I had to downgrade my review of Conan Exiles on steam

Originally I posted that I would recommend it. It is a very fun game by design. The survival aspect of it pulled me in quickly. I think most of the mechanics are well thought out and fun in theory. Thrall breaking, thralls crafting special armor, climbing, special foods, etc. Really imaginative. GREAT atmosphere. Immersion is up there with the best of them.

However this game is 2 years old since release and is riddled with so many game breaking/and or frustrating bugs and/or glitches that I can’t conscientiously recommend it to friends because I know the state of this game will leave them scratching their head at me.

I am yet to sit down and play a single session of this game on Xbox One or PC that wasn’t littered with bugs. It’s 2 years old and not one play session in this entire time I’ve been playing it have I managed to play without a bug rearing it’s ugly head. I would consider a play session anytime I spent 15 uninterrupted minutes or more engaged in the game, regardless of activity.

I commonly encounter when playing this game:
-Inventory cursor disappearing
-Stamina continues to drain for several seconds after I stop sprinting ( also happens on horse randomly)
-Equipping a bow from the hot wheel/bar with a random delay that keeps me from shooting for up to 4 seconds
-Random delay in even equipping a bow from the hot bar/wheel
-Knocked out thralls falling through the terrain
-Knocked out thralls standing there like a statue and being unable to be captured
-Building pieces won’t place at all. Sometimes a restart of the game or simply replacing a random piece will cure it. Sometimes not.
-Building pieces that won’t face a particular direction for no apparent reason. Such as putting a slanted piece (ramp, sloped piece, etc) on a block or wall piece.
-When crafting multiple items often times the “max” icon will be greyed out or when activated it won’t actually craft the max possible. I’ll have to craft 1 item, or 10 to get the “max” option to unfreeze so it can be used.
-Stamina not regenerating. I’ve had my stamina bar frozen at empty for 10 to 15 seconds before while standing still and it doesn’t regenerate at all, even with the increased regen perk.
-The target lock on feature will randomly switch targets. Often times it will even select a target that is farther away than you could lock onto intentionally.
-Entire food randomly cooking in an instant. ( Doesn’t hurt the player but is clearly a bug)
-Crafting stations randomly stopping without running out of materials/fuel/etc.
-Intense stutter/freezing/delay when opening containers/crafting stations. (on Xbox One)

Combat glitches are numerous and terrible, here is the SHORT list:

-Attacks don’t give a hit indicator despite passing right through a target
-Enemies completely out of range or facing the wrong direction get a hit on your avatar
-Rolling creates a rubber band effect that puts you right back into the path of a hit.
-Rolling/dodge rubber band effect can trap your character between multiple enemies or terrain and get you killed in a situation where recovering your time consuming to acquire items can’t be recovered.
-Invisible enemies attacking your character, sometimes they are completely invisible, sometimes you can see their weapons.
-Healing arrows not healing your thrall
-Poison arrows that no matter where you aim will hit and explode in the same exact spot your last arrow was fired.
-Thralls not engaging in combat at all.
-Thralls disengaging in the middle of combat.
-Thrall attacks so severely delayed that they can’t effectively get off an attack even on a slow moving/crippled target.
-Thrall attacks not making contact with enemy because the enemy’s movement is glitchy/bugged.
-Thralls falling through the terrain and not being able to attack enemy or enemy disengaging as a result.
-Enemies fall through terrain but still being able to attack. (Had a locust queen wipe out an entire base that would have destroyed her in 30 seconds but none of us or our thralls could attack her as she decimated our base from underneath the mesh)

I can’t even list all the Purge glitches and bugs. Purges never happening, purges starting but never actually taking place, purges under the mesh, purges that disappear between rounds, etc, etc.

These are just the common, consistent and recurring bugs and glitches that are a daily nuisance and “fun” killer in the game. This isn’t even taking into account that the game experiences random, often times game breaking (crashes) or mechanic breaking (thralls not attacking, purges being broken, thralls not having their recipes, for example) that occur with updates/patches etc.

I would call this game a Ferrari with serious engine issues. Great, great design, nice looking car, all the bells and whistles, lots of horsepower, sweet transmission but it can’t be enjoyed because someone used a rubber band as a timing chain and the engine jumps time every driving session. There is so much creative and imaginative design in the game (a penis slider not being one of those things, WTH Funcom? How much time did you waste on that?) that is over shadowed poor, poor execution. I don’t play video games out of moral obligation, responsibility to society, to support a good cause, etc, etc. I don’t play them professionally to earn a living. There is no reason to “tolerate” anything when dealing with a video game. Video games are a hobby that I do for fun, to relax, to unwind, to do something that doesn’t require me to sacrifice anything of myself to enjoy such as an overly expensive car hobby, physically demanding sports, time consuming hobbies like gardening, or hobbies like fishing/hunting that require planning/travel or time management.

So why would I want to experience consistent and constant frustration when trying to engage in a leisure hobby?

I started out on a public server on Xbox One. I tried for several months but couldn’t deal with the ridiculous decay rate and constant onslaught of bugs and glitches. So I got my own server through gportal and figured I’d use the admin feature to get around some of those annoyances, such as the decay rate and bugs. Heck I’d have to spend 20% of my allocated play time in admin mode just to over ride a death due to falling through terrain or restart the server to get my thrall unlocked, etc, etc.

I made the swap to PC to see if it was better here. Nope. It’s not exactly the same bugs but the quantity is pretty much there ■■■ for tat. Once again I find myself having to keep the admin password handy ( I prefer to play without it at all if possible but it’s not even remotely) to keep bugs and glitches from killing a game mechanic, from destroying a time investment, etc.

It’s time for you to pick up the slack Funcom. You should have learned your lesson with Age of Conan and the bummer of a launch it had due to bugs and glitches. But if you didn’t learn from it you should have learned your lesson with The Secret World as well. You can’t expect to keep rolling out BETAs and keeping them in what I would call a newly open beta state at best for the duration of the game. Competition is stiff and there are too many games out there to try and stay relevant when a really interesting and creative game is ruined by technical problems. The people in the coding department need to bring their A game to the table just as much as the artists and writers, etc.

At this point in the games lifespan with as much bugs based in the most basic and essential of mechanics for the game I’m not sure I can continue to support your product financially by renting servers, buying DLC, etc. There comes a time when one has to do the complaining with their wallet. I really hate to do that because I COULD be enamored with this game for years yet. But I can’t have my “favorite” way to unwind and relax leaving me frustrated and annoyed every other time I play, especially when I don’t see significant or steady progress in the games competence.


INB4 all the people who will trip over themselves to tell you that it’s “all your fault” because:

  • you’re trying to play the game on the hardware that can’t take it
  • you’re playing on official servers, which are hosted on G-Portal, which sucks
  • you’re complaining instead of reporting these bugs
  • you keep playing a game that frustrates you so much instead of playing something better
  • they’re right and you’re wrong

It’s all a steaming pile of manure, but that’s what’s coming to you when those people stumble upon this thread, so I thought I would ruin their fun by rehashing their crap beforehand :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note, what’s amazing to me is not how many bugs you listed there, it’s that I feel you only scratched the surface. Here are some others, off the top of my head: invisible sandstorms that damage you, glitched out sandstorms that look like crap but don’t damage you, screwed up hate lists, rhino hit boxes, thralls getting stuck to a tree or a corner and not being able to move, dragging a thrall whose mesh (not the bindings’, the thrall’s) stretches to infinity, corpses floating in the air, stability graph traversal bugs, inverted sloped thatch wedge roofs being the only ones that can be attached at the bottom…

…you get the drift.

It’s really, really frustrating.

Here’s the thing, though: it’s been 3 years. Saying “it’s time to pick up the slack” is optimism that I just can’t share.

We might as well all just give up and enjoy what can be enjoyed until we don’t. :man_shrugging:


I like this post, its constructive =)

It’s just sad. This game obviously had so much potential and yet so much of it is wasted. At this point, all I really really want to know is what specifically is wrong with their development process and/or product development.


Seriously bro, quit the game. You gave it way more love than it deserves. There are some very cool, dedicated people working on the game but it still doesn’t move forward, and feels like it will never leave this cycle.

I don’t. That stuff would be depressing.

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You don’t need to. The announcement of a new expansion and the current state of the game says a lot.

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Lol. Yeah as long as that list is it is very incomplete. What about when the thralls teleport on top of you creating the super Mario effect (crushed to death). Thralls getting stuck in the mesh, resource nodes, building pieces, placeables, dead bodies, etc. or enemies that will take no damage unless you lock on to them. Or when the city-sized bosses stomp your thrall into ground first hit. Game crashing at the obelisk, that’s always fun. Or taking damage from the noxious gas even though you’ve had a mask on the whole time. Or how sometimes you can’t get a thrall to move or pull it’s weapon out while other times it will teleport right into an enemy base. Then there’s the thralls being unable to navigate through multiple door frames or unable to attack anything that’s only waist high off the ground. Loot which will turn invisible in your inventory as soon as you pick it up. The ability to queue multiple god biubbles with only enough zeal for one ( does this work with summoning the gods too?) Also the elevators…you know what I’m talking about.

I think everyone should get in on this one. This could be a really really long thread


i think this was funcoms first crack at the unreal engine… right guys? um thats me playin defense.

I wish I had the energy to type up my opinions right now, I’ve voiced my opinion on this matter too much recently on here and being ignored by the “community support team” has really been getting me down lately. Thank you so much for expressing you’re feelings in a clear and calm way, it’s helped me relax knowing someone else is as passionate. Seeing the Conan Twitter account today made me feel sick… Literally. How can they be so arrogant for such a terrible company.


They literally just locked the thread someone started about not being able to get hyped about expansion announcement, my disgust for this company grows by the hour. Im gonna reach out to some of the bigger youtube creators who run pieces on this kind of behavior within the gaming industry, this community is probably too small to peak their interest but its worth a shot.


Except they didn’t lock it because he said he was not able to get hyped about expansion, but because he said he would go to Reddit to tryo to incite a boycott against Funcom. I understand it might be too much work to go read the rules they linked in the post where they said they had to close the thread, but is it also too hard to be honest?

FWIW, I understand how WMHB feels and I agree with a lot of what he said, but I don’t agree with his idea of boycott – those rarely ever work – and I definitely don’t think he was going to achieve anything by posting about it.

So you don’t agree with boycotts so that means everybody should feel the same way, is it to hard to be objective. These are not just forums they are what passes as customer support for this 2 bit company so they either 1- communicate with they’re customers or 2- grow up and learn to take criticism since there is lots to be critical about right now. They can’t have it both ways and that post should never have been locked nor should the other 2 he locked since.

There was nothing dishonest about my post and maybe just maybe if people stopped apologizing for funcom things may actully improve because as it stands they obviously feel there is no improvement needed.


Hey everybody,

Please, keep it civil. :slight_smile:


The fact that I personally disagree with boycotts has nothing to do with why the post was closed. The post was closed because of the forum rules. You know, the rules that I linked to in my reply to you, the ones you didn’t bother to read just like most of my reply? Those rules.

The dishonesty comes from misrepresenting the situation: you intentionally made it sound like the thread was closed because of criticism, and not because it was against the forum rules.

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I’ve been playing Conan a lot lately and I have not experienced the plethora of bugs you mentioned. Some yes, but most no.

Are there bugs still, yes. Are they game breaking and deserving of all the hate. I really don’t think so. This game has come a loooong way in the past 2 years and keeps on getting better.

“Hate” is a strong word. How about “frustration”? How about “frustration that keeps accumulating over time”? :wink:

Few, maybe even none, of the bugs in this thread are game breaking. Yeah, sure, I can ignore floating on top of my floors and stairs after logging in. My axe combo sent up gouts of blood on each of the four hits, but only one dealt damage? So what, I can keep attacking. King Rhino killed my horse because we got stuck in its head and my thrall was stuck to a small tree? Eh, it’s fine, I can get another horse with the same looks and stats eventually. Is there a bunch of walls or roofs missing from my base after every server reboot? I can fix it by adding unnecessary pillars, or by tearing the whole build down and remaking it.

I can go on. Everything has a workaround or can just be ignored. You’re right about that.

But that’s kinda like focusing only on the mortality of a disease and ignoring everything else. Imagine if common cold was just as non-threatening as it is now, but every time you recover from it, a random bone in your body develops a low-grade ache that never goes away. Imagine getting that cold several times a year, for a decade.

That’s what it feels like.

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Too true. Breaks my heart. Conan has been my favorite character since high school…I’m an old man now…lol. I had high hopes.
Definitely this is the first and last time I’ll ever get a game in early access. Many lessons learned, most notably trusting a company with my money for an unfinished product.

Spot on. That’s exactly what myself and everyone who used to play in my server did months ago. No more headaches, no more frustration. I just check in on the forums from time to time to see if anything has changed. I see it hasn’t.

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Why is this post hidden, thats common practice these days, keep your hands of users posts!

This NORfem post says nothing wrong. mods should recognize this and undo the hiding.

Just to clarify, this wasn’t done by mods. When a mod wants to hide a post, they can delete it. This was flagged.

Flagging is done by forum readers, like you and me. Problem is, some people abuse the flagging system. Once you’re granted the title of a “Regular”, you get certain privileges that other people don’t have. One of them is that when you flag a post, it gets hidden right away. Normally, a post need to accumulate several flags before it gets hidden.

Some people abuse that privilege and flag posts that are in no way against forum rules or even tacit rules. I’ve seen that happen a lot.