Developers forgot this is Conan after recent test patches

I see it a bit differently. You could be a mighty barbarian but you don’t feel much as one, when thralls do the job for you. To make player a hero you would have to rebalance a lot of things. Thrall nerf feels like bandage fix for PvP.

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Pve and solo should be have different balance than pvp. More work? Yes, but that’s what we need.


Enough (me included) are writing that for >1 year.
Even legendary weapons could have different values in PvP.

But lets not forget, that Funcom said in one live-stream, that it is “IMPOSSIBLE for PvE to have a different MAX thrall count than PvP???”

But PvP and PvE-C having x4 XP via setting is not impossible.
Double resources for PvP via setting is also not impossible.

But PvE having a different setting for max thrall count… no… Just no…

Not really.
I’m no dev but i can’t see that putting a few extra sliders and toggles on the admin panel being all that difficult or time consuming.

It would not only improve the game for both sides of the pvp/pve divide, it would stop most of the circular arguments on this forum.


No you’re right, the other players should be heroes too :stuck_out_tongue:
But enthralled NPC as the more powerful of all characters in the game ? Nope.

If spending 40min to kill a single boss is too long (and imo it is too long, not fun, I agree on this point) then the solution is not to make your automatic DPS-NPC mate stronger.

Would be better to have shorter but more interesting boss fights with some mechanisms preventing the sole /afk use of thralls to down them (like forcing players to make their thralls move to prevent some damage…). :slight_smile:


if u read the text u got 1 example there.

Then you’ve never put in the work to develop sliders and toggles :stuck_out_tongue: Players often (and not just with Conan) request developers “just put in a slider or option” without ever realizing the complexity of what they are often times asking for.

Is it possible to put in various settings that players are leaving feedback for with this particular change? Possibly, sure, maybe, depends on a lot of factors. I’m not debating that though. I’m just saying to avoid being fooled into thinking that this is something that can be done with little effort.


Yes I know that there are mods and the sliders. My sliders are set at 1 across the board for damage. I need to do 2 full combos to take down a 1 skull boss, and battles with world bosses take 10-15 depending on the boss. A casual player doesn’t necessarily want to spend all of there time fighting a single boss…my previous statement wasn’t for my benefit but rather for the casual pve player (co-op and offline).

Personally, I will only use a mod that is released by the game designer, I have seen too many games destroyed by mods, so I won’t ever use them.

Don’t some mods add more thralls, or am I confusing it with followers?

Not quite. I wish I could toggle back old dodge in solo, for one… And it’s still kind of a roundabout way to fix things. Raise enemy damage then lower it then raise it again, when meeting specific enemies. That be said that (plus more attribute points for more health) do kind of make game a bit more fun and manageable and less thrall reliant.

Why do people keep saying this, it was 10 mins, 20 mins and now 40 mins. STAHP. Go and test it omg I rage pulled a new treasure seeker through all of the wine cellar and never let it heal and it took like 30 mins and he lived fine. STAHP


Yes, I know there is an example as I read the text.

If you read my text, you would have seen that I addressed that example.


You’re right. I’ve never put in this type of work.
It seems to me though that its adding a multiplier connected to various settings and linking it to the admin panel settings.
They seem to program in new toggles for thrall and pet hunger, thrall limit cap and other new features they introduce.
Im sure there would be a need to do some testing and balncing around all this.

No one from funcom has ever commented on how difficult this is or why its too much work when the benefits of implementing a few more toggles would be huge.

I would love it if some one could explain what’s involved so we players can understand why this seemingly simple solution isn’t implemented.

For the record, I’m not against the hp nerf to thralls. I do think they have gone overboard with the amount of nerfing to damage though, from a pve perspective.


Multigun is one of the best modders in the community. He spends more time in the devkit than most of us spend in the game itself. If he’s telling you how something is, I’d take his word on it.

I’m well aware of Multigun’s talents. I have enjoyed many of his mods in our private lan server.
He never stated why it is so complex. I’m simply asking so i can understand if the benefit (which i believe is huge) out weighs the time and complexity of the task.

Then i can take his word on it and either give up on the idea of sliders in the admin panel or push on with it.


U did? Okey. Good you.

Now when they nerfed the thrallsu guys are mad cuz u need to wait a little bit longer for the thrall to kill the bosses. They still to OP, like the mentioned themself “u should be the hero, not the thrall”. They should just be a back up.
U should actually need to do something by yourself.
But for me the damage to players are the most important. And it’ still to high.

I am sorry I have over 3000 hours in this game (Not bragging) PvP and the thralls are needed. Main reason being, Funcom has nerfed gear, and perks and made a lot of them useless (30 vit perk anyone?) then THEN! they add the thrall leveling system, which was supposed to be for…Having stronger thralls, the time invested = strong thrall. Now with this nerf they had better take off the leveling system too, because I will not spend any time leveling what is now going to essentially be a base thrall. There are mechanics to kill thralls, you have always been able to and can still cheese their AI, and easily kill them. Unless people have godbreaker helms on every thrall acid arrows till gas masks break then gas them to death while other members of your team pelt them with set arrows. I could go on with other methods but I digress.

Point is people complain about what is OP and funcom nerfs it, they have never achieved true balance, one being because there are too many bugs still, two being that they have made the skill trees except for Encumbrance tree (that works just fine) pretty much garbage, and 3 the armor does not mitigate enough damage (getting 3 shot in heavy armor with kits by a player with yogs touch). If I am rolling around in heavy armor I should be a tank. and you would’nt have to remove armor pen perks if the armor in game was actually viable. IMO I think this is utterly a useless game now, and I for one am ready to uninstall.

We have nothing working properly currently, random building pieces losing stability, thralls leaving their posts and falling through ground/running through doors. Purge not working correctly and on some servers not at all. Gods and god bubbles not working (Which was one of the main selling points for me) Elevators not working properly and many more. And every time there is a patch something else gets broken. I am not trying to be negative nancy here but in all honesty I think until they make a solid fix to the bugs in this game, and achieve a nice balance between perks/thralls/gear WITH NO EXPLOITS, then people should not buy their DLC at all. Think about it, you bring someone into your house for repairs and you pay them half other half when the job is done, and they finish but it isn’t done right do you pay them? Nope not until the job is done correctly.

That’s where I stand on the game currently and I hope funcom will take this into consideration.

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I’m a day one player also in the K hours club, but somehow we’ve come to a very different conclusion on this subject. The only reason thralls are needed on pvp is because it’s an arms race to hoard the best stuff to compete against other people also with the best stuff. Clutch your pearls all you want, but remember a nerf also applies to your enemies as well.

NO the nerf is not to anything but the followers. No where other then here does it say a thing about across the board it is Followers only.

Re-balanced followers HP and damage across the board.

Reduced HP gain by an average 33%. Some high tier followers received an additional 16% reduction on their base values.
Reduced melee damage by an average 40%.
Reduced ranged damage by an average 30%.

Im sorry if I am misunderstanding what you mean, But i think that @Jimbo was referring to the nerf applies to the enemy players, too. Not NPCs.