Fighter thrall Berserker +56 str, +33 agi and +54 vit ... (official PVP)

Level 20, feed with gruel, blade of the aventurer 82/15 (stolen from another player), flawless gardian strengh armor (stolen too, i do not have any dlc!).

Take some healing arrows and it can solo everything (npc villages, boss, dungeons …). Can be used too for infinite demon blood (big snake), infinite hide/pelt from animals (follow him full encumbrance and collect).

It is fun, but it is too much … you can collect everything with him. Thralls should not be stronger than you.

What do you think?

The pics :


These beserkers is why I think there is any hope for solo players, having no clan. I’ve had a couple wipe me out (at T2), but that’s where I disagree – the beserker is not OP.

Here is the other side of the story: The Great Encumbrance Perk Debate


Have you tried to level up a dancer or bearer. Without the damage multiplier they can barely work through the super inflated hp of anything that gives good exp.

I think that the players are a little too weak and thralls are a little too strong (probably to compensate for no smarts).


This is what I have been saying for years. The ‘problem’ with thralls is, we are the measuring stick to compare them to and it has nothing to do with thralls being over powered. We suck.

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Thralls should never have been implemented to follow us. Base defense and static placement only

Then you can go play another game without thralls. There are plenty … Some of us enjoy the game as is and are not concerned with the pvp balance. Remove the thralls from pvp servers, let the rest of us enjoy the game we bought …


Some of us were here when the game launched and we didn’t have world bosses following us around. We did great. There was no talk of overpowered tanks on the field. Pve also existed at that time too.


glad you enjoyed the early access days, i prefer the current version of the game, thank you for feedback.

Remove the destructive pvp aspect all together… Make a Duel option in the menu. or Make War between Clans possible, maybe with a bounty sytem / prize.

To much bugs to ever make this game suitable for like it is now.
Yet it is the best build/ rp sim around.


The fact is the argument falls flat when you have the option to run with a low tier Thrall, or no Thrall at all. You take the best available Thrall on the market and cry that the Thralls shouldn’t out preform the Players. Not taking into account the various different play styles. The fact is the only real argument I see here is PVP doesn’t like being one hit killed by base defense or runner Thralls. Don’t try to dress her up like she’s anything different then that.

You’re not concerned about being a hero, or the damage these Thralls can do against Bosses. Or you’d change to one of the many available low to mid tier Thralls.


Or since you whine about them being to strong, have them level same as on PVE C server. He would be dead before you get him to level 20 :grin:


You sound like a pve player. Why would they change pvp for someone who doesn’t play pvp?


@GodlyVoice For the same reason, they keep changing pve for pvp reasons… :woman_shrugging:

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I am happy thralls exist. I would like the divide between their godliness and my stats. A nice balance if you will. Im not saying they should not be powerful.

I usually play a glass cannon who uses my thrall as a meat shield. Id love to also use a different build and be comparable. But right now my thrall support build works. (I guess that is a huge part of the issue) I support my thrall.

Yes. We could use sub par thralls. Yes we don’t even need to use them. Options. But its stupid not too.

Hell. I play on a PVE C server. My thralls just help me with pve content really.

I do feel like the divide between player and thrall needs to be narrowed closer together.

I just can’t agree with you, as long as Funcom keeps reinforcing the need for überthralls by adding content that specifically requires them.


Nice! Wait until you get a volcano or purge thrall. :slight_smile:

I have a purge thrall fighter (Beast-Tamer Freda) annd she started with 12k HP? I think Kisthiss Flesh-Tearer starts with 8k HP (will check when i get home tonight)?

Edit - I don’t always bring a thrall, but when I do it’s mostly for the company. :wink:!



Yeah, the Berserker is quiet cool but there are npcs with 20k life+ and like Bosses YOU as a PLAYER can defeat them quiet easily, because of intelligence!
The stats are not the problem, the skills and behavior of npcs and a hope that in the future is more coming for them?
+IQ (eg. fighting behavior)
+use (eg. Dancer who uses instruments)
+commands (eg. Let them attack enemy, call them back and so on)
+new skills (eg. spiders could web a player)
+much more :grin:

-greets to all of ya and FC love ya! :sunglasses::heart::beers:

Such as?

The three that come to mind right away are Gravewalker, He-Who-Walks-Below and the Arena Champion. Probably Thag, too, but I’ve only fought him once and that in company of another player with his überthrall. I haven’t been to the Sunken City in a long time, so I’m not sure about that anymore.

Of the three I mention above, the Arena Champion is the one that hit the hardest. Sure, you can stun-lock her and you can bleed and poison her, but if you mistime things just once (or if the latency gods decide to punish you), you’re very likely to die in a couple of hits and have to go through the whole rigmarole of getting spare keys, running to your corpse and getting your stuff, all with Yakety Sax playing in the background.

The Gravewalker and He-Who-Walks-Below don’t hit as hard, but they still hit quite hard and they present other difficulties. They’re both undead, so you can’t stack DoT effects on them without fiddling with spectral coating. On top of it, they both stack corruption on you.

None of the bosses I mentioned is impossible to defeat without an überthrall. If we’re framing this discussion in terms of “being a hero”, then it’s not enough to just consider whether defeating certain bosses is possible or not. It’s about how you feel when you play the game.

All bosses hit hard and have lots of health, but the degrees differ. There’s a certain fuzzy threshold where the quantitative differences become qualitative. This threshold is somewhat subjective, so it’s hard to argue about this objectively.

That said, I don’t think we can objectively deny that Funcom seems to be balancing certain aspects of PVE content around thralls. To me it seems like they’re in a vicious cycle of making thralls stronger for one reason, then introducing PVE content balanced around these stronger thralls, then making thralls stronger again, etc.

I honestly don’t feel like a hero running through the Undead City and the Warmaker’s Sanctuary with a thrall doing all my dirty work. I feel like a sidekick.

Neither do I feel like a hero running through these places without a thrall. The way I’m forced to fight without a thrall in these places kills the immersion.

I will happily fight the Red Mother or Rotbranch or Ladagara without a thrall and I’ll feel like a hero, because it feels like a battle. It feels like a contest of strength, dexterity and cunning, despite the limited AI. With undead bosses and the Arena Champion it feels more like a rat nipping at a cheese in a mousetrap or a lumberjack cutting down a tree with a butter knife, depending on the situation.

Whenever I see an argument along the lines of “if you think it’s OP, just don’t use it”, I always go “that’s not how any of this works” :wink:

I think the same applies to the thralls. Of course, that doesn’t mean they should just nerf thralls and leave things at that. I would love it if we could get a future patch that balances Conan Exiles in such a way that the primary game loop isn’t so full of tedious chores, but I realize that it’s a lot of work and that I might never get that wish fulfilled. But I do understand and empathize with arguments against the überthralls :slight_smile:

PS: My apologies if this post is even longer and more rambling than my usual. My optometrist screwed up my prescription glasses so I’m sitting here with everything blurry and trying to write despite that. I can’t wait to get home and put my old glasses on…


They dont do as much damage anyway (i have purge thrall with 20k hp)

Bezerker, Volcano & Dalansia is better than purge thralls, shouldnt be like that.