Conan exiles Free 2 Play Win Win!

So let’s be honest Conan exiles was kinda dead on PS4 the population was pretty low. Then when the game went free to play for PlayStation plus there was a huge spike in population which brought the game back to life. The Conan community was happy they had more active players to interact with and I’m sure the developers loved all the dlc the new players purchased. Win win for everyone. So my question is why not make the game free to play on every system??? Maybe even cross platform play. Look how successful that idea worked for fort nite. I’m sure the game would gain popularity and in return you guys would sell a ton of dlc and season passes

Tbh few of my P4 m8’s missed it when it was free an seen us that got it play an are interested but no way there going to pay £45 or £90 for complete edition, can pick up Witcher 3 an it dlc for half the price or nigh a new release like RDR2

Exactly Conan is not a well known title. People are not rushing out to buy it. I bought a copy for 3 of my friends because they refused to buy it. Once they played it they were hooked.I Know people who got it when it went free to play on PS4 and haven’t stopped playing. If you want this game to be popular make it free to play and hopefully cross platform one day like forte nite

If devs want sell something make a huge dlc with story line and quest and new map area to explore and charge for that give away base game for free. Know how many players go back to world Warcraft or elder scrolls online when new content is released? People get excited come back old players try new content. New players see commercials get excited think it’s whole new game. Give away Conan for free don’t be lazy make huge dlc content new map area charge for that

no p2w, thank you

Nah you guys just looking at negative ways it can be done. Do it like world of Warcraft add new content. New map area, new mounts, new dungeons, new story quest and like 5 more levels to level up. Give base stuff away for free like dungeons ability to level up and mounts and ability go new area. Charge for the story quest line building type and armor like they been doing and cool rare mounts don’t add an advantage. Games have added great dlc with parts free to play everyone so it’s not pay to win cough cough world Warcraft most successful game ever

Only so much DLC they can add beyond the packs that are basically faction skins. For example, they’ve said before not to expect any map additions because the backend can’t handle it. So that limits how much they can make from selling expansions beyond the DLC types they add now.

And generally F2P come with a lot of garbage elements, I don’t know if that’s a great option for the players.

Because Free-to-play brings in the wrong kind of players. I prefer players pay for their misdeeds rather than create free accounts and grief and troll.

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