Thralls trivialize the game

I feel like with the Followers system that in the current state of the game Followers seem to completely trivialize the game from a PvE perspective. I can understand why their stats are so high from a PvP perspective, skilled players can easily outwit the AI of a Thrall so you need to make them durable and heavy-hitting to make them viable against that in some fashion, but the problem is when it becomes AI vs AI it just isn’t a match. I have a Snowhunter Follower with 49 STR, 21 AGI, and 60 VIT. She ended with 13,459 HP and with good gear she can have over 1k armor, which when combined with the sword of Crom it makes her a living doomsday weapon.

With a good follower like this, Conan Exiles becomes Pokemon Sand & Sandle Edition. I don’t need to fight anything any longer, I can just bring a bow, shoot what I want her to kill, and then stand back and let her do her thing. At 13.5k HP nothing can hit her hard enough to make her health drop low enough to be a concern and the amount of damage she’s dishing out with melee multipliers and stuff she can make short work of even some of the hardest enemies in the game. The only downside to this is AI, obviously not the Thrall strong suit.

I think there needs to be a setting where we can increase the amount of damage a Thrall takes from enemies so we can adjust how many hits they can take to be more in line with a player, or perhaps even implement a system where you have to convert a Thrall into a Follower which changes their Health to be similar to that of a player.

I might be in the minority here but I feel like CE has a strong opportunity for PvE content in addition to PvP and sometimes it feels like it’s neglected in favor of PvP balances. I’d love to see more challenging dungeons that require a group of friends to do them and having Followers that feel like they’re more of a party member than a superweapon you unleash on poor unsuspecting hyenas.


Sorry but we have already one topic about it, there is no need to start another:


Use a weaker companion if you want a challenge or better yet don’t use a companion leave them at home and go out and solo bosses


Use a weaker companion if you want a challenge or better yet don’t use a companion leave them at home and go out and solo bosses

Sure, I mean while I’m at it why not just not use armor or weapons too? They also make combat way easier. Or hell, why not just uninstall the game! That would make playing a REAL challenge!


I wasn’t trying to be an ??? Just that this game is a real grind … for example your trying to get the some 5 legendary swords that bosses in a dungeon drop but they have a 2% drop rate and funcom listens to you and make the bosses and it’s minions damage sponges what would happen is that you will have to do the dungeon maybe 100+ times to get all the weapons and maybe more if you want multiple copies of each one which more of a chance of you losing your follower and you dying and losing all your stuff … that would bring frustration which in turn is not fun … I preferably would keep the challenge the way it is and accept the grind it already has (:slight_smile:

@jedahdemon @zerog I forgot to add this

Hear let me give you a true example … I’ve been playing since EA on day 1 I’ve grinned everything on this game from millions of Stone, iron, and whatever else you could think of and so I’ve grinded the warmaker dungeon couldn’t tell you how many times got everything that the regular bosses drop but the last boss drops 3 recipes 2 armor recipes and 1 weapon recipe besides the legendary weapons I’ve gotten 1 recipe armor the 1 weapon recipe and the legendary weapons but I got tired of the grind I still haven’t bothered getting that last recipe armor which is the only recipe I’m missing from the whole entire game … now if they listened to your suggestion I probably would eventually quit this game out of frustration of dying and losing my followers to bosses which in turn is another grind trying to replace these fallen followers … to be honest not sure what I would do but let me tell you it will not be fun.

I guess it’s the grind you have to overcome which is the challenging part doing a dungeon 50 times and not getting your prize … getting burned out from the grind is real … just like the 29 iscoteric recipes (hopefully I spelled that right) that took me tons of hours grinding the bosses for fragments of power to get them all especially when you can get doubles and triples of the same recipes … that grind almost killed me lol

Oh and plus I got all the fragments of power I needed to consume to get enough feat points to learn all the recipes can’t remember how many fragments of powers it took but that was a real grind after getting all those fragments of power for the iscoteric recipes …, took a 3 week burnt out break from Conan after that grind lol

So in the end as an experienced Conan player trust me on this you don’t want the bosses and minions upgraded to be damage sponges because the grind will eventually get to you … ok hope my explanation was enough and my apologies if you thought I was being insulting I’m done here have a nice one in the exiled lands (:slight_smile:

@zerog what happens on PvE still crosses over to PvP and vice-versa if you want everything I have on PvE you will have to grind it on your PvP server but it will be tougher for you cause you have to fight players while your grinding

IMO all the creatures, bosses, player, and pet/thralls need rebalanced. We need to be the primary actors when fighting. Thralls and pets are side kicks to help make it faster (the grind). If that isn’t happening, then things need to be rebalanced.


@Auculus you have a point now why do thralls become the main character and not the player? My personal thought on this is the player … many here have gotten into the habit of just hanging back and letting there thrall do the fighting … why doesn’t the player engage into the battle himself with his follower … is it fear in dying and losing there stuff? Players need to engage in these battles with there thralls not hang back and watch

Honestly, I’ve been a little too busy fighting some virtual fires that I haven’t had time to fully grind out the latest iteration of TestLive, but there’s a new refocusing that I’ve witnessed. NPCs are intended to focus on you, and seem to target the player (or players) more often now, when accompanied by a follower.

This tells me they’re revising the dynamic. Personally, just give us a slider for minion and boss damage, and we’re good. Granted it’s under revision, so there’s no heat in this statement: many bosses are tedious without a follower. On PvP, average player tugs around a howitzer, and keeps machine guns in her pocket.


Agreed. We need both. A full rebalance on official servers and the ability to adjust pet/thrall power separate from NPCs and monsters on private servers and solo play.

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It would. How bout halfway? Don’t use legendary. Spec less strength. Or better yet if you own your own server or are playing solo, turn down your damage and turn up the damage of the NPCs. You have options like any game. Its called a difficulty setting. Here you just have more than one setting to tweak.

I completely agree. PVP servers should have distinct settings because what is trivial in PVE is difficult in PVP.

Official servers need to reflect the vision of the designers. I cannot imagine their intent is to let the thralls do all the work and for the players to hang back. Also, I cannot imagine they intended for thralls to outstrip the player in power. Maybe I am wrong, but my opinion is I am not wrong and the next major patch will address this.

But they don’t outstrip the player. If its a player vs a thrall, my money is on the player.

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I agree with you, but if its player vs player and one of the thralls gets in a lucky hit its a one shot. That shouldnt happen.