Conan being free on psn has ruined the game for laying customers


We can’t even play on servers they all are full so I’m wondering what I’m getting for the money I spent supporting this game we should at least get server priority Based on how long you have been on server


Adding new players like that is keeping the game alive and yes, I got conan for free and no, I’m not a noob. I played this on PC it’s great to have new players


They should at least open up a few more servers since this seems to be a common issue.


Don’t you think this effect will fade in time? In one month there might be less players online at a time and then you would be stuck on a gazillion 1-2 player servers.


I actually am a paying costumer bought the game when it came out and I love it that the servers are full man finally something to do people to run into talk to it was getting quite boring with dead servers

And I truely don’t think I deserve getting in befor the others they have the right to play just as much ever since they downloaded the game.


Yea I like the new players but when they flood the servers you can’t connect we who payed for the game hence have made it possible to have updates and fixes because of the money we put into the game so I’m saying we should get priority on servers wat stops 40 people from going server to sever and wiping people because they can’t get on to defend I’m just saying me and my friends payed for this game now we can’t even play on servers we gave build on

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To be fair, its not like people who got it for free actually got it for free. They paid for their PSN and Sony in turn likely payed FC so they could offer it for free to their subscribers.


I’m also a paying customer and I totally disagree. The free month is the only reason I was able to get my friends from eso to come over. Finally, I have someone else to play the game with.


Yeah, going on about all the new free players on ps4 over populating the servers… Most of these are people that browsed their store and saw a free game and took it and are giving it a go. Chances are in a month they will be back at fortnight and out of your hair.

Still, funcom has addressed that there is an issue and already released one temp solution. Im sure they will have another.

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And everyone of you got it for free so I don’t see a problem give me fifty bucks and I’ll give you nothin seams fair to me

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lol not me dude im pc all the way. my kids got it though but they arnt allowed on multiplayer because Im aware of the toxicity.

But your rant on it not being right that you had to pay and they get it free is the same old tiring argument gamers have to hear everytime a developer has a free promotion. Thats like crying that you paid full price for your tv and then it went on sale a week later 80% off. Its called buyers remorse. Next time hold out and you to can get a free game. God forbid a developer give away its product for a limited time to promote themselves.


buyers remorse I can’t even play because they don’t have enough servers just another pc toxic player


I think part of it comes from a number of us on PC were here at launch when you could barely get into a server for nearly a month. It’s just the nature of such things, and FC is understandably hesitant to open a bunch of servers that will empty out in a month or two anyways. Same thing happened with PC.

I think his comment is more targeted at your displeasure with FC having a free offer, like many games tend to do at one time or another.

That all said they really should slowly open up more servers, and perhaps offer PS4 players a one time character transfer if possible.


You need to slow your role buddy. I already stated Funcom is on top of it so you decide you want to start labeling people? Do you really want to get into the PC vs Console stereotypes, mentality, and statistic? Or do you want your problem solved?

  1. They increased the server cap!
  2. They are working on solving the connectivity issues that didnt arise until the free month promo.

Provided the information YET AGAIN. You are welcome.


Yea I’m just saying I’m anger I didn’t make a base for 4 months to not be able to get on and when I do get on there raiding me and lagging my clan out every time we get close to them teleporting killing us I’d just like some priority on servers I’ve been there I’ve been for months I bet the pc players would be mad if everything on every server they had was being destroyed with nothing you can do because you can’t even join the server


I preorder this game. Now I’m offended. Free now? I’m enrage by this. My preorder is insulted by this.


Oh Bryan, can’t you just be happy you’re getting undead thralls?

Free offers are a VERY standard aspect of gaming…

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As an Xbox player that has played since early access I wish Microsoft gave Conan away for free for a month. This is coming from somebody who has paid for the game.

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I’m telling you its way to many free players for servers to handle if it becomes free for Xbox literally you can’t join any server because people join and run them selfs against a wall so they won’t ever get kicked for being afk I like having more players just us who payed should still be able to play without trying for hours and hours to join servers


The sight of the newbie building spam along the starter river is very welcome to me. It reminds me of a lot of mistaken assumptions I made when I first started, which makes me smile. And I’m very impressed to see that they timed the release of new DLC right in the middle of the free month, along with a subscription for future DLC. I love the game, so I am hoping that Funcom succeeds beyond their wildest dreams with their marketing efforts. Keep it up, FC! We want more new players to decide that this is “their” game too. Not all will stick with the game, but hopefully some will.