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Not long ago you took down a bunch of servers and now have partnered with Sony to bring Conan for free in the month of april to ps plus game of the month which is great!! But as someone that payed for the game even preordered it and have been with you since the start I feel as those I and people like me should have VIP access to the servers… the servers are so packed now I cant even log in and thats some BS… I hope you do something about this for your Loyal fan base


It will most likely be additional servers if they are that packed on PlayStation.

Don’t have that problem on Xbox, pretty much the opposite.

It is because Conan is one of the free games of the month for ps plus so your having every tom dick and hairy grabbing it and playing, but they just got rid of a ton of servers because of numbers… now I vant even logged in id say 90 out of 100 servers are packed full… though i understand i feel that its not right to the people that bought the game and have been playing since its release… should have server priority

It will die off after the free to play has ended, seen it happen on Xbox when it was first launched.

Only a dedicated few will stay and get drawn in after F2P ends. For now no point in adding servers if the population is going to drop after that period.

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Its not just F2P for august its a permanent free get as long as you maintain your PS plus sub

Except for those who didn’t add the game to their library after April.

And the free-hoarde will die down. It does for every monthly free game. It may take a bit. But if you are so inclined yo play Conan, you’ll have to endure it.

That is pretty crazy that PlayStation is doing that. The F2P crowd will die off after a month.


I wouldn’t call it crazy, Sony have been doing the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers years, giving out free games each month, it used to be 6 games (2 for PS3, 2 for PS Vita and 2 PS4), now it’s just 2 games a month. I will add Conan Exiles to my digital library, despite having it on disc since launch, just in case something happens to it.

I’d say the odds of it dying down after a month are decent, but not assured, considering PlayStation Plus is actually required to play Conan Exiles online.

It just depends on if people actually like it or not… I’m not saying that its bad, in fact its great to see so many servers active and popping, maybe this will guve funcom a kick in a rear to fix a few things they have been ignoring… though i still believe that being I bought the game/preordered they should have set something ahead of time for us for vip access to servers… thing is I dont get in and lose months of work because i get raided by some 60s that were able to get in but because the server is full of 20 and under noobs who says im going to stay? the one that actually payed…

how exactly is funcom supposed to differentiate between full-price purchase and temporary ps+ free versions?, they cant since both full-price and ps+ free are identical, unless your suggesting a vip pass microtransaction.

It will pass… Relax and wait out the week. Might take a while to get connected during peek hours but if anything make sure you keep ur decay timers right. PC went through the same thing with the free weekend on steam. A week after ur going to have a nice selection of T1-T2 minibases to loot if you are on pve/pve-c.

Here’s the difference, it was free on Steam for a weekend, it’s free for PlayStation Plus subscribers all month, so this will more than likely last longer than a week.

Yes, I agree it may die down but its not easy to relax when you have spent months farming building and defending against other enemy tribes. Now with the inability to get on to defend should an enemy tribe manage to get their players on…bye-bye base and everything is lost. I lost 3 bases to gods and was wiped from our home server because only one member could get on and that was before they did this F2P. Nobody who has played this game for any amount of time cares to raid T1-T2 bases lol they have nothing we would need let alone want to waste bombs on.

Regarding VIP server priority that would be awesome although I doubt if its possible, but they could at least do what they did for Age of Conan and add veteran system where loyal players are rewarded based on months played. They had social items, travel paths, and out of combat items that were nice perks. On the one hand I am glad to see the dead servers get a population but I do think you should appreciate the players who have been loyal from launch in some way.

VIP servers sound good, maybe better if they were moderated considering they would be for long term players.

But yeah I feel you on the stress.

As for T1-T2 buildings I cant agree there; 1338 hours and counting and I take everything. Granted I normally play private pvp but lately its pve-c and I dont discriminate, my first complete set of t4 utility thralls came the first day on my current server from a t1 castle, besides farming thrall for steel all my t3 comes from the hard work of t2 residents. Than again on pvp I wouldnt be using explosives I would be using grease which is so abundant the term “wasting” just doesnt exist.

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