We need more pop growth!

Funcom has to try and getting conan into the free for ps plus members . The game is slowly getting growth. If they do this so many new players will be playing from around the world. Doing it maybe before the upcoming update would be good. This coming update to me makes or breaks the game.for a VET like myself waiting 2 years for thralls to finally be somewhat nerfed is too long. So if they can make necessary changes , fix exploits, while possibly adding would probably bring back old players like myself. Haven’t played in almost 6-8 months because the game go a little discouraging but we will see what happens. I’m a big fan that knows this has the potential to be the best survival game.

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I hope they can get it into the 2nd tier but Sony is particular with their selections and who knows. They may be swayed by pointing out that Xbox Game Pass has the game in their selection. Perhaps FC can run the numbers on those servers (Xbox servers were not part of the trimming so they are doing well as far as populations go) and show Sony the game has life and can support their PS Plus platform as long as the DLC’s remain as chargeable content.

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The game was already a free PS+ game, makes no sense for Playstation to do it again if a majority of PS4 owners already have it. People played it like crazy when it was free, Funcom broke the PS4 version with some updates of the game and the majority of that playerbase moved on because the game became a lagfest.

Now if Funcom were to somehow make Siptah a standalone playable download without CE, then I wouldn’t mind that being a PS+ free game of the month. Otherwise it’s not fair for PS+ members to get the same game free twice.

The PS+ is getting a face lift and different tiers. the Essential tier is PS+ like we already know, the Extra tier also provides 400 PS4/5 game library to download to your system at your leisure, and the Premium adds ps3 streaming and ps1,2, and PSP games for streaming/download along with free time trials for games.

What I think FC should push for is the base game in the Extra library.

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Sure, if they want to include it as one of the 400, why not. Do they deserve it tho? IMO, no. The game in its current state on PS4, is a stuttering mess. Playstation should concentrate on offering more inhouse studio games that run well and not bad ports. Conan Exiles apparently is too demanding for the PS4 and isn’t currently optimized for the PS5.

After playing it on the PS5, I totally agree that the PS4 is just not good enough anymore. But to be honest, I don’t want ps5 optimization either. The graphics are just fine for me as is and keeping it in the PS4 level means I got better performance so I am one that doesn’t want optimization into the PS5 level because I fear eventually it will kill performance.

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What in 2017? I doubt half of the ps players now even have it don’t kill me….

Maybe in PlayStation now at least like damn lol

Also they have to fix the way you look for servers they should automatically make it from highest pop to lowest, and they should add the region it’s in like west or east coast . What ever the time one is to get an idea of raid time . And when it comes to body vaults they shouldn’t be able to carry dragon powder at all .

I dunno how it is for consiles but before you hope for such things FC needs to upgrade their servers. As it is more than about 20 people on a server makes things pretty laggy and jittery.

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April 2019 to be exact. I’m not sure if Playstation Plus membership has doubled since then, stats from Dec 2021 show it hasn’t. Either way I do not see it happening, I don’t remember ever seeing a game given away twice on PS+. I’m a member and would not be happy to receive it again, I rather they give me something never given out before.
If they provide it as apart of the library of the higher tier memberships, then it’s cool I guess.

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