Funcom restored my faith to developers/early access

Greetings fellow Exiles!
Although this is my first forum post, I have the game since Day 1 of Early Access. I even had a server back on the first months of Early Access. We all know how much buggy and messed up the game was on launch, and what a nightmare for the devs, as everyday, for 1-2 weeks after launch, there was a patch. They even went on to cancel their partnership with the official server provider, and choose g-portal.
Now, why am I stating these facts: I returned to the game with the Frozen North update. And the Frozen North was a buggy mess too, servers crashing all around etc.
I had lost hope. I thought , this was another “Reign of Kings”. An unfinished yet very promising mess-of a-game.
And then, I returned, with the latest combat revamp. And the game feels NEW. It seems like the devs NAILED it in every aspect. Yes there are bugs and glitches and whining tryhards looking to kill you and take your precious “loot”. BUT Funcom has delivered and achieved one important thing. They restored MY FAITH to developers. After my dissapointment in the recent Sea of Thieves (lack of true content) , Conan Exiles seems like the next big thing for me. I’m urging my friends to come back at launch and conquer the Exile Lands together.

tl; dr
My faith in you was not misplaced after all
P.S Still a liiiittle pissed off about the lack of horse riding, or sorcery, I hope they might come eventually!
With all due RESPECT,
a fan


Fully agree mate.

I agree. I have put a ton of ours into this early access adventure. Thats more than I can say for the bulk of games I get.

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Well that was 12 days ago…how do feel about it today?
Assuming you can even log into the game that is

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I play on a private server. I’ve been having a blast.

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i just loved the process of ever developing game. like my friend hated it and i was sitting there on their website, reading a dev post saying “oh no but look see they gonna do that look ! thats cool yes? you like it now?”
I dont think ive ever really lost faith. Everytime something wrong happened, id get frustrated yes but then it was early access so i just shrugged and just continued.

During the release day, i think hours after it officially came out i sort of paused n thought “oh yeah, its released now”. Completley forgot about it after hyping fow the entire countdown.

Im definetly gonna miss the weekly dev blogs. They gave a very deep insight into what they were doing and how it all works. All the thought process behind; it was just like an omen of a very promising game.


Absolutely agree. They are not having the best of launches, but man, they created an excellent game in only two years and became the FIRST EA developer that I support to actually DELIVER the game!

I am very grateful as well. Thank you for your work.

PS: But please, mind the PvE-Conflict issue.


So what they made a great progress when now they are showing nothing but no respect to their customers!

People cant play the game they paid for due to the low number of servers.
PVE Conflict players paid for the game and got screwed like I’ve never seen in whole game industry.

And its probably not the end, because after hype is gone they will probably decide to remove some of the less populated servers taking away all time invested by players thay played there.

Me and my friends already refunded the game - we just don’t trust this developer anymore.

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When you buy a game, understand that its not a cafe. You dont buy something, taste it and then ask for replacement. You can get a refund but in the end, you got what you paid for.

PvP-C i cannot relate to but i understad why people can be dissapointed. I was considering opening my server as a pvpc alternitive on pc for those who wanted it; as I know a few people did the same.

I personally play on ps4 and i think that the launch was successful. I had to wait sometimes an hour to join back on the server. I also died 4 times due to crash and lost all my gear. I cant speak to anyone. And i still think that launch was good.

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Jesus really. This is the worst launch ive ever experienced and the only game to carry over game breaking exploits from early access to launch title XD

Nah. There are quite a few games that have had far more broken issues on launch. Its just that every game that launches has issues, and the player base likes to say those are the worst launches in history simply because they think it gets them attention and whatever it is they want they feel will get fixed faster.

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