CONan...u have truly conned us

So after buying the preview, which was totally playable, now on release it is not really playable, completely miss sold a product here…CONan.

Please explain how this acceptable? I cant log on and when i do i get kicked every 10 seconds.

sounds like a net or computer/install problem. don’t sling dirt when its not their fault i have been on official and unofficial both without issues for hours and no issue, besides the hilarious physic bug occasionally. if anything ‘conned’ you it was, well you.


I did just say i have been conned, so well done for pointing that out. Once a server gets above 40 it kicks people. Congrats for being one of the few who as of yet can olay the game

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No issues with being conned on the ps4 servers. Get the occasional bug and lag on official servers but what game or person is perfect ? When you find the answer then let me and every 1 know okay ? By the way the new patch was a success and this my friend is the best it gets at 49.99

U paid 49.99 looool

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Going rate btw why you on here being a cry baby oh this was a con ugh i smell a troll good day mate no more of my time wasted here

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I paid 29.99 lol

Firstly game isn’t bad. The servers are poor. Shouldnt be getting kicked out every 10 secs. There is a problem and is getting conned. When you build a base since release and can’t even get onto your own server to protect it. Anyone that says there isnt a problem and find this acceptable is the reason companies get away with murder. Even ark ran smoother then this and that was a complete mess at the beggining

And 49.99 looool got ripped off mate

Too right, never said it was a crap game, just a joke how they think its acceptable to get kicked every 10 seconds…sony gamer…theres alot of people out there having the same issue.

Console going rate is 49.99. To us this is cheap compaired to the 79.99 margins on market i cant just pirate the game change some .ini and .exe files it is what it is and i feel the pain of your concern i get it

I feel your pain i get it as i may run in to the same fate on pvp console

There have been close to 40K playing the game all day per Steam. Pretty sure more are playing on consoles or offline with the single player retail version of the game.

My advise is to check everything from you internet connection to your rig since you really did not provide any details as to what is happening.


I did say it kicks me out every 10 seconds, internets fine, must be server as its happening to 10 other people

Gportal is having some issues. Please provide the server name and number in the support section which will allow Funcom to get it looked into.

If it’s a server problem, that’s not conan or funcom…its g_portal…fastest way is to open a ticket with them…I had to a few times during EA.

Server 2106 official Xbox . Been grafting for a few hours only to be kicked out when other people jump in. The server is a part of the game. regardless if it’s g portal. Shouldnt be used as a excuse really

And using that g portal excuse is rediculas. Wildcard took fall responsibility and never blamed server provider when crashed out on ark . I love the game but l
Disconnecting is a game breaker

Funcom or its moderators arnt pointing fingers, they’re doing their job and asking for details to peoples problems. Quit bashing them because launch wasnt flawless as if it ever is.

I paid 20$ only from an EA sale, I’m sure you got ripped off compared to that. We done trying to jab at people just trying to play a game? If you cant enjoy or play official servers find some unofficial, don’t find a forum about it and just find anything you can to ruin someone elses mood. Also ark worked great for me on official release, RIP you, make better server choices man