These people need to be banned

I want to report a case of garbage players that need to be banned, I have evidence but these “new user” rules are preventing me from posting them…

who can I pm?

I messaged Ignasis, hopefully something can be done. I’ll post my screenshots here anyways so people can see what the hell I’m talking about.

wow, so thats what its like on a public server…eeek! Good luck with that dude. I have to admit, i am a little horrified…I will never play on a public server on any game ever…lol

As far as I can see in that screenshot, the sandstone foundations are low enough that any player can run over them even if they have a thrall on a binding so they are not preventing any one from traversing the map.
Now IF the building to the left of the sandstone foundations does not belong to same person/clan as the sandstone, then perhaps that player is prevented from expanding or building more or even repairing inside their base due to the land claim from the sandstone foundation structure overlapping their land claim. But even in that situation it’s not really within what Funcom claims as extreme examples … but something they expect players to resolve between themselves … such as asking the sandstone structure owners to shift their line of foundations more to the right and helping with resources to do so.

Of course we can’t see the entire server … perhaps the sandstone structure owners have blocked access completely in some areas … perhaps they are methodically and vindictively surrounding multiple bases to prevent players from building… perhaps this is a “road” connecting their bases which when built had no other buildings near it … perhaps it’s a route from obelisk to map room … or a thrall catching area to their wheel ?

All of this is unknown as we do not have a character on that server to view for ourselves and to know the full history.

On MY official pve server we used to have a similar sandstone foundation chain which lead from the Upper staging obelisk right to a map room on the river … And another that lead from the volcano all the way across the ice to the Highlands and close to New Asgarath (where there was a map room placed) then over to the desert coming out near Priestking’s Retreat…
Both very convenient and useful to run along safe from all NPCs…

Yup, the biggest downside to playing a multiplayer game is that you often have to put up with other players. It’s particularly bad if there’s any form of PvP involved.

There’s more than one screenshot. There’s a whole album in that link, and take a look at what’s going on in the chat. Don’t just pay attention to the foundation spam. You might be able to argue that there’s a building being constructed in that first shot, but the purpose of it in this picture is crystal clear:

Regardless of whether or not these are indeed children blurting out nonsense or fully grown adults, I don’T think this is the kind of behavior any company would want on their platform. The sandstone that was laid out on the sides of shattered springs was my clan trying to land claim at least part of the area so that these guys couldn’t cover it like they ultimately did. They went back to it after covering the area to prevent brimstone spawns and added a bunch of billboards with misogynistic stuff on em. The Shattered Springs area I don’t care much about, but my friend was told by these dumb ■■■■■ that she was gonna get her genitalia mutilated before getting raped in front of her husband and daugther, all of which are online and playing with her. I can’t imagine Funcom standing behind this kind of garbage.

Server 1930 has a lot of the “troll” builders… just sad.

we did move to another server, they followed.

Move to a moderated one

I have.

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