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Everyone is defending this hot mess as “its ok its early access”…given the fact that it affects the “original” Conan exiles and given the fact that this island of Siptah is 90% reskined content with a few somewhat new mechanics introduced, the previous 3 years should be considered early access as well. Any time the solution for existing bugs in an established (3+ year old) title is to try to find work arounds for numerous long standing bugs means it is not a finished product. I say this because I chuckled quite a bit over the answer that was given to remove yourself from a pet or thrall that you are stuck inside was to “get a katana” the idea being that the lunge attack will move you to a new spot. Its funny because the thralls and horses stuck up your butt bugs have been around for probably over a year.

The game that I started on day one of early access wayyyyyy back in the day has become an exercise of just reading posts every few days and hoping and hoping things will get just a bit better but every time there is hope it is tempered with things like worthless perks becoming even more worthless, redundent items that have absolutely no purpose, mechanics that were good and usefull scrapped for more half thought through ideas that make more mechanics worthless, items disappearing for no reason, temperature system that was questionable from the start now becoming a wierd game of deciphering the symbols and freezing to death in the desert anyway.

Everyone I played with in the beginning and probably most of the people that read this will agree that this should have been either pvp or pve or a copy for pvp and a copy for pve. The two modes dont mesh well togetrher and that is the real problem for all of the problems. Add in a game engine that isnt quite strong enough for this (It should have been a purposefull built engine just for this) and you have Conan Exiles.

But with all this being said I would say to the dev’s please do not stop giving witty quips when someone posts a bug such as “poking the team” or “teaching the thralls to respect personal space” etc etc its very entertaining to read the responses to the issues while waiting forever for the fix.

And for god sake please don’t ever “fix” the flying rhinos!! Random physics issues with 3d models is what makes this game the most fun game ever to watch on you tube second only to world of tanks!!


+1 on flying rhinos
and don’t fix flying characters when they get hit by rhinos.

Sorry to stray from the subject, but are you telling me I can escape the nightmare scenario of being stuck in a pet/thrall by using a katana???

And the devs note:

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Why Early Access?
“Conan Exiles gained a lot from our close work with the great community of players during its Early Access period. The valuable feedback we got from Conan and open world survival fans alike was indispensable and helped us improve the game as we worked towards full launch in May 2018. We wish to draw upon the strengths of the community once again to fine tune features, improve upon gameplay and get your thoughts on the new content found in the massive Isle of Siptah expansion.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“We currently expect the Early Access period to last about five to six months.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“The full version of the Isle of Siptah expansion will offer more content and features. Its features will also become more finely tuned and balanced as we receive feedback from the community and continuously update the expansion.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“The Isle of Siptah has a new and fully playable gameplay cycle and a huge island map filled with many new creatures, dungeons, mysteries, and challenges.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“The price will increase when the Isle of Siptah expansion leaves Early Access.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“Maintaining close and transparent communications with the community during Early Access will be very important for us. We will create a special forum for Isle of Siptah Early Access feedback, where both the community managers and developers will be communicating with our players and digesting their feedback.”

For the people that can’t find what early acces means (also for the defending the early acces tag).
It is playable, maybe not the best way, and I too think the basics of the new map should have worked or should have worked better.

I hope we get an update this week, its been in this state for a long time and we see declining numbers of players on our server, most of them will return though… when the mayor bugs get fixed and balancing done.

Steam charts…

Sunday Sep 20 16:00 33,214 players
Tuesday Oct 13 12:00 12,375

The point is hiding reskinned messes behind the early access tag is fine and all but within a short period of time people see through it. Once people see through it and leave most likely at least 50% will never come back and the rest might come back. But the goal was accomplished because the money was paid and after the initial purchase there is no incentive for the company to do much to bring them back because they know that they can produce a new “Early Access” product in the future and bring in more money that way. It is in essence as other people have stated a perpetual cash grab and hey…we all like money right?


Yes - katana can get you out of (at least some of) those situations. When stuck, equip the katana and use the charged attack with the right mouse button (or whatever you normally use for heavy attack) - hold the button to charge up briefly, then tap left button and it should lunge you far enough forward to free you (at least, that’s the theory)

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I <3 Flying Rhinos.

But it’s very easy to get unstuck from your thrall. Just crouch. Works every time for me.

My issue was going into dungeons with a reaper queen.

I would walk up to a chest at the edge of a dungeon, and the reaper queen would then walk next to me every time and no amount of jumping would get me out. I just wish they set the follow distance for pets at a different length to thralls

No this is basically with every free week and new release (except for reskin t3 building pieces)… we will see another peak again when the dlc will get full release.

You left out food and drink on officials had gone off the deep end. If we ate as much as is required now, we would be too fat to get on a horse.

BTW we did not get our EA tag until conan went live.
This time you got an ugly rhino instead of armor or a sword, which folks want ot take from us now.

Which is exactly what he described…

Getting players (regardless if new or old) to spent money on DLC -> then leaving the game again, because deep down nothing was fixed and more bugs were added.
Thats exactly why I didnt buy the last 2 DLCs (have every other DLC).

How long do PvE (and even enough PvP) people say, to differate the the game-modes even more. Make more sliders. Maybe even remove certain weapons in certain play-type (or change its values).

Maybe I misunderstood :slight_smile:

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