Thralls make the entire PvE Content a cakewalk & even quite useless tbh


The PvE Content is way too easy, as soon you get your first normal named T4 thrall things already start to become quite easy.

As soon you get your first Relic Hunter (or better) things become very easy.

As soon you find your very first “Sword of Crom” and give it to your Relic Hunter the entire PvE Content becomes a total joke. But even without the Sword of Crom, it is a joke, no matter what weapon i give them.

I seriously don’t understand who thought this was a good idea to design the game like this.
It is absolutely not balanced and this is not even fun for solo playing btw. Just go afk, drink coffee, your Relic Hunter (or better since there are even better ones) kills everything for you in PvE.

Sure, you could choose to not use any thralls, but then my question is:
If thralls are impossible to balance for PvE or if they are not meant to be used in PvE then why are they even in the game?
They are extremly overpowered, any boss, no matter what, even the Arena Champion is a joke with just 1 Relic Hunter.

Thralls have way too much HP and their damage multiplier is just insane.

Bosses are just tank&spank with a bit more HP, but that’s another issue.

Already seen other threads about the difficulty in this game from past years.
Not much has happened since then it seems.

This is very dissapointing.

Your game is so nice, so beautiful, it looks fantastic, feels fantastic (yes it has bugs, annoying bugs etc.) but then you make the content so extremly easy i could literly play with closed eyes.

Who for gods sake makes all theese decisions?
How exactly did it come so far?
What am i missing here?

I am extremly sad.


I agree it is super easy pve. But the game is not an adventure game, as much as I would like it to be. It is more of a building simulator with light pve tactics. Wish it was a bit more journey driven…but oh well. I still enjoy it mostly.

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The biggest issue here is the combat
Thralls are just stronger but not so smart

If combat was better for players, thralls could be down tuned and players be buffed, so a thralls will have much less impact.

Imagine if the combat was somewhat simulair to Mount & Blade or anything that’s more than light and heavy attacks we have now.


You make the game.

If you think thralls are too strong then just don’t use them and challenge yourself. Some people prefer it to be a cakewalk. Me to be exact. Running boss runs is tedious and not very rewarding at the end of the day. They don’t have any replay value unless you are trying to collect items to craft something.

If it wasn’t for thralls being so OP I wouldn’t even do the dungeons or boss fights. I play PvE for the social and building aspect not the fighting.


Think of them as a way for each player to adjust the “difficulty level” of the combat in an online PVE game:

  • Player A prefers challenging combat all the time, so they go everywhere without a thrall.
  • Player B just likes to relax and have easy fun, so they go everywhere with a thrall.
  • Player C likes challenging combat, so they generally go without a thrall. But sometimes they just want to quickly farm up some fragments so they take their thrall with them to the Unnamed City.
  • Player D loves fighting boss X but hates fighting boss Y. They take their thrall to fight boss Y, but not boss X.

Over the years, I’ve formed the opinion that (in PVE) thralls aren’t as much of a problem as bosses. Most bosses are just not challenging. You simply have to whittle their health down slowly, and when you’re doing that for the 200th time, it becomes boring. Then you have bosses like Arena Champion or the Judge, where the “challenge” lies in not having any lag, ever.

Thrall combat balancing is a much thornier and problematic issue in PVE-C and PVP. For PVE, they’re just fine. It doesn’t bother me that some people rely on thralls more – or less – than I do.


Siptah is a bit harder. Even with a T4 Thrall the Accursed Citadel is pretty tough if you go in and stir up a big crowd. You can get overwhelmed easily.

Same goes for Maelstrom. If you fight until the end you can get swarmed especially by those hellhound creatures.

Doing some of the T4 surges with a thrall is also pretty tough sometimes especially if you are looking for T4 crafters.

This is all playing single player. You could always try and go solo. Good luck with that though. I can guarantee you will be swarmed. Lots of encounters you just need a decent thrall for distraction.


I know this might sound revolutionary…but have you thought about …hmm…not…getting one?

Crazy concept but it would’ve saved you the time you took to post this thread.

I only play with pets, it’s more challenging.


This is not a solution to the overall obvious imbalance issue, it is just a workaround.

Again, this is not a real solution to the overall obvious imbalance issue.

What comes next? Don’t use Weapon, Armor, Gear X, Y or Z?

But it is. You really can create the balance you want why must you impose it on the rest of us? Also there are inbetween solutions you have access too. Take a weaker thral for example find the balance you want.

For me since the Horse nerf I need my thral more than ever. Game is plenty hard if you do not use a thral. Also even with a thral I get killed all the time lol, get mobbed… my current favorite way to die is falling. lol


The best gameplay experience I had with Siptah was at launch when the best fighter you could get early on was a T3. These fighter thralls can die versus a boss. They will not out damage you as a player and need help to kill bosses. That was a very balanced gameplay. The best fighters should have T3 stats in my opinion to keep the game interesting.

Playing naked and killing mobs with fists doesn’t make the game challenging. I would rather find something else to play instead of trying to reinvent the game difficulty.

I also want to touch another subject involving thralls. Thralls should die easier to create a progress loop in the game. What’s the point to capture thralls if you can just plant them like statues and they never die. When I get purge, I want to see my thralls flying left and right and at the end of a purge I want to have a reason to go get more thralls.
Thralls should also have lower armor. I have some fighters with 1800 armor. That has to be close to 99% damage reduction and it gets ridiculous at this point.
We need more ways to spend thralls be it losing them in battle, selling them to an NPC vendor like a thrall market in game.
Even better, have a colliseum where we can send 6 of our thralls in one go and have them fight some waves of elite monsters. That would be both entertaining to watch and a fantastic loop for aquiring/spending thralls in the game.


No it isn’t, it is just a workaround, if you have to ignore/not use gameplay mechanics to enjoy it more, to make it more challenging for yourself then there is definetly something wrong in the overall game design.

Sounds awesome, sounds challenging.

Yup, exactly.

100% this

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Just curious. Your solution is to impose your personal preference upon everyone as the only ‘balanced’ option vs balancing your play by electing to use lesser or no thrall ‘workarounds’?

Are you playing official servers, private, or solo? Console or PC?

If PC, private server or solo, I’d suggest finding (or creating) the world that matches your preferences. The EEWA mod adds some end game content and increased challenges. The AoC mod adds some stupidly overpowered game breaking enemies (as well as overpowered game breaking abilities to players). Doubtless there are others out there to help tailor your game to your preference.


Not so. It is not a work arround. That is like saying that a difficulty setting is a work arround.

Game is too easy for you. I say not for me. You say my thral is to strong. I say it is not strong enough. Man if only there were different types and levels of thrals… oh wait there is lol. If only I could chose to not use them… oh wait you can.

There is literally many choices you can make to change the game balance on your own. The design is not only fine it is excellent. The system can meet the needs and or desires of a wide variety of players.

Now only if there were different stats and gear for more variety and difficulty… oh wait…



No, this has nothing to do with personal preference.
But what you folks are doing here right now is basically saying to me:
Everything is fine, just don’t use them. That is you personal preference, so why are you folks trying to impose this to everyone else?
To ignore game mechanics and content can’t be the solution here, you can’t be serious here.

PC, private server, no mods that completly change the game.
Might try some of them.

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no. what i am saying is that there are options for you to make the game you want should you bother to investigate them.

I do not play on officials or console. I have invested in a private server. i have added mods to increase challenges. i can control xp gain rate, harvesting rates, damage vs players, etc. I can make the game I want to play. I am currently enjoying a third party map (Savage Wilds) for fresh exploration and challenges.

perhaps this isn’t the route that you can or are willing to investigate.


Never said that.
Forgive me, but i think you are missing the point here.
It doesn’t matter wether or not someone chooses to use the thralls.
Also, with your logic you are basically saying a similar thing: “FC is forcing players to NOT use thralls”.

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I am fully aware of all theese options.
Playing on a private server, i know about Savage Wilds, AoC etc. mods.
I may try some or all of them.

Exiled Lands was my first choice, 4 weeks later i am just a bit shocked about the overall balance, that is all.


This whole thread is pointless because its an opinion and with any opinion, you have 2 thoughts behind it.

@CodeMage outlined very clearly and politely in the 4th post why the game doesn’t need to be changed but all those that disagreed turned this into a bitcfest. Grow up people :roll_eyes: