WALLHACK + Killable PVE thralls = failure of a game

A griefer came to my base and started killing PvE thralls in towers etc. As I said, PvE thralls should not damage other people, or should be able to be killed. Its a PvP mechanic in a PvE mode. Kill the “loop” of using them for Purge etc.

So you can get all your thralls killed, and even have lifeless kids like this one trying to extort you so they stop killing your thralls, which of course had no effect.

But the problem comes when you see they can WALK THROUGH walls, as if they were invisible (not the old relog glitch) and keep killing and looting crafting stations.

Here are the proofs, didnt get a screenshot showing him in middle of the walls because its instant, but as you can see its a closed place, and he gone through walls, doors etc.

This is the profile of the cheater, a typical one with one game, one friend, and like 2-3 years on steam. Take action devs, or ima be a bum in the ■■■, just advertising this big flaw of the game on your facebook posts, steam forum etc. Instead of trying to get more friends on board as I planned.

Yes the balanse betwen tralls and oter player is notworkin well in the game, spec when the purge will hapen even when no one in the clan is online. Or the 2 min go go home and plan the defense.

I’m confident that they will have fixed the wall hack as you describe. They would know that this can’t be happening, its just a small bug which will get ironed out for release.

As for the Thralls killing PvE players, they might still be scouting out your base to steal items. I feel the solution to this is to have a halfway measure of the Clan system where we can become “Friends”. This option would allow you to open my unlocked chests, use my workstations, open my unlocked doors and my thralls would trust you and not attack. Anything I have locked, chests, doors, you would still not be able to use as it is for non-Clan members right now.

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grifer and glitcher managed to cross a wall and kill thralls through doors

the same frustrated troll trying to drag a tiger boss in my base so I get killed (hopefuly structure damage is disabled)

same pathetic being attacking my enclosed thralls through windows with bow

In PvP this would have been fair, as we would have been killing each other non stop, looting others bodys, raiding base etc. In PvE, if FUNCOM still allows people to kill other’s enslaved thralls, they are facilitating a new grief method. Then you cant really have a base with watchtowers like in PvP, because in PvP they can also kill em when you offline, but you can pop! kill the raiders, loot them, and well, defend.

This has to be fixed, because with this mechanic you are creating an attractive way for losers like this, which fail at everything in life, have some fun griefing in PvE, where they cant be killed.

And of course, with this problems in PvE, this game can’t be recommended for PvE players.

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If dev don’t turn off player dmg to player owned thralls then thralls are sheeps and players are wolves.

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After 3 days of work with 2 persons, and with the help of tons of materials dropped by other’s demolished (abandoned) bases (not gonna lie, since its a legit thing) I have built this:

A Huge wall with wood spikes on the ground, and reinforced black ice spikes on the top, so its unclimbable. I am building like a fortress (hi server lag) that will surround my whole base, like a megadome, including a whole lake / pond.

So that way I will be able to place thralls on the 5-6 archer turrets I had built (now abandoned after the pve raid of another player killing them with impunity) and at least if I open the big door, let the Purge enemies enter, and have my thralls help, as intended.

Or at least, if Purge happens when offline and they break in, I will have my archers and thralls alive to defend. But even if they survive the Purge while im offline, the same hole npcs used will be used by a player troll to kill em. But at least they will have defended haha.

Also, my wheel of pain is now under walls, because people can take not only food or tamed thralls (LOL) but even the taskmaster. Suuuuuuuuure wheel of pains were designed to be an indoors building, right? hahaha

So to sum up: its not like I cant cope with this design flaw, I am getting over it making that huge fortress / megadome, and leaving even wheels of pain indoor.

But it is taking a huge amount of work, its stupid as a design we need to make everything indoor in pve, and the ratio of players leaving after getting their thralls killed vs those who are doing madness like me to prevent it wont be very balanced.

They need to fix this on release. I’ve found in the frozen north a good amount of normal bases with archers on top / walls, I could have killed em as trolls did to me, and leave those bases defenselesss / purge ready, effectively allowing me to RAID, or produce same effects as a raid, in PVE



Got a confirmation that it is not working as intended, and a fix is incoming, from Joel Bylos himself, which I thank very much for his answer!


Awesome, looks like it’s being resolved!

OFC it should be fixed.

Who can blame people for slaughtering someone else’s in PvP?

However, PvE is totally different story. Since PvE is only for players vs environment, any players should not be able to kill other players’ stuffs each other. This is totally wrong.


Yes, and in fact, player vs environment servers in all survivals have been one of the most attractive environments for trolls, griefers and that kind of people. In a battlefield you can only kill people, or in overwatch, fortnite, whatever.

You can’t loot stuff that took em hours to farm, kill resources like thralls / dinos etc. In pve survivals with structure damaged allowed, it’s popular to lure creatures to PvE bases to destroy them with the creatures help.

Not even in the Player vs Player servers of those games you can troll or grief as much, or with same impunity, because there you can defend against that.

In ARK, tamed creatures on PvE servers could never be killed by other players. It would have been the ruin of the game’s popularity. I played 600h on release, and they had to fix very fast the ability of players to kill downed creatures, in process of taming, in pve servers.

Must say despite I am very thankful of Joel’s replies, the “we have made some fixes to this” doesnt calm me too much. I dont need some fixes, but just need them to disable player interaction with non owned thralls.

No damage taken if you dont own them, no damage dealt to them if you dont own them. Because its player vs environment, and once a thrall is tamed, its a property of the player. (the “p” from pve xD)

Also, for their own game’s popularity…I don’t think you will get many community screenshots or videos, those devs use so much to promote their games, from PvP bases, with towers, archers, and many things you will hardly build in PvP, and even less maintain for more than 30s.

And in PvE, with thrall damage enabled…same. Maybe only from single player xD. But of course the game itself will grow much more in popularity, allowing pve clans to make huge purge fights, with their thralls in towers etc. And for this, we need em to disable the tamed thrall damage.

From yesterdays update on testlive, “Thralls on PvE servers should no longer attack players from other clans on sight”.

Better than nothing but I hope they understood the issue and have the same point of view than us:

-Disable player damage to thralls in PvE-

Its not that pve players are creating problems, trolling or griefing non tribe members with their thralls…its the opposite xD you gotta leave them behind walls, roofs and doors.

Hey, but not even behind windows, or people can snipe em. Hey, but not in front of doors or walls, or people can kill em through it.

Hey, but not even tamed thralls in wheel of pains. In fact, even taskmasters can be taken from wheels, which im “suuuure” they were designed as an indoor only building, considering they are so small eh xD

While this happens in pvp as well…there you can defend, kill any troll, attacker or griefer and loot him.

In pve you can do all that with absolute impunity, as you cant be stopped any way.

With todays fix, it will be even easier to do so xD

Hopefuly the next fix is “PvE thralls won’t take damage from non tribe members”


I’m following this with interest as a number of my pals play PVE and this is a vexing problem. What follows is an observation garnered only from PVP play.

The only time I have ever lost thralls to other players was when I put archers in places where they could hit people simply passing by. It was later revealed that although they had no desire to “F” with me, they found it irritating to be perforated on their trade/slave route. While killing one archer, they had triangulation from others, so I lost a few thralls despite no raid taking place. Back then we had no Event Log, and I could only deduce from chat… :male_detective:t3:

My thought is this change is intended to create a long-term solution to thrall-caused “umbrage” in PVE. While this may not fix the griefing in the short-term, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Well, despite this change is not enough to fix the problem, I am thankful Joel answered me and we got a fix in the good direction on the next day. I’m the first to have created a few “good job funcom” (in caps) posts on steam, after X or Y patch / bugfixing.

And, in one situation where a troll gone mad climbing to all my archer towers to kill em, yes, in addition to some extortion intents, one of the sentences said “they attack me”. So yes, it may solve like a 5% of this incidents.

But if no further fixes are done, no, its not enough, far from enough. I may end up playing PvP if this is not fixed, where people wont kill your thralls (cause its not like in pve where you do it with impunity, its a raid and you risk dying, losing your stuff, getting raided back)

Cool, thread closed. Joel Bylos answered me, which I thank him very much, with a clear answer.

Its an engine limitation, where unlike in Ark, they cant tag tamed thralls as non killable by other players.

Bye bye to thralls in towers, or having them anywhere but bunkers, if you dont want to be grief ready.

At least we have a clear answer, now it’s just up to ourselves to accept it and move on, or just play another thing.

Personally, im dead XD But thankful I got a clear answer. Looks like my 200-300h of more or less enjoying Conan Exiles pre EA release will have been the end of my playtime.

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If they can’t make it possible for thralls to not killed by griefers, than they need to make a system for limiting or restricting players who kill other players’ stuff in PvE


Hi, I am some of the people who really complained about this, reaching Joel Bylos by Twitter, discussing it in the latest patch notes, several threads on steam and here etc.

Excuse me if I don’t copy paste or link their answers, as I’ve done it in many threads already xD.

Just felt the need to be repetitive with a couple matters:

1- I dont also understand, as now more and more players are saying, how didn’t they think this was a needed change from the begin, or how our multiple complains didn’t reach them, apparently, since last week XD.

2-While I am happy to see more and more people asking for this change (because I was feeling it was just me, some days ago…) it must be said they have confirmed, kind of explicitly (aka I dont think they can pull it back or say they didnt mean this) that it will be fixed.

Maybe not on release, but we got a word of a Producer (not Joel Bylos, as his tweets directed to me regarding this matter weren’t very hopeful / kinda taxative about not being possible, and older than this other answer from another dev), that he already reached programmers so they start working about this, and even had some (unknown for us) estimation of when will it be fixed.

Hopefuly we will finally have non killable thralls on PvE servers, as we are requesting, so we can enjoy the game as we expected to be able to. (and not only the griefers xD)