Question about server populace

Why are there so few people on a server? My official server is usually around 8 to 10 people and it’s not fun to play on. It’s like playing a single player game, which isn’t what I wanted.

And then there’s no way to group up for activities outside of permanent clans, there’s no queue for grouping and grouping doesn’t seem to be encouraged.

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game appears to be dying. (Sadly) , the bugs and their inability to fix them is killing the game,

the devs are having vacation despite of leaving the game utterly broken , funcom is closed until maybe early next week? or maybe in 15 days. i dont know, how their schedule works.

major things that are broken :

  • defensive Thralls not working neither yours or the NPC thralls , they rarely attack the player
  • defensive thralls not using shields.
  • world bosses (some of them are also broken, they do not attack)
  • thralls do not attack any threats ,(human or not)
  • uncontrolled griefing over official servers.
  • (ALERT) some servers are being used to promote terrorism like talking about “bombing the US”, “die americans” and against other ethnicity groups, funcom is aware yet no actions are taken (plenty of proof over support forum…
  • unstable servers (not for all, but some people are having rough time) . lag did improved a lot.
  • many placeable objects are not working such as : water wells, (including the popular mitra ) , fish traps, and bee hides. could be more.
  • problems with some building parts (corner stairs) and benches and things disappearing if placed over wedge ceiling parts.
  • some thralls spawning issues : njorn battleborn is a clear example.
  • flying thralls…
  • thralls with low health when you first visit an area, you will see all thralls almost dead… that happens everyday.
  • star metal extremely hard to find it. it de-spawns after a minute or two…
  • purges not working as they should, some people are still waiting for one despite of having the purge bar full since the game was officially launched in may 8.
  • religion altars (set) that dissapear when you upgrade it to t3 , (it happens if its placed on the ground and no foundation below it)
  • thats just a few… of the issues. that are sadly hitting the game .

Again look forward to see this list of things fixed. and next time try to launch games AFTER your vacation time…


ya my server has 2-5 people on it during prime time PVP hours and already moved and started over on another one just to find out that there are worse bugs on the new server (every server having different bugs is some kind of feature I guess). They didn’t fix anything on PS4 yet or even attempted to balance anything. These devs are terrible lol and the game is dying as a result. One had to see this coming though with no server transfers, cross raiding and what not as that’s the only thing keeping Ark alive.

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The only way I see this game ‘surviving’ is a major overhaul/expansion/‘special’ version with promotion. Effectively they need a third launch after fixing up the game and re-branding. Something to bring more sales to the game I only joined the game via Humble Monthly promotion, which cannot have brought FunCom too much money.

If they refocused the player base on less servers with higher player caps and potently ‘community admins’ for the servers it may work out, or even dropping most official severs and promoting successful private servers.

Just tossing out some off the top ideas here though, I hope FunCom has a few ideas of their own, they should know the limitation of the engine/game better then me.


It’s not enough to fix some of the bugs. The game is not designed correctly. There’s no way to make friends and jump into a group to fight junk without shouting on a channel.

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So the reason for the first one is 427 official servers spreading out the playerbase. Then they’re only capable of 40 max which isn’t a sustainable player limit for the size of the map. 70 players is needed for this size of a map. When you limit it to only 40, you don’t run into players.

Which leads to the second issue. I don’t know what the desire is for a group tool. The game is entirely soloable with any armor or spec and a decent hardened steel weapon. The reason for this is all PVE content is just resources. Every boss, every animal, every NPC is a resource waitiing to be clicked with a tool of some sort or thrown into a wheel. That’s all it is.

So the actual game itself is player to player interactions. On PVE servers this is limited to trade. On PVP it gets better since you can fight over resources, steal resources, raid for resources, extort for them, ect. That’s where the majority of the game is.

Most modern day players don’t have the stomach for it. Some of your would even get physically ill if a group of heavily armored and armed peeps rolled up on you and told you to drop your stuff or die.


I fully expect that most servers will not refill to capacity for the simple fact of there being too many. The player cap is way too low and unfortunately G-Portal doesn’t offer robust enough servers to accommodate the 70-100 players that is certainly needed to help keep a healthy population where you run into other players more often.

At launch there was a LOT of people all vying to get in at once to stake their claim and make their names feared. It is normal in such titles for the population to settle down a few months in. Unfortunately, it will bring up a whole lot of salt when some of these servers finally get shut down. It will not be a pretty scene, but honestly we need fewer, yet higher capped, servers.

Some of the population WILL return after the next set of patches (if only to complain about some other new trivial dislike). People are on vacation and the game is in need of some love, so many are opting out of play time for the moment with every intention of coming back.

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disagree for pve at least. - we need better severs not fewer that’s the solution to this and not shrinking the number of servers. Cramming everyone into fewer servers will cause the pop to drop anyway after 3 weeks and it will probably never recover from that.

If the servers are not filling past ten there there has to be a fundamental flaw in game play if people are not interested in coming back.


The fix there is to drop the Gportal hosted Officials and drop everyone to private. It would be a rough period as the riffraff would be filtered out, but over all for the good players they would have a much better experience.

We know the DLCs aren’t going to keep the officials afloat. So the officials are temporary as it is.

Private servers on GTX servers or others are the only way to get 70+ Gportal can’t do it.


turn off the officials, game is dead.

fix the issues, provide soime level of support to clean up the griefers mess and ban a few dozens account.

they should release a tool to port the whole server information … so it can be ported elsewhere if people decide.

Better off dropping all private support and making the money funnel back to them rather than letting it out of their hands.

Pull everyone back to official servers and that’s it they have control of their game.

Funcom makes more money off of private servers than officials. In fact Funcom makes negative profit off of official servers, because there is no subscription. They would never get rid of private servers, in fact they are working on a feature that automatically downloads the proper mods for when people do go on to private servers in support for them.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but there aren’t open world games that gain lots of players months after launch. It is common practice to close down servers due to people leaving, having tried the game or finished it, and moving on. Lots of official servers will close down, it’s just a matter of when.

You can get more people to return if you do cram more of what’s active into fewer servers. People want to play a multi-player game with more people. They look for the most populated servers to join rather than the least. Upping the caps and having better servers will keep those that do join or return from leaving as soon.


If No Man’s Sky taught us anything, it’s that a game can rebound with a good patch, no matter how low it sinks.


Gamers are extremely harsh, but forgiving.

Don’t bury CE alive. It’s not dead. It’s just on vacation.


Let’s also not forget the group of players that play hardcore for about 4-5 days, get raided once then quit. People these days dont know how to pick up the pieces and rebuild.


Well WoW’s expansion is coming in 14 August and in October, Fallout 76 will be available as beta. We can already see this game’s “future”.

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You might want to count the players on official and then compare it to private. There’s at least 3-4x as much playing on just modded servers than official.

Official players make under 15% of the playerbase.

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WTF has those games got to do with Conan a survival multiplayer? You sound like a gamer that just plays the latest game in which case playing 100+ hours is not your thing. Maybe try AAA+ titles that give you 30-60 hrs then game over move on LOL.


I have 2058 hours in CE. People are starting to move over from this, as soon as they find better options to spend their gaming time. That’s my point.
ps. Fallout 76 is a survival multiplayer game.

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Our server pretty much have 40/40, it depends on the server type. Specially PvP servers have a fast churn rate in players.


we have summer and 30-35°C outside

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