First survival game and I love it, but dude, fix it

I love Conan Exiles. This is not a “I’m going to stop playing if…” post or something stupid like that. I couldn’t put this game down right now. This is my first survival game and it’s amazing. I bought it Wednesday, and I have already put in over 100 hours (don’t judge me), I bought the game a second time so I had the “Day One Edition” instead of just a digital one, and I have no plans to focus on any other titles at the moment. Absolutely love it.

Guys, fix your game. Seriously, I feel like I am playing a beta. Nothing is game breaking at least that I have encountered so far, but it’s bad when things ad up.
I have a place SE in the jungle by Derketo Archpriest. The Reptilian monstrosities out there bug every single encounter and the only way to safely kill them is with a bow from up high or across a body of water. They will stamp their feet or look at you, not move, and then teleport onto you suddenly and you have 50% hp left with no warning or idea what is going on, and you can get stuck under them if you stay close to avoid their charge.
Most of the time in combat you cannot roll. You roll away and it like pulls you back to where you were as if the server isn’t keeping up or something. This makes more dangerous combat or 2 or more v 1 SUPER fun. Several times when dying this way, or from the super-mega teleport lizard rhinos your body bugs and you can’t even get your stuff back.

Guys the game is amazing. Stop letting these goofy things take it down several notches. I’m not going to quit playing, as I said it’s super fun and I want to keep enjoying it, so not dying to tele-rhinos and roll vortexes would be awesome as we all continue to enjoy it. Funcom I love ya, good job on Conan I love the game, fix it.


Wait till you upgrade the sandstone foundations to something higher tier, then lose some of the benches and chests that were previously there. Then you might call some of it game breaking… But I agree, it is a wonderful game that I do not plan on quitting soon. Just wish they’d fixed more before the official release. :sweat_smile:


I’m with you. I love the game and I truly, truly hate even complaining. Like, not one of those gamers who *** about everything and clog forums with “omg guys why?” stuff… but it’s so pretty overwhelming lol. Even now as I type this response I have a whole new fun bug bothering me. I’m being told my land is already claimed, yes… by me lol :neutral_face::expressionless: