Free to Play to add more players?

Hello Funcom,
why don’t put again CONAN free to play to add more players? Maybe a month free should help to get servers good number again!
This is how i discovered CONAN 3 years ago.
Think about it, Conan needs more players because on console is almost dead!

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If Sony was delivering ps5 faster then the game on Playstation would have less problems and will be populated again. The greatest amount of players that make a break from CE is ps4 players, at least this is what I see from players discussing on chats. All the ps4 players suffer from heavy rendering issues, so pvp is difficult for them and, most of the pvp players I know deny pve. So even if the company decides to give the game for free it would be best only for ps5, yet… It is not expensive my friend, Aloy 2 is coming with 80 Euro, CE is 20 :man_shrugging:

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