Making the game free for a month or more?!

I think Funcom next to just realize that this game isn’t going to get any better (population wise) unless they make it free! Imagine it free for a month or 2 on all platforms how the game will be populated and have lots of new and old players come back. They should do this when 2.3 comes out it would make the game 100% more fun and they can still make tons of money from people buying DLCs
They just need to try harder to get the population like DAYZ AND ARK OR RUST THEY CAN EASILY DO IT!
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LOL No they cant :rofl: :rofl:

I have to say, I’m in awe of your persistence. It really takes dedication to keep asking, over and over and over again, tagging the community managers almost every time.

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Seriously, dude. It’s been roughly a year and a half since you started demanding this. Funcom has consistently ignored you. Other players have repeatedly explained why it would not be a good thing for the game. You’re free to keep spamming the forums and get ignored, but how is it that you didn’t get the hint yet?


Yeah but imagine me playing the game only because it was free for a month or ps plus players and the current players that play on PS4 80-90% got the game for free the same time as me? And right now pS4 has a better population than PC so that just shows the significance of just one month of it being free and I know majority of them bought every single dlc just like myself so why not ? Right now EU on PS4 has 15+ populated servers and America has over 10. I watch a streamer that plays on PC it’s beyond dead he showed me that server list and asked him all the questions and he also agrees no one is going to buy this game at this point and should just make it free for current players to at least enjoy it with new people . It will also attract old players to come back so gg I haven’t played this game cause of how dead the population is

And I’m not talking PS4 as a whole our pvp community alone is bigger than pc all together so that goes to show what one month did for us

Interesting. :thinking:

That is one of the problems right there…“our” community.

The game and all DLC regularly goes on sale for a good 50% off. That’s what, $25 and I’m talking Canadian dollars.

Meanwhile, everyone and their mother gladly bends over and hands out $80+ for the new hyped game of the season that gets swept under the rug in a few weeks.


Yeah but they still have the game for 66 Canadian dollars like who’s paying that for a broken game? I know this update coming up for us console players is exciting but I mean looking at PCs current state it dies more than it revived the game lmao and this is just by watching a streamer showing me the server list at prime raid time, literally the game all together with PVE PVE-C included still had way less populated servers than our PVP servers on PS4 , I think our EU servers alone had more internal than PC, I’m a die hard fan dude I have stopped playing since I got it and this is coming from a guy that never even liked ark or any other survival games and was a FPS kind of guy Conan changed that for me and I just want the population to grow. I’m tired of fighting the exact same clans it’s boring even till this day it’s all the same clans with fighting each other

The game is actually $49 CAD at its regular full price.

Making the game free won’t help create a better player base. People come and go. The population of the game has always spiked and dropped for quite a few reasons. Sometimes it is due to a free weekend, sometimes it is because of changes made in a major update. It is also just the nature of the game. People burn out and go do something else for a while. Some return, most do not.

I don’t think retaining a player base has to do with the price of the game at all. I personally think it has more to do with the average attention span and patience of todays average gamer.

It’s definitely because if you are a new player you re going against more experienced players and get wiped quickly and most likely quit right after… trust me when I first started that was the case with me until I decided to join a clan with my uncle but even then it was free then so at that time it was mostly noobs on servers so learning the game with other noob clans was insanely fun and made me play for awhile until porking became a thing I don’t even think PC has that exploit where you can stack the damage multiplier with just giving pork to thralls, highland berries to horses and exquisite meat to sabres making anything literally one shot you and you can have heavy armour with 5 vit and still die 1 shot that killed the game for console players and even then our population is still kind of there I know at least 6 10 man clans returning after update and they also think the game should be free for a month or more just to get people to try the game and have “noob servers” so new players don’t quit so easily

And I’ve talked to players that got the game on release that still play till this day and they’ve also said when it was free for a month it brought the game right back to life because it was so dead before that … so like trust me i was there when it was free for a month on PS4 and I could easily say there was 50+ servers on American alone that had 20+ people now a days we only have 2-4 populated servers on official some privates are populated but it doesn’t last long with admin abuse . I also think our servers should be 50 players instead of 40 like Asia servers

Well, if both you and that one streamer who plays on PC said it, then it must be true, right?

You’ve been calling this game dead for more than a year. Isn’t it funny how Funcom keeps working on this dead game, and we all keep playing this dead game, and we haven’t stopped discussing this dead game on these forums, and there are still new players and new forum accounts popping up to talk about this dead game? Oh, and that dev stream the other day about this dead game had a chat full of people interested in the upcoming changes for it.

Weird how a dead game can still cause so much commotion.

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To be fair I believe when people say its “dead” its because its averaging a 10k player base (not hard numbers, just a quick look at steam charts so don’t shoot me) when most “popular” games are 50 to 100k player base. As far as make it free and they will come and the world will be brighter and everyone will have a pet unicorn…no…just no…

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Yeah, I know. And what I’m saying is that in no point in this game’s history has that ever been a useful point to make. Whenever people say Conan Exiles is “dead”, it’s because they want something and think that they can get it using that argument. :man_shrugging:

Of course not, but I’m not even going into that. If you look at the long list of threads this person made, you’ll see that several of them contain reasonable discussion about why making the game free would be much worse for it. And yet, the same person keeps making this thread over and over again. Do you think another explanation would change this?

Basically, all those threads boil down to “I don’t play anymore because I can’t find anyone to play with, so obviously it needs to be free.” :man_facepalming:

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That…exactly that…you say things sooo much better than I do lol

Lmao it is dead when you have 30 people in clan chat and we can’t find anyone to go against but the same clans we’ve already wiped/been wiped by
Like it’s boring we already know to expect… so no I have lots o clan mates to play with but no one to go against and I’ve only been harassing them cause the only time I’ve seen them out it on sale is Boxing Day for half off they should do it x5 times as much like ark I see their game on sale every other month and they drop 5times more content then conan does hence why’s they have a bigger player base, and Conan takes a year to even fix simple things like porking like fr you must play pve on pc or modded cause all I see on forums is Pvp pc players complaint about how trash the updates have been and how dead it’s been lmao , everyone is on private servers because they ban horses cause of how dumb they re ? It took them 8 months last time to fix 100% arrow penetration for all arrows and people were going around naked with 5 accuracy killing people with heavy armour in literally 2 shots… so why are people 40-60 dollars for a game that’s constantly broken and take ages to update… and half the time the half ■■■ fix things

And dude the fact you always defend them for why are they continue working on a dead game ? Is only because conan exiles saved them from being bankrupt, so as a company I’d sure as hell continue working on that game and continue improving it… if people think for honour is a dead game and they average 100k people DAILY then I’d sure as hell consider conan dead

Errr… well I am just hoping they make something to sell me. Been awhile since the last DLC


And I’m waiting for that too lmao I just want a big
Population like EU on PS4 has so many populated servers I want the same for america

I mean, you are clearly talking about people who might play on a PvP server for their first experience.

There are an unlimited number of reasons why a new player would not stick around and that is only one of them.

I have also played the game since its early EA days and have logged just over 4500 hours on PC and a few hundred on PS4 so I have seen the population rise and fall for quite a few reasons already mentioned.

I’ve hosted 4 servers of all different play styles and communities from heavily modded, vanilla, PvP, RPPvP, or PvP-C and from my experience people just don’t stick around because of the reasons I have already mentioned. I’ve spent a lot of time on heavily populated servers whether official or community and it’s the same theme over and over. You might see 50 new players join in one week and only 2 or 3 stay to play regularly and maybe 10 or 15 play casually.

No one can deny that free weekends or periods increases the game population temporarily but only a fraction of the people that try it do stick around and it has little to nothing to do with price.

I watch the Discord channels and Steam lists and see the majority of players play 5 different games in one day, jumping from game to game and hopping on whatever trend is new. To me, this is the real issue. It’s been measured that the average person nowadays has an attention span of around 7 seconds.

The PC has a solid community of dedicated modders, admins, and players. I can’t speak much about the consoles as I only played a few hundred hours on PS4 but to me a quality player base out rules a large player base of random people that come and go, you’ll never see again or build any meaningful experience together.

You want more players for what? To have more sandstone huts to raid from 5-11pm?

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