Best Survival Game I have ever played~ Returning player from over a year ago~

Thanks Devs… I came back to this hoping you fixed alot of stuff and added cool stuff and I am not dissapointed… just started my black ice base etc and yea I’m havin so much fun TY again!


You are either the mentalpatient as your name says or a Funcom employee.

Ha! no just kidding ofcourse :open_mouth: You are absolutely right!


Obviously only has the 1 survival game then…

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I complain sometimes, but I love playing Conan. I hope they’ll fix the bugs, and keep adding content and features. People should give Conan another look… It’s come a long way!


I have over 3k hours in Ark, almost 1k in Reign of Kings, 500+ in Rust and 500 ish in h1z1 survive …to which I would F you up solo in any of these games. Come at me again because you’re wrong.

I am the same. (Well, I think I am…) :smiley:

Conan is dead and is dying more and more daily. The amount of bugs in game at the moment is outrageous and servers are almost empty at the point you can find 1-2 full PVP servers in EU (in siege time). They are just making more and more DLCS and implementing faulty new features like feeding thralls that will kill even the most persistent that remained in game… especially on PVP servers since they cannot find a normal way to solve the problem of abandoned thralls or the 1000 bugs which are breaking the game. In conclusion yeah, I am having tons of fun… that’s why I left the game… Keep up with the amazing work guys. Soon you will have 3 online in whole game and those will be there just to mourn the death of an amazing project patronized horribly and ended tragic… sad! Well yeah enjoy the game… sounds both fun and sad unless you’re sadistic… LOL! See ya in another game and have a good one! LOL!!!

I am not trolling sadly this is the truth… Have a nice day! :wink:

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I’m playing CE instead of Monster Hunter and WoW.
I blame my sublime fish trap set-up.

and the lovely public Maprooms i’ve built.

and looting other people’s decaying bases, feeling like I’ve “won”. I call it “Turtle’s PvP”. My secret weapon: Funcom bugs. The most potent weapon of mass destruction and psychological warfare known to the gaming industry :smiley: You don’t even have to aim that thing. Just have to be mentally vaccinated.


Lol. All that time played online yet still not developed the ability to distinguish between humor and insult. :slight_smile:

That’s a big “yikes” from me bro! LoL!

No lol there.

I see your posts , i don’t like you trying to influence many topics with negativity dude.

You maby right or wrong, and you can discuss your opinion,

but if you say - see you in another game- then just go, that’s fine.

BUT DO GO then, and dont start new topics with the same rants, bye.

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I don’t like lots of things too… sadly not always we get only what we like… This game is the perfect example of it!

Games are like people. There is no such things as perfect games, only games with the right kind of flaws.


In fact, the best times I’ve had in Conan Exiles were when I’ve simply been exploring the landscape, diving into the various ruins, caves, and encampments which dot the world. The world is full of small touches, like a petrified pirate ship in the northeast that has a tribe of pirates encamped in its hull, or the broken ruins in the swampland reminding me of Angkor Wat, rooting me more fully in this world. And while the survival aspects, such as keeping yourself fed and staving off thirst, can feel like an annoying grind unto itself, having to prepare for the different climates by factoring in temperature, armor types, and how many waterskins to bring into the desert really adds to that sense of adventure.
codexgames. org/conan-exiles-codex/
Thankfully, while crafting itself can feel like a tedious grind, building structures in Conan Exiles is a joy because the level of creative freedom available gives you the chance to build the fortress – or home – of your dreams. Starting from a basic shack and building your encampment into a fortress really gave me a sense of accomplishment, and they make incredibly convenient places to store your crafted items and stations – especially when you log off, since on most servers your body does not leave the world when you do. Keeping your items safe helps lighten the grind a bit, because there is nothing more frustrating than going on an brimstone harvest across the Exiled Lands only to come back and find your camp ransacked because you hadn’t completed construction on your building yet. Depending on the server settings, these structures can be made indestructible or inaccessible (which on our server, they are fully accessible) to other players as well, which is probably a good call if you’re not ultra-hardcore about it. Structures also keep you safe from the various potentially lethal weather storms, such as the vicious sandstorm that rolls through the lands south of the Frozen North.


Hey gamebro,

you touch a subject that i miss the just presence of in these forums.

Often when i play i think of the artists _( i mistakenly typed artits, wonder why)

For whom, i guess , the places we visit and enjoy are places created by their , and are in their imagination.

We share them, we should let know we enjoy.

I am thankfull, i see rich details, accents, i laugh at the jokes.
The tastefull fun is so well dosed in CE it really is a treat!

The creative side of this game is top range, and really talented individuals are at work or have worked on that aspect.
For us to enjoy, im 100% sure, its not only bout money, we can feel the love through it.

Now let’s sing "Cumbayamylord…

Artits, thanks, we DO notice!

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