Remove the ability to kill other people's thralls on PvE-C using palisades

So somebody came to my base, and used palisades to kill thralls that were just outside of “owned land” Seeing as how the thralls chase after NPCs that pass by the base, and DO NOT return to the exact spot they were placed, some ended up outside of owned land. The thing is…palisades placed by another player, should not kill my thralls. This is PvE-C, not PvP. Thralls and structures are supposed to be safe from other players. So I am now done with this game. I think I will go back to Atlas, and play it on a friend’s server. Before I leave this server, I am going to throw everything on the ground to decay, and demolish the map rooms I had built for the community. I know most aren’t responsible, but since this idiotic system won’t tell me who killed my thralls, I don’t know who did it.

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The worst part is, all my leveled up thralls are in that list. And the one that hurts the most, one of those Lians was a beast, who had gotten amazing rolls, and had awesome legendary gear on him, including the Executioner’s Hood, Champion Tasset, and other rare legendary armor that you have to craft, that gives a lot of strength increase. Plus, a Blade of the Adventurer. All the other thralls had a mix of legendary items and epic flawless items.

This is just completely unacceptable on a PvE setting. I went to PvE to get away from this kind of crap.

Even your own palisades can kill your own thrall. Even on full PvE only.

I understand that this is annoying… at least the leveled thralls.
Gear lost is just the game… I already lost so many good legendaries, that I dont care anymore :wink:

Can you kill other thralls in PvE-C?

You cannot kill other people’s thralls, and thralls do not attack players, though if the thrall is fighting an NPC, and you get in his way, he can kill you.

But this Palisade thing is a joke. I am done. 80% of my stuff tossed on the ground before the server just shut down for a restart.

Once the rest is tossed, I will go to the several map rooms I maintained, and destroy them. Won’t play a survival game again. I simply find them annoying. With PvP you have to deal with offline raiding, and exploiters, and on PvE you have to deal with griefers and exploiters. If I play any game…maybe Atlas, it will be on a private server. At least there, you can get your stuff back if somebody exploits.

Thats why I will never play PvP survial… needs way to much time.
Or on private server with many rules… But then I would play DayZ or Dont starve together, but not Conan… :wink:

And I didnt know that thralls are unkillable in PvE-C.

So a thrall will not help you, when you fight another human player in the PvP time window?

I do not believe so. I don’t think their mechanics are that good. What I have seen is that the thralls ignore other players and their thralls. I say this because I had Lian with me when me and other people were fighting things, and we would accidentally hit each other occasionally but our thralls never went after the other player when that happened.

Lian has killed 4 players, however, when they were fighting something right beside him, and when Lian swung either the Sword of Crom, or Blade of the Adventurer, and they were in the danger zone…they got one shot killed.

But again, this is about those palisades. It appears they used Rotbranch to kite some of the thralls away from the base, just enough to throw up palisades around them. I caught a couple of people kiting him to my base, but they ran off when I popped out of the building. So my thralls killed Rotbranch in seconds, and I collected the key, hide and meat. That side of the base is where most of the thralls were at.

But using palisades to kill people’s thralls? This should literally not be possible. Not on PvE or PvE-C.

This is squarely on the shoulders of the Devs. This is a major game flaw. People on PvE are not interested in building fortresses, like they do on PvP. They role play their buildings more. Less boxes, and more villages, and fantasy castles. Mine was a village. It’s a shell now. Nothing but the buildings, boxes, and crafting stations. But everything else, resources, items and thralls were thrown on the floor to decay.

The fact that somebody can use Rotbranch to kite a whole side of your base’s thralls just far enough away to throw up some palisades around them, is just wrong. If those screenshots don’t show how much that needs fixed, I don’t know what would. I won’t be buying the new map, after this, and I will be advising all my friends not to also. Yes, this is just a game, but it’s also my time, and it took a lot of time to get those thralls, the epic flawless armor I put on them, the legendary weapons I put on them, etc…, and to have somebody kill them all so easily, by just surrounding them with palisades…no…just no. Not worth my time anymore.

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I understand your suggestion and what inspired you to post it, but I’m sure you could’ve done it with less tantrum. All that “I’m done with this game and I’ll tell all my friends how it sucks, too” isn’t improving your credibility.

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I can definitely understand your frustration, and you are well within your rights to back it up with with your wallet and move to another game. I would agree that this should not be possible in PvE. PvE-C, I don’t know, since thralls don’t attack other players, I guess it shouldn’t. But here’s the thing. I don’t think you can put this all on the devs and game. First, they are implementing chase distance limits for thralls right now that would prevent Kiting. Second, The best laid plans and rules will always have holes in them. And you can never underestimate the depth and ingenuity of jerks to find and exploit those holes, just to piss people off. If you are frustrated with the game and want to move on so be it. But if you are letting a couple of jerks ruin the game for you that’s no good. Learn from the experience and rebuild. That’s the nature of survival games, some time you fall down and get kicked around for good measure. The question is are you going to get back up.

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I’m not looking for credibility. I am trying to shine a spotlight on a game killing exploit that is only going to get worse, the more people learn of how to do it. Part of doing this, is also being honest. I haven’t logged into the game after deleting everything of value on that server. There’s nothing left for people to loot, and no map room to be utilized. And I have zero desire to log into the game…at all. If I ever do, it would be on a private server, or in single player. But honestly, I think I am just going to play some single player games I had ignored for so long, because I was playing multiplayer games.

I get it. It’s easier for Devs to create games that put the majority of the game content creation on the players. But, they also need to create a game that either allows retaliation for crap other players do (PvP), or not allow other players to negatively affect your game play (PvE). Most survival games fall down hard when it comes to the PvE side. I know hard core PvP players who won’t go near an official PvE server in any survival game because of the garbage other players pull, and there is nothing you can do to retaliate. In this case, I don’t even know who did it, because evidently, it acts like an environmental death…even though it was caused by a structure that was placed by another player.

I myself used this, but only to clear out the thralls from decayed bases that just stay there forever…and yes…forever. I just recently did this to thralls that were right beside our base, interfering with purges. Those thralls were from a base that decayed right after we got on the server, about 4 months ago. Why would thralls just keep hanging out like that?

I also did it to an abandoned horse right on the edge of my Mounds base. I left it there for two weeks, and would even announce that somebody should come get it, more than once. I then did it to thralls from a decayed base right beside that Mounds base. I wanted to expand into that area, and those thralls were still there a month after the base decayed.

The thing is, I shouldn’t have to do that. There should be a feature that gives you a flag to put down in your base. This would designate that spot as Home. Next, there should be a limit to how far away from that flag that you can permanently place a thrall down. Multiple bases? Sure…give more of those flags. When a thrall is placed down too far away from one of those flags, it will return to the nearest flag within 48 hours…maybe 72. But it should not be more than a week.

This would also take care of thralls at a base that decayed, but you have another base, in another location. The thralls would migrate to the base that has not decayed. If all bases decay, and thus there is no home flag…the thralls decay 8 days later. Frankly, I would be OK with them decaying along with the base, if there is no other home base flag present.

As for warning friends. That’s a normal thing to do. “Hey man, don’t buy that car. It’s transmissions are prone to breaking.” “Hey, don’t eat at that restaurant. I saw rats running around in the back.” “Don’t go see that movie. It sucked.”

Why wouldn’t I warn my friends that this game has serious problems?

That won’t solve the issue. They only have to kite them just enough that they can put a structure down. As soon as they can, they can prevent your thrall from getting back to his spot. All they have to do is surround him with palisades the second it steps off protected land.

Trying to prevent that severely restricts how you can build in PvE( -C)…since the thralls don’t attack you.

And yes, this falls squarely on the Devs shoulders. They are the ones who design the game. They are the ones who can fix this issue, and others like it. But Devs never fix these issues. PvE, while being half or more of any survival game’s community, is treated like an afterthought. For the most part, all Devs do is create the PvP game, and then turn off player destruction to structures, for PvE. It needs to go way beyond that.

What I’m not going to do is waste my time in a game where people can do this kind of crap.

Hey man you got to do what you got do. I’m sure there are survival games with less problems out there. I haven’t played any myself, but they must exist (right?!).

Balancing between PvE and PvP is a tricky thing, no doubt. And I would say that Funcom does not quite have it figured out yet. I agree that player placed palisades shouldn’t kill a thrall in PvE especially due to the ability to exploit it. I think the chase limit will help though because you could set your thralls at your base to have a limited chase distance 10m. This should keep them in your territory the whole time preventing palisade placement. But should they also turn off damage to thralls on PvE for palisades? Yeah sure.

However, let’s talk PvE-C. I recently heard a strategy used to fight people on horseback that employ palisades. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the horse normally invulnerable to attack on PvE-C. How do you fight someone on horseback when you’re on foot and the horse is invulnerable? Palisades, is one of the only options. Bows could work but you have to hit the player not the horse multiple times. So you take away damage to thralls from palisades there goes that strategy. I’m not necessarily saying this means we shouldn’t stop thralls from taking damage to palisades I’m just illustrating how tricky it is to balance between these game types which is what PvE-C is trying to do. Things aren’t cut and dry. Take it easy on the devs. They are trying at least.

Roger that, lost two sabers and two lions due to them jumping off the porch and onto the sticks.

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It did to me. I have told my gaming friends to stay far away from Conan. most are competitive types, but only have a fw hours outside of family life and work. so i told them to play the meta games, Apex, fortnite, etc. Conan, while having the best idea for PVP, does not pull it off for those that don;t want to invest a second life.

I see him as a true friend, telling his friends his experience. If Funcom wants that to change (word of mouth), then they should do what everyone always tells a casual gamer to do, GG.

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I’m just saying, maybe he should give Funcom time to actually fix the problem before throwing his toys out of the pram and telling others to do the same, too.

It wasn’t a “this is a problem and if it isn’t fixed, I’m gonna quit”. It was a “this is a problem so I’m going to ragequit”. He’s not giving Funcom time to fix things. In fact, I’m not sure why he’s demanding it to be fixed (in the thread’s title, whereas the actual thread is just raging) because he’s already decided to quit.

I understand he’s upset. I understand why he’s upset. But his reaction is simply irrational.

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Nothing was rage about the post. It walked thru how easy it was, and how blatant it was. And this has been around since day 1. People don;t like threads where players articulate the very reason they (and per word of mouth their friends) are not going to be moving forward with this game. It sucks for the player base that does play legit to lose more and more “normal” gamers. But that is the price Funcom will have to pay for not doing anything about exploits like this, under-meshing, and in general troll gamers.


I deleted everything, including the several map rooms, because I did not know who did it, so I was leaving the server, and was not going to leave any benefits for the person who did it.

Second, this is game killing, and the Devs know this exists. Too many Devs these days, ignore these types of game killing bugs, and expect you to do something about it. In this case, they likely expect you to block your thralls inside in such a manner that this can be done. Wrong…if the thralls are not outside of the structures, they can’t protect the structures. Bottom line is that somebody should not be able to kill your thralls on PvE. They can, and this is the fault of the Devs…nobody else.

Third, I care about my friends, so naturally I will warn them when a game has problems like this.

There is nothing unreasonable about any of this. There are thralls on the server from decayed bases, that decayed 4 months ago. FOUR MONTHS. People have offered many solutions. The solution is easy. But I am sure it will take a little bit of coding to make it happen. Make an object that abandoned thralls return to, if away from that for more than 48, or 72 hours. Allow more than one of those, to allow multiple bases. Thralls reports to the nearest one, if abandoned, or lost for more than a set period of time. Now you don’t have to kill abandoned thralls near your bases using palisades. Now palisades killing thralls can be removed. Palisades should never kill your own thralls. If they aren’t going to make thralls smart enough to move away from them, make them invulnerable to them.

We are not out of line for expecting these types of problems to be fixed. Time to fix it? It’s been how long since this game was released? Who’s being unreasonable? This is not something that should have needed to be fixed, because it should have never been part of the game. But more than enough time has been given. How much new content has been released while problems persist?

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