Thanks for conan exiles

I have been playing conan since before the release and to this day I have not had the decency to thank you.
Without exaggeration I can consider conan one of the best games I’ve played in my life, I spend many hours playing it …
So without extending too much, thank you for this wonderful game and I ask you to continue the great work you have been doing and please release many patches and DLCs.


100%… this is a epic game! keep up the good work funcom!
(ps… please remove the offline decay for purges… that’s my only complaint I have!)


I agree Vansher. We have all had our ups and downs with Conan Exiles since the time of its release. However for myself, and Im sure no few others, the ups FAAAR outnumber the downs. This game is an absolute masterpiece! I just cant seem to stop playing it; over a year in and still no hiatus! I know I will still be playing and thoroughly enjoying this game well into the future. Congratulations to Funcom on such a brilliant game and its well deserved success.

Why…Conan himself would be proud!!


I agree 100%. Still my favorite game, and I’m looking forward to the team’s return from vacation and new content. #Lamentations #BestInLife


YES ! Game of the year !


Conan himself would snort with disgust at the amount of complaining (mine included :wink: ) on the Forums and never set foot anywhere near them again though. Heh!


Personally I dont even even see Conan attempting to log onto it using the computer. He would more likely have some very forthcoming words to say about the device…or destroy it.

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A big thanks for Conan exiles !!! great game !! i have been playing since before the release till now, have more then 2300 hour on it. I have enjoy a lot (some time lot of stress from raiders), lot of friend came to play with me. Had my moral up and down but you maid great work. I can’t stop playing it !! Graphics are so nice !
Thanks a lot !!


Every time this kind of thread comes up I am obligated to say Conan exiles is the game that made me stop modding Skyrim and that is no little thing as I have more than 2000 hours logged on Skyrim on steam alone.

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I completely agree. Ups and downs, absolutely. But the amount of time I’ve put in this game is crazy. Also, aswell as hosting my own server, I even signed up to be active on the forum! Literally no game has made me do either before!

I’m even looking in to learning how to make my own mods. Thank you, FunCom, for creating an awesome game with great potential.

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