server and such things).

My target is only to explore the game content by my self and the only way I have to fight strong bosses is with the help of a thrall. If funcom nerf thrall will oblige me to Join a clan to defeat the end game bosses, meaning that I will quit the game since I do not want to do it.


Even if they dont take their thralls out is it so hard to grasp that pve players are upset about the time the spent leveling thralls (on pve officials, where it takes longer to lvl) having those results changed and nerffed?

If i told you id pay you 20usd per hour to do a job and you put in 100 hours then i changed the deal after youd finished and only gave you 1000usd youd be mad right? Like youd probably have grounds to sue me, unless of course i got you to sign my terms of service first without you having a say in the contract. You may think its apples to oranges, but i assure you wether it be money or stats it doesnt feel good to have your results changed after the fact with no input.

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First, After extensive testing on official servers and comparing pre-leveling (Legacy) thralls with the latest (Followers II) level 20 thralls, I have found the Legacy thralls were actually better. Kill times on bosses were lower, and health loss for the thrall was also lower. I took extensive notes on my testing. Also, @Wak4863 backed up what I found in a video, although I hadn’t fully discussed all my data with him.

Second, if you are watching Firespark videos for information, you aren’t getting any. He put out the video about beating the game at level 20, when he was obviously in God Mode, not taking damage when he got hit. I stopped watching his videos over a year ago, until the first Level 20 video. I watched that out of curiosity.

Frankly, I can’t watch someone who is constantly negative about a game when I can’t tell if he even plays it much.


It is hard to grasp, because I stopped acting like this when I was 8.

But it’s not only a matter of how many times someone spent levelling a Thrall. They can change whatever they want, I like the game and it will be ok to start levelling up thralls again if needed.
The point is to keep the chance for solo player to continue having fun. As I said I play solo, want to relax while playing tha couple of hours after job, without bothering about clashes between other clan people. So the only shoulder I can count on is my thrall…if they nerf him (and my character is not able to solo a boss), the game become unplayable to me (and to everyone playing solo), meaning that I can only stop playing Conan.

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Maybe the point of games is to reach as many people as possible ? Why narrow the options down if you can broaden the spectrum for EVERYONE with different sliders ? I don’t get it. Make a server where people like you can enjoy themselves by NOT relaxing and having a hard time playing this game AND make options that make it possible for single players to relax. Solo players are not gonna play on the same kind of settings than you anyway. So how does that detract from your experience ? Or do you just enjoy being condecending ?

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“I don’t like the way you like and play MY game so back off!” is all i’m hearing here. Little ignorant if you ask me. I’m not asking you to go play another game because you like the game harder, so don’t bother acting like you own the place and your way to play CE is the only right one. There are already a bunch of sliders and difficulty options in the game. Asking to implement one that affects thralls is not asking too much, since THAT is the essence of what you are mainly complaining about here.


Not seeing alot of numbers…

Thralls needed a major hellva nerf to be back at what was fairly Op in 1st place… All those thralls everyone farmed and kept for there 4-6k even a few with 8k healths. That worked just fine. >_>

No we have 10k+ easy Thralls who are OP? Ya… they 100% needed a Tone Down.(aka nerf? cause there OP)

Getting a thrall shouldn’t be a 1 time deal and your set, they should be able to die… and be replaced, even purge ones. Get that PVP has some issue with them being easily killable.
There needs a better adjustment then ultra high health ones. =/

Ya, it sucks to have a thrall die… its suppose to happen. =/

Granted… we need better Thralls heals. Or ways to heal them. (aka a new heal wrap, that we use on a thrall via radial(slot keys pc users)
Which would help keep them alive.
Which was kinda issue we wanted fixed when thrall had sub-par 5k healths. The ability to heal them…

So far, @Wak4863 seems to be producing fair testing. I’ve liked his investigative videos so far.


I assumed that to be true as well. But, according to testing, that’s not actually true. I was surprised. As Wak4863 points out, thralls have been in steady decline from Legacy to Leveling to Testlive. Maybe that’s needed for game balance? After all, many things have been nerfed over the years, but I suspect not. Alot of players seem to think so though and have said the nerfing of thralls is a good thing.

  • The largest complaint from PvPers is getting “one shot” by thralls.
  • The largest two complaints from PvEers is being able to complete dungeons (boss fights) and the tedium of a longer fight (reducing thrall damage = longer fights).

So it seems buffing the player accomplishes what both want (in theory). If the player’s health is buffed so that they aren’t getting one shot anymore, that solves the PvP issue. And if the player’s health is buffed so that they last longer in dungeons, that helps solve the PvE issue (assuming thrall numbers remain the same – boss fights take just as long as before if the thrall numbers are not adjusted).

So maybe its the player’s health that needs improvement in order to balance PvP and PvE? Until testing though, I don’t know if that’s going to solve it. It would require testing. I also don’t know how much of an increase would be a good place for both PvP and PvE. Tweaks would be needed, no doubt.

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I stand corrected, then. That’s what I get for telling people to test it and not actually test it myself, basing my hypothesis on the perceived performance of a level 20 thrall and imagining it as 30 to 40 percent less. (It may also be that the actual reduction in effectiveness is higher than 40 % because game designers are notoriously bad with numbers.)

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Nope. Not even close.

Old legacy high end thrall had 7425hp. Now only Dalinsia can get such HP.

Also they need way longer for the Brute. Just watch waks video.

PS.: Didnt watch any firespark video related to it. Since this testlive patch came, I played 1 hour CE. I dont see any point anymore, when Funcom makes such stupid decisions “make player the heroes”. Yet players are the same…

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Please see my post just above yours. The wound is already well and properly salted, thank you very much.

Well yes. They had an option to buff the player, adjust the power level of every NPC in the world upwards accordingly, and leave thrall stats as they were, or just adjust thrall stats so they don’t overshadow the player so completely anymore.

You know the phrase “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”? If you have only one eye in the world of the two-eyed people, you don’t need to get three eyes to be the hero - you just need to poke both eyes out of everyone else. It may not be the nicest solution, but it’s equally effective in achieving the same end result. That’s basically what happens when balance is achieved via nerfing. It hurts.

But that’s psychology. Losing something doesn’t feel as nice as getting something. That’s why, if your friends all drive Porsches, you’re praying the Lord to buy you a Mercedes Benz, rather than praying Him to take those Porsches away from your friends (unless you’re a Finn, in which case asking anything for yourself is greedy and selfish and you’ll be perfectly satisfied if your friends just lose the nice things you never had).


Dont nerf anything in PVE that is really senseless.

Aint that a doozey. Ive never heard that before, but that does seem to be the philosphy behind balance and equality these days. Its never about balancing the scale by adding another coin no no always a coin taken off.

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