Land claim abusing

Got few questions there (considering siptah).

Since there is no landclaim preventing systems like on exiles (no chance that you will get purged), except for inside storm where you just have to deal with fact that you base gets teared down.

  1. Does Devs plan to somehow prevent clans from landclaiming BIG regions?

  2. Is building sandstone foundations around other player bases straight away bannable? If so, where do i report? How long it takes to get resolved?

  3. Is blocking pathways (and landmarks) ok? We have clan there that built over whole path (spanning between 2 cliffs) and cave path near it as well (which is landmark). I see they have today open gates so i don’t mind that, but just wondering if thats ok to do on official servers?

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^^ This should answer your questions.

In 4257 two two man clans own the entire north and south coat lines. Miles of blocks, walls, and pillers.
A player when off on them today.

Wow that is weird.

Wouldn’t they be blocking the camp of the castaways if they’d claimed the entire northern coast?

Foundations are supposed to be build to put a base on them, and land claim is supposed to be around the base you build.

You are not supposed to artificially “land claim” by building lines of foundations arround your base or on large regions. See servers sules. The same for 2 and 3.

I already send fews ideas on theses issues, it can be solved fast. Now they need the will to change things. May be one day :slight_smile:

Awesome, in meantime i managed to politely resolve the issue with guys who did that. So no need to report :slight_smile:

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They are on either side of it and the SE started point too.
Same with the 3 skull bosses on the north coast. They are a few feet from it.
In order for new players to exit those areas they have to climb over the theme park walls, it they have the gates closed.

Wow. I have a hard time understanding the mindset of players like that.

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Its easy, no one will do anything to them, so their fun in making it miserable for everyone else.
Their entire clan leveled to 60 by building only.

Could be PvPers that could not cut it on PvP servers.
We like to think they are spoiled kids that cant rule their own lives, so they take it out in game.

This is a discussion worth having… since landclaiming is not always a bannable offence.

But to be honest I’m tired of players claiming land afraid that people build close to them, just like in Ark this becomes a huge problem in Conan…

Give it a year and probably the whole beginners area will be a pillar fest by large clans who does nt want players to build in “their region”.

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While I agree in principle, sometimes it’s necessary. I had (have) this problem on my server just recently: I just built the “main building” with no outside fence/protection. Next morning some… nice person… built a wheelbase as close as they could, meaning I could no longer expand since their landclaim now butted all the way against my tower, except for a few foundations’ width. When asked if it was necessary to build right next to me, they (rather rudely) told me it wasn’t their problem, and I could just go build somewhere else. Which may technically be correct, but in this instance that isn’t the best kind of correct…

Net result: Now I have “fingers” of foundations (at ground level, nothing blocking) reaching out from my main building to prevent that happening again. Which is ugly and bad for performance and very annoying and ought to be unnecessary.

I understand, I too do claim the land I’m going to build on.
First I map the layout then I switch to the style I want to build on.

But I ment the players that just spam some pillars or foundations to prevent anyone from building near their zone. On my server there players walling off entire parts of the map as its theirs…

Sadly online gaming has a lot of a holes these days… the guy that built close to you clearly don’t care about other online players.

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