Can you PLEASE turn Thralls back on PvE

Seriously a lot of people have semi open bases with Thralls protecting them and now they are useless.

They don’t attack when PC’s attack them at all.

So people just wipe out your thralls for the gear they are wearing

If people don’t like Thralls attacking them in the “BRUTAL” World of Conan, maybe they should play solitaire

This setting supposed to be “BRUTAL” according to all the advertising and whenever Joel Bylos describes it


I am sorry for those thralls I have killed in PVE servers during this weekend. But we need this kind of voice cuz the devs do not feel the same way. Thankfully, PVE players can realize this now sooner than when it’s too late after the release.

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something just like I expected

While I don’t play on PvE, this just seems like basic logic. You’d need to either make thralls immune to player damage if they are not going to be enabled against players, or they need to be reverted to how they originally were, possibly with increased range for archers.

As things are shaping up now, there’s every reason in the world for a new player to go around murdering thralls, since archers all use at least either Harkinian or Ancient bows and any thrall captured in an area beyond the beach uses iron or better weapons unless their owners all re-equip them with hunting bows and stone weapons.

If they remain docile but vulnerable, then the only thing missing is giving them a script so that they say “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!”

As mentioned above, better to find and fix this now than in a week. Please dont fall into the trap that other games have gotten caught in where it is easier to grief someone on a PvE server than PvP because there’s no way for the victim to retaliate or defend themselves from the griefers.

We’re in your corner, and we’re all here because we want the game to succeed and be the best in the genre.


totally agree, and this is why I am gonna just only stick to PvP.

I will never try a single PvE game before they patch it.

I really don’t understand their decision on this.


I understand the logic behind it, and why players asked for it in the first place. Funcom was simply listening to their players which, I think we can all agree, is wonderful and very rare nowadays and should be applauded.

However I don’t think that the implementation was fully thought through on either side. Players asked both for their thralls to be able to defend themselves but also not to attack other players. If I were to guess, making them docile was the best way to implement the request made by the majority and was hopefully a quick stop-gap while they re-tool the AI thus week.

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This is the one reason i cancelled my preorders. There will be mass griefing on servers and i ordered it to play online. You can’t even set up a defence v the purge if ur offline.
It’s sad coz i was really looking forward to this game, oh well.

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Hi, I am some of the people who really complained about this, reaching Joel Bylos by Twitter, discussing it in the latest patch notes, several threads on steam and here etc.

Excuse me if I don’t copy paste or link their answers, as I’ve done it in many threads already xD.

Just felt the need to be repetitive with a couple matters:

1- I dont also understand, as now more and more players are saying, how didn’t they think this was a needed change from the begin, or how our multiple complains didn’t reach them, apparently, since last week XD.

2-While I am happy to see more and more people asking for this change (because I was feeling it was just me, some days ago…) it must be said they have confirmed, kind of explicitly (aka I dont think they can pull it back or say they didnt mean this) that it will be fixed.

Maybe not on release, but we got a word of a Producer (not Joel Bylos, as his tweets directed to me regarding this matter weren’t very hopeful / kinda taxative about not being possible, and older than this other answer from another dev), that he already reached programmers so they start working about this, and even had some (unknown for us) estimation of when will it be fixed.

Hopefuly we will finally have non killable thralls on PvE servers, as we are requesting, so we can enjoy the game as we expected to be able to.

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One can hope. I’ll not buy the game until i can pve without threat of pvp style players ruining my experience.

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There will always be griefing in survival games. By their nature, they attract gamers who are calculating and enjoy min/maxing and strategy. Official servers will always sufffer from this, regardless of the game. Play on a cimmunity server. I think you’ll find the experience infinitely better.

I feel you, im close to 300h, and I started playing back a few weeks ago, thinking that after the massive improvements to combat, thrall orders / inventory, purge etc, it would have been fixed.

Till a grifer helped me realize it was not only not fixed, but much more appealing than on release, since thralls have juicy inventories, and reasons like purge to be used in towers etc.

I expected to play like mad before release, but cant because of this.

Also, while I would even have called a sick day to play the release version on launch, given this issue, I find myself in similar situation.

But it looks like they are going to fix it, at least we got the word from A developer, that it will be fixed.

If thralls cant be killed in PvE, Conan Exiles could advertise itself as the least griefable survival out there.

Ive played and play most of em, in pve, and with structure damage disabled, climbing, no build radius on npc camps etc, it is much better than others.

Buut no other survival allows non tribe members to kill your tames (not in ark, citadel, dark and light etc) like Conan does, so if they fixed it, official pve servers would be very good

or they tried to change but it didn’t work at all, so they decided to just let thralls die in official server and say “we are not doing this” instead of saying “we tried but it didn’t work”

well you are mixing everything chronological wise.

their last statement, given by Tyros, is they are working on fixing it, literally saying he has some estimates from coders about when will it be finished, implying they are already working on it.

Joel Bylos tweets, which I posted, were kinda taxative but also previous to this, so I will just stick to the most recent statement about this.

Im still very concerned about this as you may be, hell, Ive got a friend to buy the game on MY promise that THEY promised it would be fixed, saying we would max. have to keep tamed thralls in a bunker until its fixed, if not on release.

Im going to oblivion if it doesnt finally happen xDD

Ok looks like Fighter, Archer and Dancer Thralls are going to be useless on PvE servers then?

Oh well

Sorta makes PvE a total waste of time and Purges going be more annoying, assuming they work, in 2 weeks haven’t seen or or heard of one happening.

Hey everyone!

We’re also turning off damage against thralls on PvE servers. They won’t attack players, but players also won’t be able to attack and kill them.


So your idea is “This is a bad idea, so I’m going to act like a jackass to prove what a bad idea this is”?

Do you realize how INSANELY STUPID that is?

First off, there’s a thing called “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

Secondly, it’s a week before a wipe. No one really cares. I’m blowing months worth of hoarded resources at the moment on stupid things, like epicing armor I never wear, just to look at the stat differences. A couple nights ago my server held an obelisk grabbing race. A NUDE obelisk grabbing run. Why? Boredom. With the wipe so close, it’s pointless to build or dominate, and “survive” has an expiration date. So do something stupid/fun. Reminds me of when I used to play Anarchy Online in the early days and I’d just pick a direction and run…usually naught but a pair of shorts, just to see how far I could get.

All killing thralls are going to is label you a jerk by your server.


Jens, thanks for the response but it still doesn’t address the issue with people, now being able to just enter bases without fear and steal what they can

FYI I had my base setup with planters and wheel on roof, protected by well positioned thralls, as soon as you turned off Thralls I got raided and while I didn’t lose much it was a kick in the face that it happened.

I don’t want to have to build buildings like Boxes, I like a more open dastle type building. With No Guards now its not availible, limiting the game IMHO.

Can you maybe have 2 types of PvE Server, 1 with Thralls normal and 1 Useless ?

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You just don’t get it. Sooner or later something like this will happen until the devs do something. I am doing this to point this out to other players and let them realize the issue here. We need voice on this topic. Not everything is simple as the surface, even Ranma has 2 sides. Thankfully the devs have fixed this issue.

I care about the future of this game, it’s not like no one cares. Everyone knows about the wipe but what about the issue lies here today? If it did not get solved we will be having this after the release and more people will complain or even quit the game. I did not do this for fun, I had to go to each server and level up new characters then go hunt for thralls. It was tedious and boring.

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Not for nothing, but why didn’t you spike your roof if you had all of your valuables up there? Just thralls has never been an effective base defense on any type of server. Open bases are easily doable on a PvE server, and to some extent a PvP server, but you still have to design them well. There’s a reason most every server out there with a No-OLR policy also has the caveat of “If you leave something out in the open and it gets stolen, yo’ fault.”

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