Making the game extremely cheap or free? And state of PC

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I know on PS4 the population rose a wee bit cause of the holiday sales happening. But what if they made it free for a month for all platforms? We desperately need population! This game is one of my favourites and ive played since it was free on PS4 for a month back in April 2019, same with almost 80% on current population are from within that time. I’ve also watched a stream show the current state of pc and was shocked to see that PS4 has a WAAAAAY better population in official and in general. He showed me the pop on the new map and population is almost non existent. Kinda sad cause that means the updates + maps on pc have failed completely. (I hope they do a pvp over haul and fix the ways of how to undermesh and such) But seriously making it dirt cheap consistently, and free once a year would really make this game better. I think it’s time they consider it since the game on pc is really is dead… and 100% of the players went back to the exiled lands . @Hugo @Ignasi

This is from A console stand point . But seriously guys I feel bad for pc players cause this game really is the best survival game IMO . But I don’t know if they don’t have good coders? Or what the case is I know programming is very difficult but seriously I think they should have had solutions by now with the many problems they have especially since funcom has been awarded a great deal of money from tencent.

At it again I see.

I have no objection to cheap.

But free is never really free, free is a death knell.
Free would dismantle this game and remove everything that made it great

Unfortunately with the addition of Funcom live service. It might be headed in that direction.

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Freebie for ps4 filled my server with a bunch of less than desirable players. Not all mind you some the surviving old timers and the new people wanting to stay got together and we decided for a wipe didn’t have decay running then. I am noticing quite a few new players in the past weeks

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It’s the developer platform that makes things tricky when merging. I doubt UE4 has a built-in git to commit every change. It means more manual commits pulling from multiple sources.

I think it’s just time make people get addicted

A company doesn’t need a lot of players, it needs a lot of money. Money comes from paying customers (or investors or state aid, but that’s another matter). Either a lot of customers pay a little money or a few customers pay a lot of money. Making the game free would thus require a few players to pay a lot of money, which is referred to as “whale hunting” in the gaming business as far as I know, and usually done by in-game real word cash shops that offer really, really expensive “items”. These sell best if they’re exclusive to the shop or extremely hard to get without paying real world money. Loot boxes add to the addiction cycle.

In other words, this system of sales leads to Candy Crush, many Electronic Arts games, many “Asia grinders”, late stage Age of Conan, strip clubs and other shady businesses.

No, please don’t turn Conan Exiles into that.

Counterpoint: Drastically increase the price, add a premium subscription or sell content DLC. That’d help in my opinion.

Funcom did offer several free weekends, sales and so on. I’m pretty sure they evaluated both options, especially the free to play option, as they pursued that for Age of Conan, very much to the detriment of the game in my opinion.


Khaletohep nailed the business side, as well as the community side, pretty well there.

I understand it can feel discouraging to play on an empty server (unless you’re a Single-Player), but giving the game away for free would invite all sorts of unsavory folks who go out of their way to ruin other people’s gaming experience. Sure, there are already people who do it in games they’ve bought (including Conan Exiles), but it’s a lot easier if you don’t need to invest money into bullying and harassing others.

And free players don’t bring in revenue to the company. It may make the game more popular, but Funcom needs money from somewhere to keep the lights on and the #spellchekker team fed. The options for that are DLCs and microtransactions. And all too often in the gaming industry, the latter takes the form of “pay us money so you can make progress without having to actually play our game”, which makes no sense as a concept in my opinion; or “give us money so you can get this shiny thing made of bling that you can’t get by playing”, which ranges from okay for purely cosmetic items to pay-to-win when games sell exclusive weapons, armor etc. that are better than you can (easily) get by playing.

And of course, they could charge a monthly fee, which isn’t uncommon in the multiplayer industry. After all, servers cost money to maintain. But that would be against the OP’s idea of making the game free - it wouldn’t really be free or even cheap if you got the software for no cost but had to shell out five to fifteen bucks a month in order to play.


I have run into several people who got the game free or reduced price that have purchased the DLCS.


Well there are a lot of ways to see this opinion of yours. I can see new players when ps5 is the only running console of ps. That means in (at least) a year from now.
My opinion about free games is good and surely if you fall in love with the game, there are ways to pay anyway :wink:.
Still it is an adult game, and we are very happy about it. Not because of the nudity(not only at least :rofl::rofl:) , but for the difficulty too. This game is very well designed for adults and it must remain this way. So, as far as I know, adults like to pay what’s worthy.
I hate the fortnite idea and population coming in this game. There for another solution is to reduce the servers. This way the servers will be more populated and the company will pay less :wink:.

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They can fully make money off dlcs … imagine all the people that try and love the game to buy dlc . That’s what I did lmao… I got it free when it came out on PS4 and trust me
When I say I would have never bought the game. Hell I didn’t even know until my friend said to download it, it’s the free game of the month.
And haven’t stopped playing since same
with 80% of current players on PS4. Trust me I know it’s a very small community we fight the exact same clans for months it’s getting boring lots of alliances and what not

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