A little review since testing the Early Access now for 10 years on Conan

Lets say it straight, Conan without Mods is a lame game for PvP Players only
i would lost my interest in this game long ago, but the Modder scene keept me allways tight to the game, give it what it lacks, athmospere, and options…

on one side of the medal i love the game on the other i hate it for so many things…

lets start with the annoying parts…

fighting pvp
aiming with a bow is lol… u clearly see it was never ment to be used in pvp… cuz arrows hold in mid air, stick on floors air or the target moves to fast u cant simply aim it…

the inconsistent Building system, lets take a look to Grounded from the xbox wich has a well thought trough building system, were u even can forcast ur build to see how it would look like if u place the items, with ghost parts… everythign sticks well is easy to aim, and snapping like it should…

in conan the building system hasnt improved since the early beta days…
snapping sometimes works sometimes not u dont know why, but if u get distance to the part, it may snap…
why do i call the building system inconstistant, lets explain,

nothing is made from one Mold, it seems that many generations and coding had gone over the parts, without reshaping them to one mold,

as example if i put tree foundings on the ground which should have perfekt alligment, and start build with funcoms newest parts the stormglass, u notice as bigger the building gets, the stormgalss dont fit, u get gapsbetween the walls wer u can look through shoot through, and not only that, if the Tree foundings are load wrong half of ur build collapses after server reset, and dosent look good with gaps between walls, all what came in the years was adding a few lame grapic options to the building system plus u have to pay for them… and for what… for old crunky building system that dont work,

why i explain, foundation is based on 3 simple parts square triangle columns but sometimes u build up, the parts placed on them loose conatct to the founding, only by switsch the orientation in half wrong rotation of the colums bottom square is direted forward green, top square is directe backwars what the hell???, sometimes even if u have build everything the same, u get annoying parts wich dont want to get build cuz of that…

u guys should realy take a look into grounded how fun it is to build there, in conan its a pain…

now lets talk about the addons to the building system u pay for stuff wich is inconsistent, lacks of parts,
as example if i build a 6 layerd triangle founding and add rings on it and want to use, the new buildingparts with roofstands, there are only 2 options and they lack the gaps between, cuz forgotten by the makers that u can build this way… not only that, lets take arena parts they lack the roof since the beginning never been added… thats different in groundet, it the Devs there do new stuff, they make shure it not only stacks, they make shure, it looks good works well, with all other existing building parts, and every possible building option is updated to, not partwise like in the DLCs… wich u have to pay for…

private Servers:
another thing the servers to make a private server are way to expencive,
conan needs to much ram, to much space, alot of items hav no decent rendering, ar not choped down to minium size, all funcom servers just lack of ram… and thats only becaus alot ot items never got reshaped, or just forgotten to make small in size, so even a tiny thing has alot megabyte wich isnt realy needed…

so every uptate puts a stress to a players Pocket if he have only a decent Amount of data to download every month, not that the downloads come on end of the month were u have the rest of the old and can start with a new datapacket, allwas mit air, were it cost u the most…

remember when the Devs sayed the wanted to make the building System easyer, and made it more worse with Thralls u dont know what effekt they ad if put into a bench, and new benches to big to fit in small romme, plus u have to use older benches to, because they forgot to ad all recipes to the new benches, thats what i call inconsistent, the devs allways put out new stuff, but forget to handel the old stuff, to rebalance optic and usability… bring it in one line with the new stuff… all that adds stress to cpu playes and playability…

but i wouldnt play this game as there were no modders, most modders know moving torches and light effekts put to much stress on the gamer PCs, Funcome ignores that, seen in siptah were there was a party how good all this extraload of cpu power chauses laags… and we live today in multiple core days, and the spagetti code still works on single cpu core power…
most laaags are not generated cuz the cpu is glowing, its cuz all parts on the world are placed in one datapack been accessed by all players, and with a growing world and chests full of stuff, the datapack grows and takes longer to load, plus it can only be accessed by a certain number of people same time…

the last new weapons gave me a lol as example, what fun dou have in weapons wich only look cool but are much mor wors then others u allready have in game, balancing is not easy i know…

the last nemedian dlc looks good, but again it lacks stuff in building options its just optical new color on the same faulty stones…

please take my lament as options to improve, this is still a early access so take it as bug report

why i love conan

i love it cuz it has such a great fandom and Modder Scene wich is i call it a bit sadistic devote
cuz every funcom update destroys theyr hard labor…need to get fixed to

but regardless of all Problems, even the ftl Bug and the starter wich dont let all players go online
i like the game and thats cuz the modders ad so much fun to the game, wich creates alot PVE Fun and roleplay options

i only wish funcome would focus more on what the modder scene does and wich mods used the most and figure out why what they do better why people like it, why add it to, and instead, making something different, take this ideas in, improve them integrate them make them besser the modderscene is a fountain of free ideas, and options a goldmine but funcom barly sees that, even if they say, they watch the comunity.

Unless I have missed something here, which is possible, as I am a console player, Conan Exiles was released for early access on 31st January 2017, then went live on PC, ps4 and xb1 on the 8th May 2018. Now by my calculation that means that the oldest iteration of the game is just under 5 years old now. Could you please explain how exactly you have been playing it for 10 years now?


I can only think of one answer :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Literally the only part I agree with is the lack of Arena roof pieces, it’d be nice to have those.

Funcom has no control over private server costs.

They are not responsible for your net provider nor are they required to keep it in mind when releasing an update.


I am sorry I didn’t read all your 10 days, sorry years, experience in this game.
A lot of things changed since beta…
A lot .
So many that you can literally say that you play almost a different game…
A lot. Again…
The game still has issues, still has a “replay” to some mistakes, still has a lot to give as well.
I tried multiple survival games and their building system do not gave the parts or possibilities this game has… NONE.
Conan exiles, maybe buggy, but way less than all the others, is standing glorious in the TOP of this tower alone, the second game didn’t even reach the ground floor yet.
So about building in this game there is no comparison with none, NONE.
In the archery, practice is the only answer I have here. Archery in this game is the most skilled role, a skilled archer in this game has no opponent… NONE.
Multiple complaints arrived here about how “archery is destroying pvp”. So practice and you will be rewarded.
You are right in this one. The game with mods takes a different beauty, greater prospectives, greater expectations… Everything in this game is greater with mods.
They allow it…
So… No matter how marvelous the moders are, because they are, the company as well is marvelous for allowing people to mod their game freely.

Again, I am sorry I didn’t read all your report, it was just too wrong from the beginning so I just didn’t want to read more,
HAPPY new year m8 :+1:t6:.


I knew it! It all makes perfect sense now.


game was better before they revamped combat system, added thrall followers, and siptah. Period

How do you play something for ten years when it hasn’t been out for ten years

I guess when you regurgitate the entire bingo board of every game ded complaint ever made, it sure feels like ten years



It’s still one of the best video games that I’ve ever played. If it were a decade old and people are still playing it then they must be doing something right.

Yeah, it’s buggy. What multiplayer game with a dynamic building system and NPC AI isn’t? Seriously, I’d like to know so I can go check it out.


You are right. It is far from perfect, but it IS the best game for a lot of us in its genre.
How old a game does not mean anything if you like the game. I have more games from 2001-2003 than from any other years combined, and I still did not find better games than those ones.


Yeah let’s not go back to where we just spammed clicked each other to death.

Just for ‘newer’ players to understand. This was a time before weapon combos. The attacks you did were the same animation over and over with each click. It came down to who had more consumables on their hotbar.


And i think that system was better, then system with “combos” we have now.
Now all game weapons are unbalanced, there are 2 types of weapons that viable, other ones are literally thrash no matter of their dmg or other stats, thay has bad animations, low radius etc = thrash.
You cant hit target while moving. For performing a combo you must stay still. it leads to problem when you playing with thrall, tho cant land a hit on moving target like archer or dagger wearer mob.
Bows are broken too cause they do little damage compared to any melee weapons.
pvp figths are broken - everyone just use dodge+one hit combo with spear then dodge agan = great combat system.

Btw i play this game from EA.

As opposed to standing there trading hits spamming food? No. That system is dead and forgotten where it belongs.


Here’s the best combat system, I think Conan Exiles should implement it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My best in this period of time was FFX. I remember crying to the end. Actually this game was the first game ever that I spend more than 300 hours. I still remember the name of the characters in this game. However…
Conan exiles is the only game that I spend thousands of hours gaming and still learning…
Go figure :man_shrugging:


Just speaking for myself here, but my private server literally cost me a high-five, 200 bucks, and putting up with 45 minutes of my tech-guy at work talking about SQL and how the database coding for our work-software was horribly archaic.

I feel that’s pretty cheap given I run both a Siptah and EL server on the same machine and it’s performed as well as I can ask for about a year. And I have full control over it to do whatever the heck I want, so big bonus there.

But yeah, to me the minimum server specs are pretty tame, a little searching should net you something cobbled together for relatively cheap.

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I’m sorry, but this is incorrect. I move continuously during combat and often use full combos while moving - you have to keep adjusting your target as you are doing it, but that is greater depth, not less.

Then that would be a problem with pvp converging towards a single meta. Except, the problem is that other pvp players complain about different things being ‘all that anyone does’ - we hear regularly that ‘everyone uses only feroxic daggers now’, and there’s currently a thread calling for bows to be nerfed because they are ‘too powerful in pvp’. Last year every second pvp thread complained about horse+cat, and most demanded that horses and cats be removed from the game or nerfed into non-existence - yet Funcom made small tweaks to the damage done from horseback and the complaints stopped coming, because the meta shifted.

I’m not saying combat is perfect, but it is clearly still being worked on, with changes being made to it in recent updates. And different people seem to have different problems with different aspects of it - which suggests there is not, in fact, only one way of doing things, but actually several. Personally, I enjoy the combat in this game far more than in many other games. Just as a couple of simple examples from the same genre (sandbox survival) - combat in 7days always involved nothing more than moving backwards and forwards and hitting left mouse button to get the character to perform the same single strike over and over; combat in Ark revolves around either slowly walking backwards while spamming left mouse button, or standing still while spamming left mouse button if you have a tanky mount. In CE combat offers considerably more variety, and options requiring actual tactical thought and in-the-moment decision making. I for one enjoy it far more than mindless spamming of an attack button and relying on character stats to determine victory.

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Oh man, when I got Titus’ ultimate weapon I triple-backed up my save on 2 memory cards and the PS2 hard drive. NOT LOSING THAT DATA!


Man I wish this game had existed ten years ago, my depression hadn’t killed off my online social life back then so I may have had a chance at actually getting some people to play it with me.


This is by design. The dlc items are meant to add variety, but not power. The epic versions are equivalent to Star Metal.

They did his so the DLCs wouldn’t give players an in game advantage, which in a PvP setting especially can easily make a game feel like it’s pay to win