Players Killing Thralls outside of raid hours

I have ran into a few clans that use palisades to kill thralls outside of raid hours. I wanted to know if this was a known exploit that is being worked on or if it is an allowed mechanic that funcom doesn’t see an issue. Hopefully a response from ignasis :slight_smile:

Side note, many private servers ban this but my current one wants an official saying from funcom so I hope ignasis or someone will respond and let me know because I couldn’t find a post where funcom responded saying they were working on it or if it was allowable.

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^ please answer!

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Hello any admins able to answer this?

I have to admit that I like this feature, it kinda remind people to keep their pets and thralls inside their base area instead of spamming them all over the place + it can get rid of leftovers from decayed bases on pve servers :grin:


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