PC abuse of pillars and blocking roads and path

alright theres that BASA tribe in our server official 1930 pve US who only speaks chinese and blocks the more ressources and path they can and cirlce everyone in the zone north of desert tries to block all the ways to get to the highlands too we all been complaining in chat since highlands is a high end gaming zone and everyone wants to get there one day… we even tried to write in chinese to tell them to stop and back off their plans of locking all up but they wont everyday we log back on and see something new has been blocked or someone else been caged in a zone where he cant build anymore… please guys do something about it

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Hello, darksteve222. I’m sorry that this clan is monopolizing on resources on your server. Unfortunately we are unable to provide in-game support to remove the structures they’re using to claim land. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

The other clan won’t be able to hold all the resources indefinitely, however. Eventually decay will destroy the structures blocking your access to resource nodes.

If this sort of thing becomes a regular issue you may want to consider trying a different server with more cooperative players or renting or hosting one of your own so you can screen troublemakers from accessing your map entirely.

heum what?! you can’t be serious right? you are one of the develloper or idk? this can’t be possible you are telling me and like 40 more users (i say 40 but its surely more) to move servers which theyre all full because what? can’t you come in the server or ask any admin to do so and see how rude and abusive their thing is? these abusive pillars and foundations and temple should be removed it should be a rule to not block any access or block any ground youre not really using this game is meant for everyone i paid the same amount as these chinese for that game and the same amount that everyone in the server paid… we should be able to build or at least have access to the dang north if they block it all like they really intend man that sucks you gotta do something bout it…

if you cant assure support to the servers is it cause you need admins i have runned an ark server before but being an admin judging cases going in servers to see how its going and things like that is way easier than that customers need and deserves in game support

It’s too expensive to moderate so many servers without charging subscription fees or running a cash shop. They received a one-time payment from each player, I’m not sure how they can even justify ‘having’ official servers in the first place.

They’re never going to step in. They’ve mentioned in multiple threads that they won’t do anything about griefing or harassment.

Running servers isnt their business model unfortunately. They would like to ditch the official servers and have this game run on community servers. Btw a good private server is the best bet anyways. These will have rules and admins that enforce the rules. Funcom is already working on another conan cash grab(new game). I wouldnt expect any kind of support whatsoever for exiles

How about you guys fix the purge. Then have it go after all the buildings world wide that way the server will be cleaned fom all that trash. Any building that is not defended will be attacked simple. Its not hard. I hope you guys arent going the EA way telling its game base to F*** off…you saw how it went for them. I love this game but you guys need to man the fk up and provide just a lil help.

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yeah a good purge would prolly solve a lot if its done correctly

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im hoping so. A nice purge now and then will clean and keep people happy.

You can however prevent this by a small adjustment to the programing and making certain zones non buildable. A simple solution to a massive problem on a game people have paid good money for.

Is this way of keeping your paying customers happy, too much to ask for?

Considering those customers don’t have a recurring fee, yeah, probably.

So… you should never get an IOS or android update for your cellphone right ?

I don’t see how what other companies do is relevant, but okay.

Apple and Android continue to make money off of their customers through app stores and other services as well as releasing and selling new models for like $500 - $1,000+ each every couple of years. Not to mention they sell to many millions of customers annually.

Conan Exiles sold to a little over 1 million people for what, $20 - $50 depending on if you got it on sale or not? That’s it. They’re not making any more money per customer until they release a new game. They have little reason to support servers that are just a drain on their resources.

You can’t compare this to iPhones and Androids.

Its like a statutory warranty.
You buy a car that’s has a defect, you are entitled to have it repaired free of charge.

People have bought a game with a (many) defect(s) it should be fixed free of charge.

In saying all that I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to paying a (small) fee to keep this running. As long as its also maintained.

I understand and there are countless things I’d like to see fixed as well.
I’m just not too hopeful as it seems clear they do not want to support this game. They’ve already said in several threads that they will not do anything about griefing or harassment. They do not care (at least not enough to throw money at it).

my point is that they sold something, people are finding bugs/exploits, so they should have to fix it because there is no excuse for selling something defective.

you said that just because it’s a one time pay purchase they should not care, if they really didn’t want to care they could not have marketed the features that they said the game had.

to do a dumb comparison, if i tell you i’m going to sell you a bucket to hold water, and the bucket comes with a hole in the middle, and you ask me to fix it. I can’t say “just put your finger in the hole, it works great”. It is the same as they providing the servers, and when you complain, they tell you to move to a private server, because they don’t want to get botered fixing the problem.

I understand that they ‘should’ fix these problems, yes. I’m just saying they likely will not as it’s not worth it for them. They’ve made that pretty clear.

I see… I know that the only incentive they have is to “make the customers happy”, but isn’t that the point of all business?? Isn’t more expensive to atract new customers than keeping the ones you have?

I for exemple only know funcom for conan exiles, IMO they sold a defective game (more than normal), they promissed servers for us, most SA (my region) servers are not working. The game in PS4 is a hellhole, they are making a lot of customers angry. that should be enought reason for them to put a little effort in fixing things, and mantaining servers, because i don’t think this will be their last game, and they will loose a lot of customers treating us this way.

Another example: No Man’s Sky, the launch was a mess, the game was really bad in the begining (i know hype was too high, nonetheless), but they really came around and fixed the game, they didn’t just left the game and the players to the wind. And they got a lot of new customers for the big support they had for the community, and even the ones who left in disbelieve came back (most of them).

But FUN CON just doesn’t seem like they give a rats ■■■ for customer support. And like i said, that’s bad for business, they will lose money eventually.

Yeah, I think you’re right.

Sure they released an unfinished, broken, buggy mess of a game whose core features still do not function properly and refuse to support official servers or do anything in an attempt to prevent silly, pointless griefing; but they’ve been around over 20 years so I assume they know what they’re doing…

I really do like the game but it’s so incredibly broken and given the responses I’ve seen on here from Funcom reps, I have little hope of it ever being even a mostly-working game, let alone them supporting official servers.

Hell, they even deny the existence of very simple, minor problems.

To be fair, i think they fell way behind schedule.
With the released date approaching they went -
“Holy crap, what are we going to put out?”
“Well… We’ve got this?”
“OK. That’ll do.”

At least I hope that’s the scenario and they intend on finishing it.

Who knows?

If they do things right and keep their customers interested, there is a big empty space at the north east of the map that smells like paid dlc.

As unfinished as it is, I have thoroughly enjoyed this game and I’d be happy to pay for an expansion to this world.