Make Conan Free Again

I’ve been playing Conan for years waiting for it to get better & over all it hasn’t. They just made everything more grindy & watered everything else down. We need some nerf reverts & make conan free to play for player traffic. The game was at its best when it was free on PSN. It also was the most fun because everything was new & there was a lot of people. Having a pay wall to get the game, then pay wall for the maps, then another one for the 6+ DLCs packs & finally, the micro transactions. Its a little much for a game that isn’t CALL OF DUTY. All i see is everyone trying to milk a dying cow.

TLDR: Make Conan Free Again. There’s Enough DLC content to fund the game for years like SMITE. Free to play has been trending for years. The best thing that happed to the game was it being free. I wish i had the money to buy this game because i hate to see it bleed out like a gutted pig.

This is just my Opinion but after the last free to play on Ps4 we ended up wiping the our private server due to the snoutnosed kids that showed up whether actually children or similar older versions. Gathering info from older players and reasonable adults we unanimously decided to wipe server. It has been up over 1200 days since. @Rashaun317

The population did grow when it was free but I wouldn’t want it that way until the tos is addressed.


I am not against a discount or lower pricing but when free youngsters get on the band wagon mom and pop not watching. And I have played with 2 Extremely well behaved youngsters over the past few years most adults should be that responsible.

Every time there’s a free weekend, the servers crash and burn, or (at best) slow down to be unplayable unless you can play in the middle of the night. So no thanks.


All these answers are disheartening. So the game can never grow significantly in populaton because it would crash the servers, and the dirty plebs woud ruin the game for everyone with their cheating and ToS violations? That’s depressing. So it’s all downhill from here?


If you go to funerals you get depressed :wink:!

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