A.I and base building issue: Thralls keep killing themselves on our own wall palisades

I built a base at ground level and surrounded the outside with palisades with a gap in the front entrance.
Everytime the guarding thralls at the entrance attacks a monster that spawns too close to the base all of my thralls go rushing toward the front but when they return to the positions I set for them they just walk into the outer wall and just stand there until they bleed to death.

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what monster spawns so close that triggers ur thralls?

Hey @Labovashaae

Sending note to our team to improve working conditions for thralls so they don’t opt for drastic measures to end their futile existence.
Thanks for the feedback.


Please ask them to not make them immune to the damage … placing our thralls and pets deliberately inside the spike damage of palisades and simple palisades is the fastest way of killing out unwanted thralls/pets. … now that we can’t abandon them to starve to death.
PS: and it would be exploitable in PvP rulesets to make it harder to kill thralls/pets on enemy bases.

Hahahaha! You beat me to it Ignasis. I was going to say maybe they just don’t like you Labovashaae.

I mostly use pvp settings, the thrall killing is one of my reasons still.

I think a simple tool (usable on by the thrall owner) to kill the poor unwanted in pve settings would be a great add.
Like said, not so much my own issue, but i imagine very well on pve servers, and there lot treads around that.

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the only annoying thing is that when u need to move ur base (lets say to a better spot) and u have gathered better thralls, u need to move em all one by one in order to get rid of them
just a “kill” option in the radial menu would be great… same goes for pets as well…
And the problem is that leaving thralls behind (especially in a place that the owner may pass by close often -so no dying occurs) is that the place gets occupied also (so no new guy can build there)…
I hope they do something about this…

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