Server 1941 Is loseing players fast, and its because of Griefers

So every day since launch our server had 30 + players on all the time. now we are lucky to break Ten Players on. Heres the thing six out of the ten will quit once they reach the north. Server 1941 is a PVE conflict server and it has a player named Leger that says he is running scripts and is hacking. He’s walling off areas and is destroying the server for fun. His words, not mine. The other is Pwny he walled off all of New Asgard and is now building in Volcano doing the same thing. when we first brought them to the attention of Funcom we still had 30+ players playing. Now the server is dead and new players won’t stay because of what two players have done. So for the love of God Funcom just come to look at server 1941 and see how this is killing your game.


Again I see the same issue lately with this “dead” server issue. If I were you, I’d leave server too and find somewhere else to play. It is a pain to start over yes, but if you keep playing there, you’re only giving those “griefers” a motivation to play. Look at it this way: what is to exploit or grief when there is noone but you playing? In the end it will be those players griefing between them.

Funcom doesn’t have the staff to moderate all official servers, they may take action as they have said many times, but only in cases where there is undisputable proof of really bad issues going on in the server. You can see another thread where a Clan was banned for doing something Funcom considered a no-no. Good luck presenting your case at Funcom anyway.

Contact g-portal they control the servers,so they may be able to do something about it,cause i dont think they would tolerate hacking on 1 of there servers if thats the case.

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“A picture is worth a thousand words”, so take plenty of screenshots and use a repair hammer to show whom owns the obstruction. Pics of the chat showing admission of guilt would help as well.


Man, I played on 3 pvp servers before coming to pve conflict because I like to build. And If I leave and start over on a new server what is to say it just won’t happen again and again. If i go to a private and i have played on Private servers that die faster then official. Or just buy a server and what plays solo great!!! Sounds fun, I should just save the cash and play solo / co-op lmao

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I dont have pics but other players from this server have sent many pics and we hear nothing back. I know they say they they dont moderate, But then why does GPortal do it for the eropean servers! How is this fair!

This is the issue I’m at. Official servers can be easily ruined. Private servers are super hard to find players for, I can barely keep ~8 players on mine. I wish there was some middle ground.


We had such a demand for servers at launch that we got flooded with them because of the hype. Now that hype has died down, and many left because of it being something to check out, or getting bored and moving to the next hype, we are left with too many servers. I feel like we need to get rid of half of all servers just so people can find one another…


It happens on pvp servers to bud we have some self proclaimed server wipers and insiders that pick on solo players and run when a big clan comes knocking we have been at war for over a month constantly fighting. We finally got rid of some of them by taking down bases but it’s tireing there is one dude that is always on no job I’m assuming. And he blocks off obs we are constantly blowing them up so people can travel on top of everything else you might try a pvp server you can at least blow stuff up during raid time

Sorry, I have to disagree. We had 30 + players on all the time. We had ques on the weekends. This all started to change once New Asgard was walled off, then the Volcano, and now obs we have saved some of the obs because we secured them with stairs. Anyways, you can White Knight this to death. But answer why does GPortal mod the European servers, and how is that fair to anyone not on a ero-server?

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Honestly, i would love to find a good private server to try on pvp; i have been playing in some pve servers and i thing it would be good to find a pvp server where i could do pvp without too much of fighting. I even made a veeryyy long and really boring research trying to find one that suits me; and i tell you where are the issues i’ve found: Official servers are actually out of question: they’re full of lags, full of stupid people who think they own the server because they’re there longer, full of alpha clans that fears you so they do everithing they can to harass you and make you give up the server; about private servers here are the problems: many servers are too boosted! I don’t want to collect 10x faster! 2x is fair and more than enough! I also don’t want to level up 5 times faster! That kind of thing breaks the fun off the game. More: many private pvp servers do not allow nudity and (my opinion) that’s the worse! Im an old guy do i want to see nudity wich i can’t in many private servers that obviously should allow it.
Anyway, those are the problems i’ve found whyle searching for servers and that’s what may have been an issue trying to fill them up…

The griefers ought to all be rounded up and transfered to a prison server, where they can hack amongst themselves.

As for the amount of servers out here? Some are grief sponges… others are refuge servers for people that just wanna play. Closing down servers will just excacerbate the problem of not being able to avoid griefers.


Well, my position comes from finding private servers as well. People don’t stay, not because of griefers ( on privates), but because of a lack of other players, as they search for a community to call home. Personally, if I didn’t care about other people being on the server, I’d be playing Solo instead. This same sentiment is echoed throughout the official PVP servers, as many other threads have suggested. (we should send all of the griefers there)

I figure that with less servers, people will find people easier, instead of “Ded Game”. I still stand by the feeling that the “hype” crowd who have long left for the next fad, are why we have too many servers. Those people will complain about queues and then leave in 2 weeks regardless. It happens in (almost) every game launch, forcing mergers later on.

I can agree that with official, there are refuge and grief-fest varieties. The fact that griefers would migrate to a PVE/-C server is just despicable, and a telling of where human decency has gone with the anonymity that the internet provides.

As @Sonek4 has suggested, many of us do not wish for x5 rates and would be very happy with x2 or x3 rates. More than that and the accomplishments of tiering up a building or resource gathering just feels hollow. x5+ rates pretty much takes a server off of my “To Check Out” list.


On my server 9384 we had quite a few griefers we still have two of the pieces of trash still on and they are part of one of the competeling clans for dominance they go around hitting low level people and single players which is poop the only way we have been able to deal with most of them is to treb and bomb their ■■■■■ out of the server. We even had a dude come back for revenge >< build up wipe them build up in anticipation for the next idiots to try to do the same that’s my advice

My server, 1599, has a similar issue with the fact that our alpha has stockpiled so much for so long and the server is so dead that even managing two avatars and well over 500 jars wasn’t enough to keep them from wiping our bases off the map in the span of two days, since they refuse to be challenged at all and just squash anyone who threatens them, making sure to drive them off the server. The raid time window is too small to allow for any clan to sufficiently take down a hyperpower alpha like them before they get crushed the next day, so people just leave the server. The balance is so off with this game, and the glacial pace of patches just makes it 10x worse.

You have to hit them where it hurts bro we go after their stock piles usually vaults have the bombs and we take those out then use their own crap against them o know it’s hard but this is Conan and I’ve been pushed back 3 times now on my server get more more people together use the whole dam server if you have too all is fair in love and war and Conan is nothing but war reach out to the others on your sever and I’m sure it will be tough but smack them hard lol. Scout them find their weakness and exploit it

There are no others on the server. Just a handful of lowbies who will never hit 60 before they quit. It’s seriously that bad. All my stuff is gone now despite ample preparation to protect it, seeing as how we had a traitor in our ranks who stabbed us in the back to go kiss their ■■■■■ on their other server that they actually bother to play on anymore. I’m basically quitting the game now. Even with 4x xp, I don’t care about going to another server and seeing the same thing happen again after another 300+ hours of grind, and PvE/PvE-C as the OP notes is a whole different problem. Server imbalance and indifference regarding moderation from Funcom is killing what little fanbase Exiles still has left.

All the servers a very quiet, even the private servers. Our private server has reduced from an average 15+ players online at any one time to fewer than 3. We have active admins and no griefers at all, yet most have left claiming they’ve done everything in the game and are simply bored or that the bugs have driven them mad.

I hoping that the launch of the pet system will give the game a boost in player counts across the board.


What happened to you, is the same reason i quit pvp servers. when the population is not there to fight a Alpha Clan . it’s game over! they just wipe all yoor builds and you dont feel like loggong in to do it all over again.

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I doubt it will. You’ll run the dungeon once and then raise whatever pet(s) and you’re back to boredom.