Game is dead! FUNCOM try to save it!

Its obvious the game, since all the last updates after the new roll, it’s been killed … definitely with new healing system and removing cancellation of animations .
Everyone has just to see the numbers of official servers on console , for example , very embarassing.
Anyway , since first thing of every good moves is try to get better the situation, why you don’t think about to go back with some stuff, FUNCOM?
I know you wouldn’t never admit that these updates killed your own game, but, bringing back some elements could help the game to have another chance.
I played this game 3 years in a row , and after the last update you made me stop playing it.
I know something like 500/600 people that left conan cause this, just need to read Facebook groups, your page and YouTube comments.

Funcom, you have a chance to bring back players, think about it!

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Well I think they are doing a great job at the moment with the updates and the way it’s going. They are balancing PvE and PvP. If you don’t like the PvE aspects, then just go play mortal Kombat and be done with it. If you don’t like the PvP elements, then go play Sims. I’m tired of everyone demanding reverting back to some bygone time when apparently people didn’t complain (yes this is flat out sarcasm because I know dang well a large chunk of players complained and threatened to quit 3 years ago). What is killing the game isn’t Funcom but immature players that can’t seem to understand they are playing a game that they need to take others into consideration and driving away new players with toxic behavior of pent up machismo BS attitudes that they believe give them some sort of meaning in life…oh sorry…just venting because that’s the purpose of this thread, right?


Not sure the game is dead, if it truly was Funcom would not be wasting time and money on patches and dlc.


Damn if it is dead I guess I should log off don’t want to be riding a dead horse. Yes I know some things could stand improvement but since day one on ps4 this game has been in Flux and probably will be. That is not necessarily a bad thing. I see people that played a couple years ago coming back and not complaining. @Effemme94


Ps.I am not a fing fan boy!


I personally quite enjoy the reworked healing system, even if I find it a bit too generous still. What can I say, I like the added challenge of not being able to easily heal in combat.

With the 8 second bleed timer it’s pretty fun fighting big bosses, as it forces me to constantly make decisions about whether I should break away and heal losing my bleed stacks or if I should stick it out and possibly beat the enemy more quickly but risk getting killed if I slip up

I don’t really care about the roll or animation canceling.


Oh look, yet another ’ The game is dead’ thread. Last I checked, it’s still here, still getting updates and DLC.


Trying is the first step towards failure

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That explains why I can’t get tons of players on my server. Well sheep dip.

A long time ago, I was a player of World of Warcraft, and I was a forum rat then too.
Every day there was a new post about the game was dead, how this MMO or that MMO had killed the game. Or how this or that patch would spell the end.

In the end the player base did drop. But I imagine it was more the ageing of the main player base that caused the exodus along with the overall decline in the popularity of the genre as a whole.

But Warcraft is still there.

If I so desired I could be in a raiding guild tomorrow, I have that many friends that still play.

So all of the doom predictors, are nothing more than a source of passing amusement.

We have private server software, we have the means to extend the game beyond FunCom
So even if the game did fade into the mist, there would still be servers there would still be players.

Look at City of Heroes, Cryptic sold the IP, the new owners didn’t really understand the game and didn’t have the numbers in their home country (Korea) so it was shut down, but I could play that tomorrow too if I wanted. And it’s still being developed by volunteers.

Cry wolf all you like, some of us will still be playing.


That’s a pretty extreme example, as it was offline for a very long time except for one secret server. COH openly returning on user created formats and the fact that no legal actions has been taken is not necessarily a one of a kind even but it’s definitely extremely rare for the stars to align in the perfect way

But the big difference with Conan is they already allow and encourage private servers, so it definitely has a much much easier path to continued existence beyond the officially supported game.

City of Heroes was the only MMO that I ever played for a sustained amount of time and I’ll talk about it way way too long if I already haven’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Let’s just say I played A LOT when it came back, it was the only game I played for like a year

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Exactly, and CoH was an extreme example, perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned it.
But I did so particularly because we do have the means to emulate it’s example much more easily.


I like the new healing system and also the removing of the animations makes the fights a little bit more realistic. But that’s my opinion.

Long time ago I was a pvp player together with my friends. But becouse of some exploits and glitches it stops to make fun.
That was the moment pvp died for us.
But we played on a pvec which is working again after a year. And I can’t say that this server is empty. Nearly every time I log in there are more than 10 players online. I see clans that I have seen one or two years ago. But also many new players. The pve I played while the loading screen issue is also not empty.

I just logged in into my old pvp and there 11 players online. 3 clans and 3 players without a clan.
I think its OK for Saturday 11 am

All these servers are officials and located in EU. Maybe it looks different in other regions.

But this not mean I am fine with everything :sweat_smile:
I hate the long rendering time and this freaking lag makes me crazy some times. Also the sound issues and many other things that are already noticed here at the forum.

I really hope there comes a time where conan is a complete and finished game and they have only to bring new skin dlcs and no bug fixes anymore.

In my opinion the game is still alive.


Is there a ceremony planned? It would be cool, take the opportunity to have a drink and meet, compare our axes etc … etc …

This game is completely dead. Anyone who says otherwise most likely plays on a pc pve server or solo offline. Let the man speak his mind. Honestly if you go on PlayStation and look at all the official servers for pve/pvp/pvec you would understand. It’s simple stop arguing that it isn’t because It’s all in the numbers


He’s right folks…I run a private PvE-C server.


Or perhaps people disagree because they see reality. And the reality if, the game is not dead no matter how much people like you would like to shout from your mountain tops that it is. Yet you still come to this forum day after day to complain about a game that’s supposedly dead. :woman_facepalming:


No, it’s demonstrably not.

Thus the game isn’t dead.

He spoke his mind. Others spoke theirs. That’s how a public forum works. Here endeth the lesson.


I would say that the official servers are empty because people are tired of big clans blocking resources, exploiting the game, not giving a chance to new players or small clans have fun and those giant bases that freeze the game like hell. So yeah, they went to private servers where they have friends or a whole community dedicated to play the game and have fun.
Try to find someone who owns a server and have a community, you’ll see how the game will “resuscitate” for you.


Game is completely dead on console and they won’t do anything to save it. On consoles they still charge full price 40 dollars for a non complete game? Seriously lmao and they do little to nothing try and save it . Everyone one here just been on forums since game drop and is die hard fans . They are so blind to the obvious cause they probably work for them