Griefers have an easy time while the server bleeds, What do you have to say about this Funcom

My server is having a lot of trouble lately because of a few griefers and Im pretty sure this isnt an isolated situation. The game provides all tools to prevent retaliation, players cant be killed, structures cant be destroyed, people are free to ruin the entire community and be left unharmed if they want.

People block passages on purpose
They block each others bases
Seal important zones
Destroy limited resources, like Silver nodes and Black ice

I would understand this kind of thing being done in competitive PvP servers, where people can destroy your bases, but in PvE?!? There is no competition, absolute NO REASON to do this and NO TOOLS to stop this from happening, didnt take long and my server is becoming impossible to play, what are you planning to do about this serious issue Funcom?


They want this to happen, so you move to a private server, so there is one less person for them to provide support. They don’t have anyone at all to check servers for trolls, explits, griefing, etc. This is anarchy :), and they are happy with it. Less server = more profit.


They’re planning on doing nothing. They covered this in another thread.


Can you point me to this thread? I’ve since moved on from an official at this point, but still curious.

Yes I also would like to see that thread, if things are left the way they are Im honestly considering not give the game anymore credit and move on to another. I wont spend hours playing something there is absolute no control, no support from the company. There is a feeling of protection in every other online game I have played, you know someone will help you if you have an issue, if things dont work like this here then its not the game for me

something alike happens on pvp, cheaters doing exploits and glichs to raid entire server (official) and FC doing no sheit , scum ppl doing game braking mechanics are incetivated to cheat and legit players are to be screw up, its just nonesense

They’ve actually mentioned in several threads that they’re not going to do anything about in-game griefing or harassment. Here’s just a few threads, there are more.

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The Official servers are a donation of sorts to the player base. This isn’t a MMORPG with a monthly fee or microtransactions to pay for servers. So they have to pay for the 380 servers directly out of profits.

This is akin to a fast food place giving you a set of silverware and plates to eat your food with, real stuff, not plastic. Its not needed, but its a gesture. And not something they can keep doing forever.

Most game companies don’t include ‘official servers’ for this style of connection between players. I’m surprised Funcom even bothered to. But I know this. These servers are TEMPORARY. They cost at least $70k a month to run (assuming half rate from Gportal due to bulk). Return on Investment proves this will not be sustainable forever. Only while the game is new and selling.

Games like Space Engineers, Empyrion, and others don’t and won’t have ‘official servers’. They run entirely in Singleplayer, Co-op, or private servers. I think CE should do the same. The official servers are unregulateable messes that show a bad version of the game that simply isn’t the truth of it for every other server.

On the server I play on, if someone were to block something on purpose, it would take a quick message on Discord and an admin would be there (anytime during the day even) to demo the structure and even ban the builder.

They even take care of the little buildings people use just to block off areas and remove abandoned structures. Really enjoyable experience.

Official servers are for cheesers to cheese each other. Nothing more. If that’s where you choose to play then I assume you all are just as bad as the ones you complain about. There’s no reason to play official unless you know you will be kicked for being a crappy player on a private server.

Official servers are only for the rejects of Conan Exiles. Nothing more.


@Taemien Well said.

It was, and probably still is, the same for Ark.

I haven’t checked in on 7 Days to Die in a long time but thousands of people used to play it daily, no official servers. That’s the way it should be.

never see that way before , think u got some big true facts down here, its all about demand and offer on live servers, if the game bacame unpopular it will decade on amount of servers thats is for sure, but can u tell me that not even a small crew of 2 or 3 ppl can do some light “fixes” by admin panel just once a week or 10 days per server?, now is recently released if they clean the house by time to time all servers will run better thats for sure oooooorrrrr wait for the HOLY purge thats even stronger than xbox cloud computing power or native true 4k on playstation Pro(blems) :joy: (just joking)

Some of you may want to dismiss official servers but that’s not an answer since official servers are here and there are thousands of players playing on them. Just because it may not impact some of us because we play SP mode or on unofficial servers it doesn’t mean we should dismiss the problem.

Maybe they can implement a system where the players on each server can vote to assign a player Admin rights with the sole purpose of cleaning up common areas such as passage ways, resource nodes, and matters of obvious griefing like blocking people from the forts and homes. The only area that they can admin would be demolition of grief related structures and nothing else. If that person does not fulfill that purpose honorably then they can be voted out and another can be chosen and given admin rights to perform said duties. I imagine there are at least several people on each server who enjoy and respect their gaming enough to want to fulfill this function so that they can at least play and enjoy the game they love.

Something should really be done about this. In its simplest form, Funcom has an interest in their investment of Conan Exiles and the service of these official servers to their players. To simply throw their hands up in the air and do nothing is not only a loss to their investment, but also an injustice to their player base who will abandon the game in droves if nothing is done. Funcom has a great game in Conan Exiles. They should protect it by doing something about this and in the process profit handsomely by continuing to offer regular paid DLC content. To implement something like the above proposed should not be too difficult and it would benefit Funcom and their game greatly.


This is very informative!!! Glad I moved on mostly from 1930… I’ll still log in to ensure that these turds don’t take over that space too.

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Well i know alot of people that play private servers mess with the setring and then there getting x5…exp…resources…etc.and bam lvl 60 in a day or so…why?? Not sayin all but alot. Alot of gamers now a days dont even enjoy the gane they go from A To B and don’t even look around . but i guess to each their own.

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Mine is just a harvester modifier (which I like) and active thirst/hunger.

The problem with private servers is that they come and go weekly, you never know when a private server will shut down, and you will lose all the progress. In most games that have official servers, you know at least that they will stay there for a good amount of time (not so sure about funcom though).

About mantaining the servers, they can have DLCs out, can put some new clothes or something like that, people will buy it, and they will have an income, not to mention that usually when a game like that go on sale, they sell a s**tton of new copies.


But not to stay. That’s why we dismiss them. They are temporary.

When you buy Conan Exiles, that’s it, that’s all the money Funcom gets from you. Its no different from me buying MechWarrior 3, Unreal Tournament, or Battlefield 1942.

There were no official servers in those games. Hell we were lucky we had a server browser in those days. Used to have to use Mplayer or MSN Zone to find matches.

Conan Exiles isn’t much different. The map is persistent. But the server hosting them is not. What this means is it costs a fair amount of money to run a server. Private servers take donations or simply have a generous player paying for it who also runs it.

Official Servers are provided by the goodness of Funcom’s marketing’s hearts. And I know how much that costs. I myself have a Gportal server I rent. I assume Funcom pays a little less per slot by getting a bulk deal. But even that can be pricey.

With no official servers this game would tank so fast its silly.

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It’s not that silly. They’d have already made their money.

They had something similar in the mmo Age of Conan called ‘Followers of Asura’ where they were volunteers who would help the GM on the servers. I think they had something similar as well in The Secret World.

I don’t see why they couldn’t implement something similar where there is a designated volunteer per server who can find and log all the spots where someone has blocked off a resource or an entrance on a pve server and then send it to an admin so all they have to do is log in and remove it.

Yes they made their money…but i highly doubt they wanna go EA style and screw their customers…if they do now adays social media explodes on this kinda bs…and there is alot of gamers lol . wich means bite the hand that feeds ya …you do it once… second time around your game will tank.