Alright its about time that FUNCOM Releases a Public Statement about the complete debauchery of this current version on Testlive. I don’t know who over there is responsible for this mess, but you have completely alienated your entire community with it. From Content Creators to even the Chosen of Asura, mod developers etc… Recently the Interactive Map was removed due to the developer disagreeing with Funcom’s choices.

Do you want to keep your playerbase?

Everyone can easily see what you are doing to this game is bad for everyone. You can check out the huge loss of community in the last 2 months alone. Sorry Funcom but Siptah just wasn’t enough. 4 days of content for $30. I got more use out of the $12 DLC and I’m not the only one who feels this way.

This link shows you that you need to WAKE UP. Stop listening to whoever is in the office that says “I know how we get the players back” and start listening to the actual people playing your game as a whole. Fix these “bugs”. Stop the lies. The more you backpedal or accuse us of being “wrong for not telling you” The more you alienate those of us that are left.

Its time for an honest heart to heart here Funcom. Do you even care? Are you trying to break up with us, and this is your way of making it easier? Do you think you are the only game in the sea? From a business standpoint this is going to destroy you.

I’ve played many games owned/funded by Tencent (Path of Exile for example) and I’ve never seen them influence games in a negative way. As such from my experience I’m putting the camera 100% on you Funcom. Its time you admit your mistakes, time you own up to your gameplay changes (that you know the community won’t like so you just don’t say anything) and if your team over there is producing such a buggy mess that its causing this type of rift between us and you, then its time for 2 things to happen. Request additional funding to ensure you are releasing a product worth being placed in front of consumers, or 2 replacing your coding team that is making these errors.

No matter the reason, no matter the cause. IF YOU DON’T MAKE A PUBLIC STATEMENT, OFFICIALLY IN HIGH CAPACITY. I can tell you without a doubt right now, you will lose more of us, and we will stop defending “accidents” with the rest the community for you.

Don’t believe me, just look at the numbers for yourself. Now is the time for @Ignasis 's Autoresponder to be shut down, and for the rest of the team to wake up to an emerging COMMUNITY RIOT.

If you delete this comment, over 800 current funcom players/followers will be notified. If you delete our voices, we will leave. I don’t want to hear “I’ll pass this on to our team” and I want to see an official statement released on the forums and on STEAM. Maybe an apology to the content creators who spend their lives doing something for you for free.

We your community are giving you ONE MORE CHANCE! Do the right thing here, or we will leave. If you don’t know who we are, its fine, we’ve been here since Alpha, Beta, under the old team. We sat and lurked in your livestreams and you never answered us. But we are here, and we are pissed.



Can you name specifically what went wrong the past patches in your eyes ?

Like: Healing system, Stamina changes, workbench overhaul, etc.

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“Hard worker” went horribly wrong.

I’ll add to this point. What hasn’t gone wrong with patches? We still have a UI glitch with the inventory that nearly forces you to relog each time. Funcom live service sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t even after you’ve gotten through the initial stage of loading up the game. Meshing issues is still a thing, not to mention the giant wormhole that plagues servers/singleplayer when too much movement occurs. The wormhole looks like leakage from the Siptah Maelstrom because it has the same floating red “clouds” that swirl.

I have to literally stop everything i’m doing to wrap myself with a bandaid. I have to wait til i’m done “drinking” my potion and the leashing on bosses is just atrocious. The game feels very EA again, like it’s been forgotten that the game was officially released. I don’t think it’s valid to say that Siptah being the “EA” map constitutes using the exiled lands map as putting it back in EA. We’ve had an issue with inventory glitching from day one with items that look like they’ve disappeared, we’ve had the same xp exploitation of explosives since pretty much day one - but it’s a non issue because Official servers don’t get any boosted XP so it doesn’t matter that it’s being exploited on private servers. When bug reports are submitted, only those that really matter “aka Nerfing a weapon because someone cried their head off that it’s not fair” gets nerfed almost instantly - with the occasional stealth nerf that’s gone in (aka the healing water skin - still don’t see a patch note for it, pretty important to tell your community) next is the Nemedian Karmic abilities at least we were forewarned about this one.

When bugs get reported, if you have a mod of any sort it’s always a “mod issue” it’s never a “maybe it’s actually our game issue” easier to lay blame on someone else, I get it. Between the game devs, mod authors and server owners, we’re all fighting each other and nothing is actually getting constructively done. You want to balance for PvP make a separate game mode for PvP. PvE suffers at the cost of “PvP” balance. It’s a sandbox, survival game - not a sandbox mmo.

The forums itself is the “customer service contact line” but it’s flawed - everyone can just flag your comment if they disagree with something you say, or the fact that you aren’t satisfied with a change that was made to the game - well your comment is flagged for moderation. So how do we really become the voice when we can’t even speak? Silence is not the answer, you need to know what’s going on with your game - a game that many people have put over 1,000+ hour to over 3,000+ hours into it but the continual disagreement or “team will look into it” isn’t good enough anymore. Fix the issues that are already present before moving onto a new system. The Economy system, while the thought process was there - but why the gigantic crafting benches that virtually do the same as the others? Okay, one reduces your cost but is slower to craft, the other is the same cost of materials but speeds up production. But why are they massive? I don’t need a giant bench to do my crafting, the slots in the inventory could be raised rather than making the bench size bigger.

Leashing on the bosses is terrible. The bosses follow range has greatly increased and yet when you move away from them for a split second to make an attempt at healing (hold on while I wait 90 seconds for this potion to kick in) the boss has already gone back to being in the passive stance and is full health. That’s balanced?

Not to mention the slow as molasses in January crafting speed to make 1 potion. It takes you nearly a day to craft 1 and we all know that we need more than 1 potion to even make an attempt at combat. So while we’re on the topic of combat - how about those hitboxes? I don’t really enjoy being stuck in the rhino’s ■■■■ when I’m trying to fight it.

So lets finish this off because in all honesty, I could go on for days on end. Lets talk about TestLive - it’s called TestLive - so why are there patchnotes? Shouldn’t you just create a list of changes that are planned and request the assistance of the community to test this mechanic - it’s so easy to say “may or may not be implemented” but that’s not what TestLive is for. Testlive is for testing your new systems and getting feedback about the changes - not “look into it to see if it’s intentional or not” It’s for testing. The community voices their opinion about what is in TestLive but somehow it’s immediately jumping to conclusions about it being implemented. I mean for those who have lost Faith in Funcom because of TestLive items that have gone into the game without being documented, I don’t blame them for being right riled up. Let us test it, let us share our feedback, let us voice how we feel about it. If you didn’t want that from the community why bother with TestLive to begin with? If we can’t voice how we feel about changes coming then there is no point to continue with these TestLive versions, let alone top secret testing groups to test things before release and yet, it still all goes down the drain because they weren’t even listened too. It gets implemented whether we like it or not.

Enough of the resistance between the company, content creators, server owners and players. Enough of the “yelling the loudest gets the changes put into place effective immediately”. Take a step back, take a good look at how far the game has come, and where it is now. Re-evaluate some things, go back to the drawing board, and most importantly - take ownership of the changes added, you put them there - we didn’t. This is the community using the “customer service hotline” provided to us. I think it’s time that the forums were looked at a little more seriously since this is our only true means of voicing how we feel about this game.


Preach Man of the Closet Preach ! Communication is Key so is Player Feedback the remaining Player Base is what keeps this game going and sales still going know ones play these types of games alone ( including communities of modders/ devs / to artist / streamers / content creators so forth ) and ignoring your Players mean you lose the value of the game and furthermore sales of the game, Remember gamers are an outspoken bunch when push comes to shove.

I think that you meant debacle and not debauchery.

I haven’t seen any licentiousness in the test live content.


Also, while I think that many will agree that mistakes were made in test live and that the response isn’t necessarily what they prefer to see, the overall tone on this post is very negative, likely violates the Funcom community standards, and doesn’t really offer a constructive solution to any of the issues that you are alluding to.

Perhaps you can consider offering objective feedback on the problems that you see and a path forward to solve them?

Posting, an ultimatum that essentially demands Funcom to publicly abase themselves or you’ll quit doesn’t offer much. Further staying that if the post is censored that you’ll be proven right and then quit isn’t really offering much either. Speaking for 800 other people in the form of that ultimatum is rather inflammatory hyperbole.

Please consider an edit to this post before the community itself, and not Funcom, flags your post as a potential violation and this becomes a self-fulfilling moderated “I quit post.”

Just as Funcom has an opportunity to improve, so do we as players with legitimate concerns. We can, and should, express ourselves in a manner that is polite and constructive and still conveys our frustration or dissatisfaction with TestLive changes before they get to Live servers.

Your frustration is shared and I truly believe that it’s valid, but posts like this aren’t going to have the intended effect.


Hi Shad0wfax,

While I understand where you are coming from and if i didn’t know any different I would usually agree that it looks to be just a rant and do appreciate the way you were non-aggressive in your response.

I have had the privilege to get to know these people for a while now and I can wholeheartedly say that they put the effort that goes way above anything ive seen into making this game one to be played for a long time to come. Going through the waves of everything that has been happening and changing recently with Tencent and Funcom.

While it may seem I am impartial to this I am not but do appreciate what they do, Things do need to be brought into the light for any change to happen even if a little at a time.


Just like SOE, they do not listen to their players.
They got your bucks, so they are happy.

Players down right protested to SOE for months, they did not listen. 300,000 players left in one day.

Its the only thing DEVs understand.


It’s nearly double what is was this time last year.

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@dekkar, I understand that you are frustrated, and I appreciate your passion for the game and community. However, that is as far as I will address your post. Why? Because you make demands and threats, and you single out one of our employees. Please refrain from that.

@Sayuri, thank you! Your post is critical and tough, but fair and full of constructive feedback which we can take to heart and act upon. I wish it had stood alone so I could respond without also locking the thread, but I will do both.

As you say, you could go on adding more items but you’ve made your point. I can assure you the team is very much aware of the items you bring up concerning the game and patches. Now, while they are still open to feedback, that doesn’t mean some of them aren’t deliberate choices with regards to how the game is supposed to work and thus very unlikely to change. On the other hand, others are definitely bugs. I am not the one to address points for the game though; while I am a producer, this post is in my capacity with the Community Team. We have others who speak about the game, and they do intend to give more updates soon. I can share that we’re working on an update to 2.2 on test-live which will address some of the bugs and feedback received.

On some of your other points, such as the purpose of test-live and patch notes, and the forums being a customer service channel, I might disagree to a varying degree. However, I see where you are coming from, and this something we can address with better communication and clarity from our end. It is not like flicking a switch, but I assure you several improvements are already in the works. To that point I’m sure you’ve seen that we have some new Funcom names on the forums and other channels these days; staffing up is one of these improvements. Reviewing forum rules, guidelines and settings is another.

Thank you - and others - again for being constructive and helpful. As you said, “Enough of the resistance between the company, content creators, server owners and players.” We wholeheartedly agree, and will do our part.