A wonderful journey , thank you funcom

Just a post one day before launch. As someone that got the EA of conan from day one its been one amazing ride after 1.4k hours in game in Official and private servers doing pvp and pve as well seen a rise of an amazing RP community. And for that i want to say thank you funcom team from the first person that enter your office to the laat person at the end of the day that turns the lights off . Thank you for giving us the opportunity to ride along side of you on this wonderful journey of a cycle of a game development.


Sometimes i feel the same :slightly_smiling_face:
Sometimes… the opposite. But yeah, overall they did a good job, it’s just that, it still feels unfinished…


Yeah but as for all things in life could have been worst could have been better but am still happy with what we got and have up to date

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I have 3.7 k hours on the game it was fun and going to do it all over again.


You all are amazing. We’re so hype for launch tomorrow! Hope you all have fun with the swungle and volcano. :smiley:


This has been an incredible experience. I would never have guessed that after all this time away from PC gaming, what I needed was to let my inner barbarian out. Now I have friends, allies, professional partners I can reach out to, and a whole community I’ve yet to meet, yet to play this game. I’m honored, and grateful you’ve let me be a part of this Development.

I do reserve the slightly larger portion of thanks for the players who have never given up on this unbelievably great game. Thank you for being here with me at this momentous time!


The excitement is as high as it was when my friend first surprised me with early access entry :grin: thank you guys for bringing Howard’s creation alive. Continue doing what you do, get involved with the players, concentrate making the game stable and get creative with content. This game does have a lot of potentials.

What is best in life?
To crush your enemies – See the bugs driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the gamers!


I have been beta testing MMoRPGs since the early days of Everquest Kunark. And Conan Exiles Early release has been on of the better “beta” experiences I have had. Sure there have been a lot of bugs and issues with the game over the last year, but Funcom has done a great job of fixing them and adding content. My wife and I have had an amazing time with this game, and look forward to enjoying it for a long time to come. So glad to see a positive post here regarding the game, rather than the cry fest that seems to be taking place on the forums.


I’ve logged a ton of hours and I don’t normally do that with any game. So I’ve already gotten my money’s worth. I think its a great game, and hope that funcom continues to put resources into resolving bugs and adding content.