The only difference between launch and EA

Server problems, bugs, exploits… All the same as early access, except for this isn’t early access anymore.


See, now this is the problem. I pointed out the issues I had with crashes, textures and loads more issues on xbox one a week before launch, and all I got was harassed and insulted because the game was in early access. People claimed it wasn’t the launch build and stuff would be fixed before launch. And here we are almost a week after launch and guess what? I have the same issues. So yeah, what’s the excuse now?


It’s because people love to ride Funcom ‘you know what’ - But now that the game doesn’t have EA tag on it, we can finnaly speak our mind without having those useless people going rampant about their cause of ‘everything is perfect even if we are on fire’.

The game is broken, it’s laughable. This is not ‘Released’ game, this is still Beta at BEST.

Crashes, freezes, bugs [same since months].
Plenty more to mention, but im not gonna even bother anymore. I knew since i started digging about Funcom history that this game never gonna be more than it is now.

Only thing i can do for now is to play a bit, get bored & wait for Rend Alpha key to come to my e-mail and forever loose intereset in Conan Exiles.


Pretty sure they messed up an couldn’t finish the game in time. But like some other games, they will likely get all the content added, bugs fixed, etc over the next couple months.

However, there are npcs in the tables that are not in the game which confuses me. Why have named armors, blacksmiths, etc in the tables for highland tribes if your not going to have them in the game? Also there are many other named npc’s that do not spawn.

There are other interesting locations like a pit with bones in it in the highlands but nothing in it. Was there content still to be added? Other than being a cool place to build it seems like perhaps a mini-boss npc should be there and if you can defeat it you can take over the cave for a base or something.

I do wish Funcom the best of luck on completing this project. The game content is somewhat good, now if they can finish adding what I think they planned and then fix up the horrific amount of bugs it would be great.


the real issue is how long they take to Fix anything. The codeing in the game is not great, and it took them 5+ months to fix a f9 glitch when the game 1st came out

pretty new to the game and its not all that bad, I still have hope on it but I will agree, they need to move their ■■■■■ and make the game worth 40 dollars. It doesn’t matter if it was early access, people were still paying money to play this game and that should demand better work if they want more.

I hated the game when it first came out in early access. I refunded it on Steam. I figured I would give it another shot but now on PS4 and boy am I glad I did, having a blast. It’s so much better now!

dislike how the aiming is competely wrong with a mouse, and how theres still game breaking exploits on launch day , the combat was made for a console controller , so i mean roleplaying, Console’s , Should have alot of fun for me the games ruind cause i am a pure pvper at endgame

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I’m sure players on private servers, solo, or co-op will have a blast. Try a PvP official server and you will discover the crap fest that is Conan. Combat combos and animations that force you in a direction and auto-locking targets are horrible PvP mechanics for a PC player. Maybe this is good for console but it feels like crap for PC PvP.

This game feels like it should have just released into early access to me, not released fully as it is. Still all the same problems as early access (bugs, exploits, server issues), just without the early access white knights to come to the rescue with their early access cries of sympathy.

Try to convince them to change the DBMS to something other (Considerably more stout) than an inadequate iPhone DBMS.

This was brought up during EA in one of their Questions of the Week.
It was never answered.

Completely agree. Alot more content than EA, just more bugs and issues. Im disapointed in the “poloshing” at launch they did. I still see bugs from day 1. It seems testlive is pointless to these guys. But they got thier money, and we will see how greedy they are with how fast and well they fix this game.

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