Conan exiles should be free to play

Let’s not talk about how this game is still in beta form with way too many glitches to sell and not be a criminal selling broken goods. But let’s talk about the fact of how popular fortnite is mostly because it’s free. Also Conan was free to play on ps4 popularity and population had a big boost. Make new part of map to explore and huge dlc then advertising to get fans back on Conan and that’s where can make your money from. Should give away base game for free make us cross platform to avoid dead servers from people quitting this broken game. Win win for everyone

Very least another free month on PlayStation plus so actually have people to play with this summer. Server population is dwindling

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Sorry but no. HELL no. We already have a bad exploit/cheating problem. The fact that you used Fornite as a comparison is what makes this a HARD no for me.

Free to play games always wind up having more cheaters. And Conan doesn’t have microtransactions like the fkrtnite store to generate revenue except for it’s DLC.

You want your friends to play with you but they don’t want to buy the game? Either find a different game for you all to play or suck it up and buy them copies.


Fortnight is cancer.

Conan is free to play.

You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to play it, just buy the game. That’s how most, decent, free to play games work. Everything else is PTW.

Now, with that said, it is a bit over priced at 40 bucks but it seems to go on sale quiet often. It’s on sale for 20 bucks right now for example. Regardless, if 40 bucks is to much for you, economically speaking, maybe you shouldn’t be wasting money on a game.


They tend to have lower stances toward cheating practises, but that’s not solely due being free to play. The products tend to be just half baked in some ways and that weighs heavier than the availability (they do work awfully when paired tho).

I can see this working with CE, but the game needs to be balanced before it can happen. So it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Putting things into perspective here:

A new game costs 30 to 60+ dollars, depending on various things. Conan Exiles, at ~40, sits in the average price zone.

An average game has 30 to 50 hours of play time; I got through the whole Mass Effect Trilogy in under 100 hours, completing all side quests and actually listening to all dialogue. I have played Conan Exiles for over 800 hours now, and there are still places I haven’t seen, things I haven’t done. And Funcom’s even releasing new content for which I don’t have to pay extra. I’d say that’s pretty good value for my money, compared to many other games I’ve bought for the same price.


would be have a mode for up to level 30 free only in official servers.

That’s a fair assessment.

Still, I think almost all games are over priced because, like most media, they use an outdated model that bases MSRP on physical media. I am aware that there are costs associated with digital media but they are less, sometimes significantly, than the production and distribution of physical media.

Games should be in the 20 - 40 dollar range which puts Conan Exiles at the high end and, while I enjoy it, it is not a AAA title and should still be considered in EA/Beta. I bought it when it came out, the same day I think, and paid 29.95. At the time I thought it was a tad high but I was curious and thought it was an interesting idea so I was fine with it.

Conan Exiles can be completed in like 2 hours.

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I’ll be blunt.

Your not cut out for non-nanny moderated server play on Conan Exiles or any other game with such a setup.

You also have an entitlement issue on what a one time $40.00 USD payment should get you.

Your best bet at this point, go make a looking for server post, say exactly what it is you’re expecting in a server, and find one that delivers that. Plenty of player run servers out there with thousands of takes on the game’s set up and mods (If on a console, no mods, but still plenty of player run servers).

You bought a kayak and oar, start paddling, rather than demand an outboard motor just be given to you.

I agree with this. It should at least just be $20. Wayy too many bugs, and server populations are starting to die because people who got it while it was free are starting to leave.

A month or two ago my server was hard to get into. Now it’s a miracle if it breaks 15 people.

If there wasn’t so many bugs affecting gameplay after 2 years of being out, then yea, I could agree with those saying it should have a price. But even now it’s plagued by huge bugs that are incredibly annoying- like the shrine disappearing bug right now

Fornite is horrible game to act as a “should be like this”

Fornite uses over worked staff in Crunch Time, to constantly hand out updates over and over and over to get cash flow.
Theres a reason they can do it free.

Reason games like Apex, PUG and FO76 NW can’t keep people playing. They just can’t get updates and spam content out like that.

look at all clones on PC Steam, some of them are good, but they just can’t dump out updates like Fornite is.

CE is, well… Bought it twice. And enjoy it. Ya… some stuff needs its fixing. I can’t really imagine it as F2P. And when I do manage… I picture crafting menu filled with 40+ DLC packs…and start to crying in corner.

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Its funny. When there was in influx of new players because of the free ps+ month people complaint about overpopulated servers. Now people complain those people left.
I also can see a significant decrease of population on my server and only the most die hard stay. The problem why people leave is not that its not free anymore. Its the fact that this game has a pletora of game breaking bugs one year after release that pushes people away and only the most patient like me will stay in hopes of finally get this game fixed

Yeah, it should. It was rushed out to capture more buyers. I don’t fault them for it necessarily and given that there are AAA titles doing the same I can’t blame them either. The game is good, better than it should be honestly, but it is still a buggy mess in many areas.

As for games costing 70 bucks? Yeah, I remember that as well and the only thing that brings to this conversation is the realization that we are probably older than many of the other players. At least at the older end of their player demographic.

You’re obfuscating a fact here. The game has been out of Early Access for just over a year but launched nearly two and a half years ago and still had EA bugs well into it’s “Official” release.


Free, full game, previews rarely capture a significant amount of players that were not already inclined to purchase. I’m convinced this is something marketing people have sold the game industry on for no other reason than to create a separate marketing campaign.

You are, though not maliciously, and “Early Access” is just playing with semantics. Money changed hands to purchase the game and it was available to the general public. Thus, it was released two and a half years ago in an incomplete state.

You don’t have to agree with me but when a product is made available to the general public at a set price it is generally considered to be “in release” in every other instance.

Personally I do have an issue with “paid beta” programs. They are frequently abused. At the same time I understand the need for smaller studios to raise capital to finance development. People point to “crowd funding” as an alternative but that has it’s own problems.

It’s a Catch-22.

I ran from PS version of Conan Exiles and bought PC version due to the influx of trolls that PS Plus brought in. Yes, PC version already has its share of trolls, but making Conan Exiles free would bring the tide of trolls to end your enjoyment on PC servers completely.


How is it good for people who play pvp to have nobody to fight? That makes no sense. My entire clan started getting bored because there was literally nobody to fight. Two of us would hit all the hotspots looking for people to fight and never find anyone. Used to be able to walk 100 meters outside our base and find people to fight