Funcom please do something about population

Hey yall new here. just wanted to elaborate on the caption of topic. Ive been playing for a little over 3 years and noticed the game always had a struggle to keep population or maintain high population. The best I would say is when it was free for a month for PS Plus. I’d just suggest maybe doing it again or putting it on playstation now or both at the same time, im not sure. I know the game has always had a small community but lately i dont know, the servers just seem boring and there isnt big clans like their use too. Hopefully they do more to help with population. not sure how it is for PC or XBOX


Imagine, I’ve been saying the for years . All these guys are going the poach you for this :rofl: but imagine all the players that use to play come back to try out all the new changes. New people in general and the others that get their friends to try it out or even in general all the kids or people that really can’t afford video games trying it out , or if they do the PlayStation now, not sure how many subs they have but can be good exposure. All the people that try it like and buy the dlcs potentially The game finally changed 1 shot everything last time I played that’s why every was quitting. there also is way better private server settings now that I think a lot of people that use to play would like.

It’s a damn shame that conan don’t have 100,000 players + on daily on each plat form . I will always think it’s one of the best survival games that never reached it true potential. Even with raid times kinda wacky cause you gotta be on 24/7 . they really have to find out away to make it less like a job more like fun . And always having official servers with weekends raids only or where they have the building dynamic (no offline raid) after not being on a hour or 2 . But also just increasing pop in anyway possible. Especially if they want dune to succeed they will need more people to talk about conan and funcom as a company

Xbox is similar in population. I think it is due to all the changes and bugs that players choose to not play CE. FC has a terrible record when it comes to console. Tiny hotfux to stop legendary loot from chest without using a key has created; missing bosses and storage decay from messed up chest timers.

Fix one tiny thing, break 2 major things. Back to silence and inaction for months…thanks for the hotfix FC.

Yeah, where did all the players go?

I played on a max pop server till they started banning for building on PvP now I have 8 players total thinks for killing the server by going against the game moto survive,build, dominate. Just to spell it out you can’t survive or dominate if you get banned for building thanks guys

Yeah I don’t know why they added that maybe to an extent they should do it to people that lagg trap but you need land claim to defend from trebs makes no sense to ban for land claim

That’s unfortunate I thought x
Box had decent pop since it was on Xbox pass?
They just need to make the pop on all platforms better. I know pc isn’t bad but still they finally fixed thrall and pets one shooting you after 2 years…. They really need to fix undermeshing, any exploits , , optimize the game better, and game breaking things quicker not 8-12 months later…. That’s why a lot of people quit . And they gotta fix legendary weapons make it worth getting again. But the current population is a heavy turn off. I’m in a clan of 15+ haven’t played in 6 months due to the fact it’s so dead. And we love this game fr we played through the beginning pandemic and played 24/7. Pop wasn’t that great then but still had other big clans to go against now it’s a ghost town almost

Yeah, its a bad scene if people wont play a free game.

That’s the main extent is lag but also no true reason on building just so others can’t build there is not allowed on top of that the defense against trebuchet is kinda a laugh I just build a bigish tower and place it on top and aim down to still hit it but if it’s stopped in distance of rendering your base so you can’t see or hit it would also be considered abuse to a extent thus yeah not allowed.

Funcom does not have a say on that both Sony and Microsoft offer those on their own funcom I believe still gets something out of it for income wise but free time or offer is purely offered by them not funcom. Sorry to burst the bubble there but if they could I say they should but we’ll they can’t


Yeah I’m not sure what they can do then . It was actually a sick game when it came out free for that month in 2019 , a lot of servers including privates were populated well

The game lacks RPG elements to keep long term interest outside of refreshing your base. Until they improve that, and remove “base refresh” as a punishment, the game will have a low population.

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Sorry but the treb counter is the hour it takes to make it functional. It gives plenty of time to gather your forces and destroy the offense if you are able. Land claim is just sloppy and lazy method that defeats both intent and function of the game. I love the land claim rules because it’s adds more variation again…it was getting stupid boring and ugly with just blocks of black ice connected with T1 materials and scattering of either vaults or alters.

I totally agree that PS now would be a good choice but I was told that PS now games really push the idea that you get the full game including all DLC’s and that just isn’t viable for Funcom to do. If they did the base game…maybe Siptah and let the players get the DLC’s themselves, then Funcom can still be solvent in this while broadening out their base.

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Well they could just give access to Exiles with out Dlcs. They are not needed to play the game . Would give people a taste of what the game is like . I will say after a couple weeks from Exiles being given away by Sony and after consulting the long time and some of the new people that got the game for free we agreed to wipe the server to get rid of all the poop left behind and I turned dedecay on for the first time.

The game is on gamepass, and I’ve met a lot of players who started playing because it was there. Many of them have bought the game and all the DLCs.

I also personally started playing when it came out on GP, and have since bought the game and all the DLCs.

Up until last week or so I was still playing every single day. I’m still playing the game several days a week, but not daily.

Nothing changed to make me slow down a bit, I just also want to play some of the other games on GP. It’s an insane amount of competition, with new titles constantly being added, a fair number of which are added when they launch.

To make a long story short (too late) players have 200+ games to play on GP ultimate, many players are going to constantly be trying out and playing different games.

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I think it is the unsteady experience, specially on console, that leads to this as well. The game for its size and scope doesnt feel that much different from a whole slew of equally large and content rich games on consoles. But given that this is one of the few in this category that has some issue that just breaks the immersion so completely that folk just tune it out and spend their time on games that don’t have those problems. The list at this point is large and we just keep hanging on, almost literally, on hope alone. My time in the game is greatly reduced given how flimsy it all feels and, every patch seems to make some corner of the game a portion you want to avoid rather than experience and that is not a healthy place for a game to be in.

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