This isn't allowed no?

I killed this clan a few times for building too close to me. And then they retaliate by building all of these sandstone blocks around my base. Tempted to report them. But after i said i wont kill them, they removed the sandstone foundations around my entire base. Last time i reported somebody for building a huge wall around me after i stole from them, I reported them to funcom and Funcom said it isn’t breaking any rules.

Abuse of the landclaim system because they’re spamming foundations for no purpose. ToS violation afaik.

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With the little information provided I can clearly see foundation spammimg which is indeed a reportable offence. I’d take a few more screen grabs and file a report and wait for the offenders to be banned. We need less of this type of player / clan.

Same Clan got Racist too apparently and was spamming chat all day yesterday.

Don’t waste time here… Get that report filled in and sent to zendesk smart. We DO NOT need, or want, toxic players such as these on the Official Servers.

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Is there a link to the official TOS at all?