Should Conan Exiles go Free to Play?

I have a lot of friends on PS4 that have never played Conan Exiles and would probably never buy the game upfront. Most of them missed the free download month and with all the new games coming out, it feels like all the servers are drying up.
Why not go Free to Play? Funcom can’t be possibly making a lot of money from physical or digital copies anymore, and they more than likely make all their money from ppl with their own servers and DLC. (I have no idea but just assuming).

I know my friends would all try this game if it were free and I feel like this is one of those games you have to experience rather than watch.

A lot of players left after the recent patches that nerfed the most used weapon types and an influx of new players with no prior knowledge would be trying all the new weapons with a first time approach.

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I think they’d need more interesting things in the DLCs before they’d go F2P. Not that the themes aren’t interesting, just what they do with it.


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It would take 4+ hours to figure out what the game is offering. 30 minutes, you run to noobie river and die from the sandstorm and then the demo is over? They would need the opportunity to make gear weapons tools, farm mats and build a base to get a good feel.

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There’d be no end to trolls and other riff-raff with F2P, IMO.


Maybe if there were servers that were divided between paid and f2p maybe.

How did you come to this conclusion? Whether or not you paid for the game you still have to invest time and effort into the game. Don’t you want the servers to be populated?

I got the game for free on PS4 and I’m an alpha on a PvP official with dwindling numbers.

This is a good idea, but doubt they would pay to bring up new servers for free players. Negative dollars there.

They could designate some of their current servers to allow f2ps and some servers to restrict out f2ps.

I don’t think they would need to, most servers are below half population.

But which ones do you wipe for the free players? Who makes the choice? what are the standards. Will you volunteer your server, etc…

I like the idea of events. Something to drive the community together, whether it be PVE or PVP.

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I wouldn’t care for this game to go to free to play. There will be no drive expand the map, fix bugs, put out new content.

F2P games suck… Lets be real there are no real free to play they all have micro-transactions that turn into pay to win games. Since this game "Spoiler Alert" has no real end game how exactly would they make money? I rather pay $10 for DLC then it be free to play and pay for every little thing they put out. Can you imagine $5 outfits you have to craft… O boy…

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Yes the base game should be 100% free. It’s the population is almost to nothing

I think - no way.
Conan Exiles can be just super game.
if developers move all forces to improve singleplayer.

Add full oficial OFFLINE mode.
And create more cutscenes to create more understandable plot.

That way - way where CE shining.
And no any free to play.

I’d say more - if FUNCOM create new game with little difference between current CE, BUT be poninted to singleplayer(and with full offline mode) - i definitely buy it again.

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in my opinion: no
why? because of the free weekends
every private server (I don’t play official) without a password looks like a dumpster after the free weekends. none of the ‘new’ players cares about server rules and no-building areas or other defined restrictions of the server community. if the game is free 2 play you have the wandering vandals all the time.
and no a password is not the solution in my opinion. easy access to a server is key for a good population.

and my opinion to the population of the game: I’d rather play with 5-10 like-minded people on one server than with 30 vandals who just move on to the next server after filling up the map.


In most free games (I’m not saying it would be similar here) micropayments can destroy the game’s balance.

I imagine such options in the store:

  • Do you die often? Buy a guarantee to keep your inventory after death.
  • Are you new to the game? Start from the end! Purchase immediate maximum level.
  • Do you have an intrusive neighbor? Buy a “god token” and show him who rules here.
  • The micropayment store appears at the worst time? Purchase the “hide store” option.

I prefer not to risk.
I say NO to F2P.

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Say - NO to F2P
Sat YES - to add full offline option(now you can’t play without network connection without mod)

Agreed, sadly we can’t keep people banned as is with the dumb family share thing renabled.