Where is everyone?

I love Conan its a fantastic game, However my friends that i play with have started to abandon Conan at least for now.

There are so many servers to chose from, and the server filter dosent really work that well, Its hard to find a official or even private server (PVE-C or PVE) that has a “High population” not even medium population so it seems a bit sad to start over again just to find yourself “Alone” again and very rarely meet other players.

So if someone can recommend a good PVE-C or PVE server with many active players (Not just massiv abandon buildings that causes huge lag and thoundsands of animals garding) But with casual everyday active players that you can team up with and play the game with would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Preferbly on the EU sites, as iam from Sweden :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

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Why not sort by population? The near full servers should be a good indication. Full servers probably not so because there is no queue and you will have to wait someone to log off in order to log in. Furthermore, full servers often suffer from performance issues. Still Conan is not a MMO with the servers being limited to 40 players on officials.

If i select “Medium population” i get no servers, I can of course sort the server depending on players, However that just indicated how many players that are on the server, on a server with 35/40 players 30 could be inactive and not playing.

So i guess what iam looking for is a private server with active player playing on a daily basis.

you cant really afk in this game so 30 will be 30 online players. what they are doing online is another story but they are actively online whether building, running around or grinding. There is also a sub forum with all sort of server ads. It is called Servers and Recruitment.

On another note, there is not much incentive to group up on PvE. If you want teamwork, go for PvP. RP servers might also offer some sort of social gatherings.

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Is it really so? I thought that the number specified how many players that has “bases” and an actual “savefile” on that specific server.

So you are saying that then number of players in the serverlist are actual active players playing at that very moment? then of course as you say what they are doing at the time is another question :slight_smile:

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The number X out of 40 is indeed the number of online players at that moment which is why I mentioned to you that if you have a base on the server but there are 40 players logged in 40/40 you will have to wait for your turn to play.


There are always less people playing the game during summer.

Anyway in my experience if the number of players connected is more than 20, PvE/PvE-C servers… well… they do not perform well, so it’s not a problem for me. :wink:

EDIT: not seen you’re on ps4, sorry

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He is playing on ps4.

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Sorry I missed the tag :disappointed:

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No you can definitely afk in this game, at least for pvp servers. When my clan was out numbered in a war but nobody could be on for raid time, we had somebody run full survival and sit on a stool to appear like they were online even though they weren’t actually playing. They could survive for hours

Still agree with OP that servers are duing though. Luckily mine is bouncing back a bit, went from like 10 max to 30 max at a time

https://www.battlemetrics.com/ can give you some search options…

I think BattleMetrics only works for PC servers, unfortunately. :frowning:

Oh absolutely, you can also just get naked and stand next to your bed, you’ll stay online indefinitely (unless the server gets full or restarts anyway). Even if you die, you’ll just respawn at your bed, having lost nothing since you were naked to begin with. So /afk’ing is very easy if the only purpose is to troll the Player List :slight_smile:

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