ALL servers! Make Conan the best survival game!

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We need more growth in population on all regions please funcom, we have a decent amount playing but I think we can do extremely better ! Please make it free for ps plus members again one more time I know you did it 2 years ago a lot of us still play till this day imagine if we had it again or was
Added to PlayStation now all the servers on both maps will explode. This is what we need! On all platforms make conans population the most you’ve ever had it! That should be main objective aside from updating frequently (especially for console players)


Perhaps a short term freebie with a discount after. They do have to pay for server’s and salaries or there will be no more updates and improvements. C U O T

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Some more twitch drops (once fixed) and a 7 day timed full trial on the PSN store would be a good idea.

A PSPlus repeat will get Sony some unwelcomed attention.

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I will say, the whole reason I play Conan is because of the free copy on PS Plus. Since that time, I’ve purchased all the DLC’s for that copy…as well as three additional copies of the game, all of which but one now have all the DLC’s as well. That’s a decent amount of cash they’ve gotten from me, not to mention customer loyalty, and all it took was one free copy :rofl:


Sounds like you really enjoy the game!

The current model allows me to play the game for free* after buying it.

Server rental is optional, content access is not behind a paywall, and there’s no micro transactions, no payment for fixes/updates.

*not factoring PSPlus.

I have a few players that use GeForce Now to play and that seems to work out pretty well. Has both a free and paid tier and the paid one is only about $10 a month for us.

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Yeah same the only reason I ever knew about the game or even bothered playing it was because it became free almost 2 years ago , it was a crazy good time since all the servers were full of noobs like me and i can really say about 75% of current players STILL playing got it at the same time. So why not do it again after 2 years. only fair since it’s on game pass for PC players and Xbox

Now would actually be a good time considering the release of Siptah. All types of options for new players.

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YES WE NEED IT BADLY, not fair Xbox and
Pc have it in their game pass and PlayStation doesn’t , we need to fill up all these private servers/official exiled lands/ and some of the siptah servers are starting to die out after only 2-3 weeks of it out, it’s kind of sad they should really focus on quicker updates and population growth on all platforms (by any mean necessary). Especially looking at others games such as ark and rust they’ve been around a very long time and their player growth is crazy. We want longevity, dune might be their next big hit I hope they learned from past mistakes with Conan

That’s a big conversion rate, I don’t see a reason to put it back on PSPlus if it this was so successful. Well, unless maybe if Sony is going to give Funcom a good financial incentive.

Since the PlayStaionPlus (PSPlus) subscription is more like MicrosoftLiveGold. It might make sense to put it on the PlaySationNow (PSNow) service, is a bit closer to GamePass.

You may need to try other servers, the ones I visit always have people playing.

Also, if the Siptah servers are really “starting to die out” as you claim, then PSPlus is not going to solve anything.

Although those are survival games that I played in the past, they are different than Conan. I also looked for them on PSPlus and I didn’t see them so, this is more of an appeal to a certain audience.

Ideally, I would like to attract more gamers like us that enjoy Conan rather than becoming generic for the sake of just filling up servers.

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