Best Survival Game I have ever played~ Returning player from over a year ago~



Thanks Devs… I came back to this hoping you fixed alot of stuff and added cool stuff and I am not dissapointed… just started my black ice base etc and yea I’m havin so much fun TY again!


You are either the mentalpatient as your name says or a Funcom employee.

Ha! no just kidding ofcourse :open_mouth: You are absolutely right!


Obviously only has the 1 survival game then…


I complain sometimes, but I love playing Conan. I hope they’ll fix the bugs, and keep adding content and features. People should give Conan another look… It’s come a long way!


I have over 3k hours in Ark, almost 1k in Reign of Kings, 500+ in Rust and 500 ish in h1z1 survive …to which I would F you up solo in any of these games. Come at me again because you’re wrong.


I am the same. (Well, I think I am…) :smiley:


Conan is dead and is dying more and more daily. The amount of bugs in game at the moment is outrageous and servers are almost empty at the point you can find 1-2 full PVP servers in EU (in siege time). They are just making more and more DLCS and implementing faulty new features like feeding thralls that will kill even the most persistent that remained in game… especially on PVP servers since they cannot find a normal way to solve the problem of abandoned thralls or the 1000 bugs which are breaking the game. In conclusion yeah, I am having tons of fun… that’s why I left the game… Keep up with the amazing work guys. Soon you will have 3 online in whole game and those will be there just to mourn the death of an amazing project patronized horribly and ended tragic… sad! Well yeah enjoy the game… sounds both fun and sad unless you’re sadistic… LOL! See ya in another game and have a good one! LOL!!!


Your aspergers is strong as F.


Oh god… that guy is still here… rofl …stalker aleart! He don’t play anymore but is still on here trolling…the game is very fun btw! I agree! Bugs? Oh definitely lol