Why so much "Game Dead" stuff as is/ not?

Anyone tell what changed that people are again asking about the funerary needs or status of this game again ? New stuff is being added and planned and we seem to have streams from devs so what gives ?

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Because some people have a very limited vocabulary and can only manage to form the words “game is dead.”

You should pity them and hope they are able to learn some new words someday.


Ah, there is wisdom here and I thank you for it.

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Maybe it’s different in other regions on other modes, but I currently most of the time play pvec on ps4 and there are most of the pvp time more than 10 people. Last weekend I count 28 people online. That’s a number I don’t seen since the first days of Conan exiles. The last weeks I saw many new players.
The pve I was playing a while ago for nearly an year wasn’t dead too. There was always someone online. Most of the constant players where alone or in small 2 or 3 person clans. I would say the avarage was 8 players online.
Of course that’s not much and sometimes I log into my old pvp server and i only see one or two players online.

Of course I don’t think that the average of 8 on a pve is a good number but still alive. And the player count on my pvec is perfect.

Long story short for me the game is not dead. And funcom is also working on it. Not everything is fine and some things are going really wrong… for example the current stability issues and some bugs that we live with for years. but on the other hand they surprise me sometimes with the new cool stuff and also gameplay changes. BTW I like the new healing animations :slight_smile: and that shows that they still working on it. So the the development of this game is alive too.


The complainers are the ones that lost interest. I been playing Conan for 3 years and think it`s great except the cheating and Funcom is cracking down on that. I find that when I get board of a server I move to another and start from scratch. Getting that T4 Berserker starting from a T1 fighter and working my way up is very fun. Conan Exiles is and will always be a great game.


The answer is more complicated than we would like it to be, sadly. While I agree that many of these complainers deserve all the scathing snark in @Tephra’s summary, there are some factors to consider.

First, the situation doesn’t seem to be the same across different platforms. If you look at what console players are writing about, it looks like there are some serious bugs and performance problems plaguing the console versions of Conan Exiles.

Second, official PVP servers are a dumpster fire. The consensus used to be that they were overrun with cheaters. Nowadays, I don’t see as many complaints about that, but the current complaints aren’t much better than that. Half the people are complaining about the server transfers allowing clans to jump on and wipe people, the other half are complaining that PVP sucks because it’s all just offline raids. On top of that, the “new rules” are wreaking havoc on PVP players, because fence foundation stacking and claim spam – two strategies favored by people who don’t want to be offlined – are now getting people banned.

Third, there’s a bug in the server browser, at least on PC. The first time you open the server browser, it shows the number of players on each server. Every subsequent time you open the server browser shows 0 players. The only way I’ve found of showing the correct numbers again is to restart the game. Here’s the thing, though: most people aren’t even aware of this bug.

Combine all of the above, and you get a “logical” conclusion: “ZOMGWTFBBQ, the game is dying, thanks for killing the game Funcom!!!1!one!”


I don’t know that it’s exactly the same bug, but we do have an incorrect number of players on Xbox bug as well


I can see that , but all games have growing pains and growing is not dying most times even in living beings. Being online would help combat being offlined though I do understand players can’t always be on for or the entire raid time on a server. This issue with offlining could, which I suggested in another thread a bit ago, that more effective defenses (traps, thrall/pet AI, additional attachable armor plates to the outside of the buildngs that could protect against specific attacks, etc) would help prevent or at least combat offlining.

The issue with the favored strategies is one was always against the server rules (spam) and both caused massive lag and the fence stacking was in many ways an exploit of the snapping mechanics unless stated by Funcom otherwse. The point is that it turned into a two wrongs don’t make a right even if they are fighting a perceived wrong.

Though on the O topic its almost like some people want the game to be dead and seem frustrated that it is not .


Oh, I’m not defending the “YOU KILLED THE GAME” crowd. I was simply trying to explain why we keep seeing so many of them.

At the end of the day, though, they’re still wrong :smiley:

Kinda. People who claim that the “game is dead” because they’re frustrated by it are, by and large, people who are trying to emotionally blackmail Funcom into changing things, and those people don’t appreciate it when someone points out that:

  1. the game is not dying, here’s the data to show it, thank you very much
  2. emotional blackmail does not work on a company and anyone who believes it does might as well still believe in Santa :stuck_out_tongue:

You can call anything dead for no reason because it’s the internet, watch this:

This thread is dead.


I’ve been assured that’s considered rude.


TBH, I think the game thread is not to be a slight, but more of. frustration for some. They see thier immediate gamer friends quitting, or they are burning out on the redundent style of play. So to the poster it does seem dead. But to others it is still alive. It can be both.


Agreed. I didn’t think it was dead just wanted to see why so many said the game was. So in a way their game is dead (whatever part they liked that got removed) so they just decided the whole rest of the game dies with it.

So they are just making an emotional response not a factual one ? Or am I missing something?


Yes, more often than not they are just venting because they don’t like to think they just aren’t having fun, or some of the wishes for the game they thought CE could become never came to be. Like foing to a movie and it not delivering on the excitement the trailer gave you. Could still be a good movie but if you expcetd it to be x and it ended up y, you might say it sucked.


I think what a lot of people actually mean by saying “The game is dead” (in reference to any game) is “The current state of the game and its player base is unhealthy”.

Though, as it is already been said…these people are hot headed and limited in their vocabulary to express themselves. So they smash their face on the keyboard and scream obscenities at the internet.

Agreed, good parallel. Just don’t see personally throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Hmm… I think sucking is sort of to be expected in an x movie…



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dirty dirty.


I agree there are shouters. But what you just did was just as bad. You believe that they can’t articulate, but I believe if you read an entire post you can decipher the trolls shouters and those that feel left behind by the devs.