Can’t find enough players

On PS4. It has become a strictly builders game and part time raid base when they’re not around. Lol. Is this intended? There are so many ways to force people to fight each other head on but Funcom makes it possible for people to never engage. By the time they implement a strategy, I think maybe too late. Struggling to find enough players and when your lucky to find a server with a bunch of people you find out they are just builders and would not like to face you. The game almost encourage you to play like this and that will be the death of this game.

Yeah, I play this game to build and explore, not to fight people. That’s why PvE is a thing.


I believe he is talking solely on PVP officials. The game is set up so that PVP is not really PVP. Just trolls who will offline raid a majority of the time. His stance, and one i share, is there is an untapped competitive market out there. this being Conan lore, seems weird that the main focus is about PVE, and not battle glory like that of many Conan stories. The player numbers show that the niche market PVE market is not as profitable. Look at all the steam games in the top 10, and a majority if not all have engaging, quick competitive modes. Does not mean they can’t have both worlds in Conan, but to say their is not truth in actual numbers that a major part of gamers are not enticed to play Conan on PVP.

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The latest info
Name Current Players Last 30 Days Peak Players Hours Played

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 565,714 732,808 294,428,279
  2. Dota 2 440,890 753,996 295,838,307
  3. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS 222,285 642,696 201,865,389
  4. Destiny 2 163,683 292,314 60,604,085
  5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 72,976 142,070 48,052,511
  6. Grand Theft Auto V 60,001 117,002 42,444,405
  7. Team Fortress 2 58,932 73,467 36,467,928
  8. Rust 54,492 82,827 34,269,648
  9. Rocket League 54,120 68,388 21,024,153

I get what your saying but I am looking at this from a game viability perspective. It’s not what I like or what you like. It’s for the majority…you know, the potential customers that hold all the power to keep games alive. I notice a trend on the PS4. It’s a death trend. Low player turn out. When I ask other players who had stop playing. The majority say they don’t want to invest too much time in this game and having to start all over re-grinding.

Then I’d also ask a ton of players who did not purchase this game and ask them why…The typical answers are… “Some farming is fun. Building is cool but not if most of the time is doing that.” “Dungeons, killing bosses and killing people is super fun but it seems to take a lot of time in order to get there, especially if you have to start farming for the same weapons all over again?”
“Also heard that you drop everything on death and have to go and pick it up? Why? Isn’t that a hassle? Why not just drop the materials? That I can understand.”

Man, Funcom, please pay me some commission. I am doing marketing leg work here. That’s because I see sooooo much potential.

No forcing here sir. Notice there’s PVP servers and there is PVE servers. So if you like PVE then good on ya…carry on then.

I am taking about the potential turn viability for PVP server. If you don’t like PVP then no need to go there.

That’s weird. You don’t want to engage people and just focus on building stuff but you want to do this in a PVP server??? It’s like saying I don’t want to PVP anyone, I just want to build but I like potentially getting raided offline and deal raider’s bad behaviour? See how this is hypocritical?

You are only looking at this from Conan in current mode. And the player counts do not lie. Yes, the forums poll shows PVE is the choice among CONAN EXILES players. The OP is talking about players that do not play the game, or never have. They aren’t on the poll, thus the Forum poll is irrelevant. Not changing will always leave this game, a game i enjoy a majority of the time, as a niche game that missed on some great opportunities to change online pvp competitive gaming along with offering that niche mode. The ideas he has are literally for PVP, and possibly for PVE-C. not SP. Not PVE. What is wrong with a competitive person voicing his displeasure at missed opportunities of CE in a way that is directed solely at the PVP aspects?

Except 1 difference. I am only asking for some servers not being utilized to have this concept. Doesn’t change your game. You carry on as usual. Meanwhile other server which you don’t care about playing start piling on new casual part time players who strictly want pvp and head in hand to hand combat.

Again, he is not stating to change anything except PVP concepts. I cannot explain it more than that. And any good–no great business–is always looking to try and bring in new customers to survive long term. Not changing because the base likes the way it is (and that would be arguable), comes off as very get off my lawn grandpa attitude. And those grandpas usually die alone. If the current player base is satisfied for the game to die “alone”, then fine. His suggestion is directed solely at opening/changing current PVP servers to more appeasing to the gamers who don’t play, or have left because of the reasons he stated. He never said the pve sucks we should get rid of it.

If people want to fight, it’s possible in PvP already. If people join PvP servers and choose not to fight, isn’t that already giving them what they want? I’m not sure if you’re trying to answer demand that simply isn’t there.

Conan Exiles was designed to be an open-world survival game with optional PvP elements, not an arena deathmatch game. People who want to play a MOBA play a MOBA. Conan Exiles isn’t meant to cater for every player in the world’s needs.

I’m not saying your idea doesn’t have potential. Having a more controlled environment where players could go specifically have a fight, instead of wandering a vast open game world looking for the other two guys on the same server in order to pick a fight, would probably have a target audience. But is Conan Exiles the right platform for that, or should Funcom instead release a separate Conan Arena game for this, without the building, exploring etc. elements?

Instead of trying to file corners off a square peg so it could fit through a round hole, maybe getting a round peg would be easier.

This is kinda a similar situation as some players desiring more role-playing game aspects in Conan Exiles. There’s definitely demand for that kind of gameplay in the Conan universe, but again, that’s not what Conan Exiles was suited for. It’s an open-world survival game with some role-playing elements. (It’s a pity the Conan role-playing adventure game got cancelled.)

The game’s slogan is “Survive. Build. Dominate. Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentation of their women.” (Or at least it should be that.) That’s the game’s mission. The best thing (after crushing, driving and hearing, naturally) is that the game gives us, the players, the freedom to choose what we want to do here. Want to role-play? We have (some) tools for that. Want to fight others on an arena? We have (some) tools for that, too. Want to build the fanciest Barbie doll house ever? Got tools for that too.

That freedom means that none of these aspects are as good or as strong as in games that focus on one of these aspects. We don’t have the PvP or Counter-strike, or the immersive story of Witcher 3, or the building options of… wait, we do have the building options. But at least what we have can be used to create the scene for the other aspects.

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Again, looking at it from the players already play a certain way. Yes, those players will always play their way. He is talking of starting some new server types that may draw in a crowd for those servers. Not remove any of the certain types. It would just be a fourth flavor that removes a majority of the grinding and more about melee fighting, and some raiding. That is it. And casual gamers look at privates (the only way to accomplish this now)–rightly or wrongly–think of those as hardcore. They want a free, social server to compete against others, without having to time sink. What is so wrong with a fourth flavor that highlights one of the core mechanics more. PVE highlights the grinding and other stuff. PVE-C and PVP still require way too much grinding for most casual gamers for what little fighting they get to do. This would slightly remove that. Who knows, those players may find they enjoy the game enough to test the grinding waters a bit. And more players is more DLC buys (the armor and weapon “skins” would entice the competitive community a bit).

What he means is conan battle royale. It could work, put some official servers x10 craft, exp and craft speed, you got conan battle royale. I doubt it would have any more mechanics than that, in fact the game is all catered to pvp, most mechanics only make sense in pvp, siege weapons, avatars, etc.

With 10x harvest and craft, it would just turn into another builders haven. If anything, 10xp, 1x harvest, 2x as long to craft. the idea is not to have people go into build mode all the time and to be more about fighitng back and forth. Get on, get leveled, farm and build a 6x6 homve base. Then defend and fight as necessary. Armor is relatively cheap compared to building cost in general.
1 set of medium with named armorer costs estimates with a T4 Armorer (epic Flawless medium)
140 ichor
70 Gold
140 Silver
140 Oil
70 thick leather
140 Leather
10 Twine
100 Iron Bars
70 Rhino Hide

So getting to level 60, finding a named armorer, and killing about 6 Rhinos, running 10 fish traps, mining 5 or 6 Iron Spawns, picking 20 dry trees, swimming buccaneer bay and grabbing 10 plant fibers will net you a epic flawless armor set. DLC’s would be premium on these servers to guarantee your PVP build style. And oh yeah, grab a relic hunter and run a few quick boss runs to get some legendary weapons among other things. Building would be a back seat to farming for fighting. Not necessarily a blitz server, but a dedicated server for fighting and not over building for once. Again, keep the other versions. If the “new” server type brings in players, it is beneficial to long term goals. Eventually, the player base will be only PVE, and as good as that sounds for some, the numbers show that styles player base is not growing as quickly as the combative players are leaving.

Agree there are so many empty pvp servers it would be a good change. People seem to like higher rates servers probably because of it.

I dont know about becoming a builders heaven as the game has a very strong building structure.

I think what drives people away from pvp is fear of losing all their work on base and equipment. But they never think they can play pve for base building and keep on pvp to a smaller base with only what is needed.

  1. You are still talking in the sense of current players. This idea is to bring in players who aren’t playing.
  2. Once those PVP builder clans find out they get 5 x (2x on official PVP right now) the mats they will invade, and we will be at square one, where there would be massive builds all over, obb blocking, spawn blocking, etc. There are alot of 1-2 hour a night gamers that stay away from Conan because it is a time sink. People who want to build big have PVE,PVE-C,and to some extent PVP. This is for building a small working base just for PVPing. Raiding could be adjusted to have higher building HP so it makes it expensive to raid/wipe, and allows more focus on the pvp melee that is totally missing from 90% of PVP servers.

Yes, and my point was, this sounds like a different game.

As I pointed out, role-players are kinda in the same boat. Creating dedicated Role-playing servers with less grinding and more immersive storyline, more quests, a more responsive world, and more dialogue, would attract a crowd that doesn’t play Conan Exiles currently.

But if we want an actual Conan RPG, it’s better to make a Conan RPG rather than trying to turn (parts of) Conan Exiles into one. Similarly, it may be better to make a separate Conan MOBA than trying to turn (parts of) the existing game into one. That way the developers wouldn’t be restricted to the current engine, or the needlessly bloated game world (if all you want is fight other players, you don’t need a map this big).

I’m not worried that making Conan MOBA servers (or Conan RP servers for that matter) would take anything away from the main game. I’m just suggesting that if there was a big enough market for such game modes, dev resources might be better utilized by making a separate product for these players.

I am by no means opposed to these specialized versions of Conan Exiles, but I am bringing other ways to make them happen into the discussion.


Why would they force me to fight if it is a sandbox game and not a royal battle?

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Your source is?

Your source is?

The issue here, and it’s a common misconception, is that by simply entering a larger market, your product will be able to take a % share of that market. In reality, that is not always how it works.

Being a niche product is a completely viable option. Big fish, small pond.

I don’t believe FC, would currently be financially able, or motivated, to conduct the marketing required, to compete within such highly saturated genres.

I am an advocate for bringing global events to CE, so I don’t necessarily disagree with the premise of your post.
I just think the solutions aren’t as straight forward as described.

P.s. CE used to have PvP blitz, which due to regular wipes, diminished the “building” aspect of the game.
They were by far the least populated servers. Hence why they no longer exist.

The top 10 list of Steam. Which you saw, because you responded.