THis sucks, I want to be hyped about announcement

When i logged into the forums today, the countdown surprised me. Ihad an adrenaline rush. the ideas started to run through my head of what it most likely is…Then i went home for lunch to do a quick run on official server. And there it was, the reminder of why i have cut way back on playing,. Spammed foundations as far as render in all directions. T3. Then the feeling of having to grind the bombe/gods to rid that. And then i realized, i am not excited anymore about the announcement. I am actually about done with the game now. It is the prverbial eye opener. that the spamming on officials has made any announcement less than it should be. And my excitement is gone. So personally, if it is the paid map, i will probably not be getting it. not until the spam trolling is fixed. I am more excited about diablo 4, and the closer to release AC: Valhalla. about 2 1/2 months. Sad. I am actaully thinking of hitting up Reddit, and calling for a boycott of any more paid DLC, being frustrated by the spam and non-consequences for building it and literally ruining the game for me. Maybe, hitting Funcom in the pockets may be the only answer. And I usually frown on persuading others to my experiences as their own and being so “d i c k i s h” about these things. But honestly, their are more relaxing gaming option out there, that don’t require me to use MY game time to clean up servers of spam and d’bags. So if i am going to have to do something that feels like a second job, then i will lead a boycott if necessary.


I’m not paying for a dlc when funcom doesn’t even make it pertinent to rid players who break rules that have been reported multiple times by multiple people. Why should I use my hard earned money and pay for something that will most likely be exploited just like Conan Exiles? Funcom seemed like they really cared at one point but we’ve been screaming about meshers and land claim spam abuse since year one of this game. April was finally when they got around to banning players but it’s at a snail’s pace when and if they do ban people. Too little, too late in my opinion. At this point, I just don’t trust them to do the right thing, I have every dlc, I’ve put hundreds of hours into this game, and I’m sorry to say it’s just caused me to feel disappointed that I ever thought this was a decent game. It’s not when it’s riddled with a bad player base and poor game programming. Smh. So disappointed.


I can relate to your current feelings about the game, but seriously, don’t say things like “boycott” over the internet. Its just just ridiculous.

Best you can do is move away from it altogether, don’t use the time you wasted breaking foundations to organize an internet boycott.

No i will put time into that until a game comes out that distracts me enough to not care. I feel the only way to get any companies attention is to hit them in the pockets. Boycotting a DLC is the only way to make sure i communicate my frustration. Me letting others know why may save them their hard earned money and gaming time. Reporting the same clan 2x’s means the punishments are not harsh enough. Literally less than 4 months and the same clan has bragged how nothing will happen to them. Thus they know what they are doing spamming. And the fact Funcom will protect people who are out to kill off servers.

Funcom made it’s choice…protect people who destroy others game time. So why should i pay their salaries. I figure at least with solo games, and couch co-op game, i can at least enjoy my gaming time again.

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